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American History Timeline

After much hardship and stops in the Caribbean, the Narrate expedition reaches Florida near Tampa Bay and debarks two days later in Boca Siege Bay, where they encounter natives of the Safety Harbor region. February 23, 1540 – Exploration of the southwest and western United States to California by European expeditions begins when Fernando Vasquez De Coronado departs Composites, in present day Mexico, looking to conquer the Seven Cities of Gold. April 2, 1513- Pence De Leon sites land near SST. Augustine, coming ashore the next day and claiming the land for Spain.

He Ames the land La Florida, after the Easter season, Festival of Flowers. May 28, 1539 – Hernandez De Sotto lands in Florida with nine ships and six hundred and twenty men at Shah’s Point in today’s Beaverton, Florida, and begins to explore the interior of the Americas. They explored the western coast of Florida and encamped during the winter at Enhance, in Avalanche territory. March 4, 1513- Pence De Leon leaves Puerco Rice to explore the coast of Florida, looking for the Fountain of Youth. There were two hundred men and three ships undertaking the exploration.

June 1 7, 1527- The Narrate expedition leaves Spain to explore and colonize Spanish Radio under the command of P;infill De Nard;ex. There were 450 members of the expedition. May 1 1 1502- Christopher Columbus left Spain on his fourth voyage to the New World, landing back on the islands of Martinique and Jamaica in June. This voyage would take him to Central America, but not to North America. American History Timeline: 1 SO- 1775 September 8, 1 565 – Spanish explorer Don Pedro De Mended De Avails, a Spanish admiral, founds SST. Augustine, Florida.

It is the first permanent settlement in the United States and serves as a military outpost and base for Catholic missionary settlements. 41 52900356235 3971925-augustness 9, 1 673 – Dutch forces recapture the colony of New York (New Amsterdam) from the British, but would only be able to hold power in the area for one year. On November 10, 1675, they would give it back to the British. August 22, 1 654 – Jewish settlement in the American colonies begins with the arrival of twenty-three settlers from Brazil in New Amsterdam. 1636 – Providence, Rhode Island is founded as a colony by Roger Williams.

Its charter would be granted eight years later as a democratic loony believing in the separation of church and state. 1644 – In the last Indian rebellion in the region, Packinghouse and the Phaeton Indians attack the English at Jamestown, but their effort is repulsed and proves unsuccessful. 1650 – Slavery is legalized and recognized in the American colonies. March 1, 1642 – York, Massachusetts (known as Georgian in colonial times) becomes the first incorporated city in the American colonies. 1634 – Maryland is founded as a Catholic colony promoting religious tolerance. The subsequent state is named for Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of

England’s Charles l. 1618-1619 – Smallpox epidemic wipes out 90% of the Native Americans in the Massachusetts Bay area. November 11, 1620- The Mayflower Compact was signed by 41 English colonists (all were males) on the ship Mayflower. The contract was signed by pilgrims or separatists as well as non-pilgrims. 1605- Samuel De Champlain found Port Royal with some other crew members. Later he head back to France. After a few years in France, Champlain returned to Canada and helped found a colony in Port Royal, Nova Scotia. 1701: July 24. Antoine De La Mother Cadillac establishes a settlement at

Detroit. He leads 100 French soldiers and 100 Algonquian to “el dtrait” (the strait). They build Fort Panchromatic du dtrait from logs. The goal is to protect the French fur trade in the Great Lakes from the English and Iroquois.

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