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Advantages And Disadvantages Of The American Colonies Essay

In the period between the settlement of the English in 1607 at Jamestown,
Virginia and the end of the French and Indian war in 1763, a nation was being set up on
this continent to take its place with the powers of the world. A variety of races and
nationalities of emigrants came from Europe. The English were the first, next were the
Scotch­Irish and the Germans. Also came the Swedes, Dutch, Welsh, Jews, French,
and Irish. Lots of Africans were brought to do slave work too. All of these people came
for many reasons. Some left their countries because of their government that would not
let them practice their certain religion. Thousands came in order to get away from
poverty and bondage. Thousands, came against their will, like the Africans for…

People were learning self­reliance and self­government. The attempts to
strengthen the Church of England in America and to transform the colonies into royal
provinces only fanned the spirit of independence which they came to America for.
But the Americans did owe much of their prosperity to the help of the British
government. It was the protection of the British navy that made sure Spain, Holland,
and France wouldn’t wipe out their newly made settlements. Though their manufacture
and trade were controlled in the interests of the main country, they also enjoyed great
advantages in the British markets. Free trade was not a thing that existed on the earth?
but the empire of Britain was open to American ships and merchandise. It could be said,
with good reason, that the disadvantages which the colonists suffered through British
control of their industry and trade were more than one of the privileges they enjoyed.
Still that isn’t the point, because small economic advantage is not needed in the main
factor in the fate of the people. A thousand things had helped develop this continent into
a nation, to inspire it with a passion for independence, and to prepare it for a destiny
greater than the British empire. The economists, who tried to prove by logic…

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