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Abortion: The Right to live or the choice to die?

The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, then what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing in between. ” (Mother Teresa) Today, in our country and in all countries, we fight for world peace We strive to ensure the safety and welfare of our families and friends, and when something as tragic as death or injury befalls them, we tend to wish we could’ve done more. Every minute, at least 26 beating hearts are stopped by abortion. That leaves thousands of innocent infants dead and forgotten in less than a day.

If ailing billions of children Is okay, then so must be any other crime. In the heavy struggle for peace, there are those who would selflessly give their lives for others and those who would rather send someone else to the grave, in order to save their reputation. Advocates for abortion are these people, the ones that will raise the thin line between love and hate to a whole other level, the ones that will ultimately push our chances of world peace farther and farther away, the ones that In the end, will make us feel as if we had a chance to do something more, yet didn’t because we were always told to see things the way others told us to.

And for what? Because the woman who made her choice, forgot that there was harsh consequences to dumb mistakes. This Is the face of this Country. The fact that we make stupid decisions only to fall into a deeper hole, and then realist what we did wasn’t the best thing we could have done. Taking life away from the most innocent beings on this earth is horrible and inhumane. Abortion should not only be made illegal here in the US but in countries all over the world. The first reason as to why abortion should be made Illegal Is because Abortion Is to moral and it shouldn’t be for a woman to decide when her child lives and when It dies.

Every year, at least 6 million women become pregnant and almost half are not planned. More than 1. 6 million of those pregnancies are terminated by abortion. This country has no respect for human life and therefore throws away the chance to realize that all these babies that have been slaughtered for the last 100 years, could have been the next President of The United States, that one scientist that finally found the cure to cancer, or the world’s greatest singer. Many Celebrities tell their tones of almost being aborted by their mothers, but look at them now.

Successful and well known, They would never be here if their moms decided abortion. Some Examples are Justine Bibber, President Barack Obama, Nick Cannon, Cline Don, Tim Taboo, and Andrea Bacilli. We are Literally throwing away our future generations that could have made a difference In this world! You never know what those children could have done for this world. Now we will never get the chance to find out. Former President Ronald Reagan stated – “Simple morality dictates that unless and until omen can prove the unborn human is not alive, we must give it the benefit of the doubt and assume It Is (alive).

And, thus, It should be entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of So with this, Abortion Is Morally wrong and is disgusting and unjust. 1 OFF Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, The Lutheran Church and Islam. One of the largest and most active is Catholicism. The Catholic Church has pro life advocates in almost every country around the world. Although not all Catholics are pro life, Many are. Catholics believe that God is the one that decides whether someone dies or not. Along with teachings from the Holy Bible, Many base their views on abortion from their faith and what it states.

For example, many Bible readings teach that children are a blessing and not a burden to carry , and that before we were conceived, he knew us and what our path is – ” Before I formed you in the womb I knew you” Remain 1:5). Priests and the religious all over the world, protest and pray for this nightmare to end, especially the higher roles of the faith.. “Give us the grace – When the sacredness of life before birth is attacked, to stand up and proclaim that o one ever has the authority to destroy unborn life. (Pope John Paul 2) Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic church, is a leading example for many, showing that God is love and that life reigns over death. “It is horrific, even to think that there are children, victims of abortion, that will never see the light of day. ” From the perspective of Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. , abortion is murder and murder will not get you to very good place. They stand very strongly and confidently in the fight for life, and continue to prove that abortion should be made illegal.

Now, there is always two sides to a story, in this case you have the pro – life side and then comes those who are pro – choice. ” Vive noticed everyone for abortion has already been born”. ( Reagan) Pro – choicer are advocates for abortion. They believe that the woman has a say in whether she wants the child or not. For them, abortion should be made legal because technically, when the woman conceives, the ” baby’ is not a baby at all. It is an organism that has no life yet. In cases such as rape, or incest, The woman should hold a choice in whether she wants the baby or not.

After al, It’s not even her baby. Many abortions are from cases of rape. Because women feel that the baby is the result of a terrifying occurrence, they want it gone as soon as possible. Yeah, k , rape is an exception right? Wrong. It is still life! Yes, it will be a very painful experience, but it is better to let the child live then for it to die. The Pro choice side still has a strong argument, which makes it harder to fight back, but it doesn’t mean that there is no reason to fight at all. Pro lifers and pro choicer have their differences, but they both stand at very strong positions.

The Final reason why Abortion should be made illegal is because abortion is the last resort. There are plenty of other options besides death. There is adoption, there are foster homes, or even taking the child under your own wing. All three are difficult, but in the long run, there will be no regrets. There are so many women wishing they hadn’t gone through with their abortion. And there are women who changed their minds at the last minute. In the Roe Vs… Wade case, Norma Newcomer (Jane Roe) argued that she wanted to have an abortion yet couldn’t because it was illegal in Texas at that time.

The case went on for so long that by the time abortions were made legal, she had already given birth! How crazy is that? She didn’t even have to change her mind, no abortion, but abortions were still made legal. Some things don’t work out the way we want them to. Adoption and Foster care would give these innocent children a place to call home, with parents who are willing to give up their devoting your life to it, it begins to take over your mind and your heart. So if we are really the loving and caring American people I think we are, we can begin to find ways to spread love.

One of best ways to do that is to stand what you believe for, without fear of what others may think. To each his own, whether abortion is good or bad. I only hope to see the day where it is made illegal, forever, all over the world! It is so much easier to love with your heart than to show hate and resentment. Simply giving life to a child shows how much love you contain in your heart. In Conclusion, abortion is morally wrong because it is technically murder and it is not up to the woman to let the child live or die. In almost every religion, abortion is disgusting and many stand by their faith’s beliefs.

And lastly, because there are more loving alternatives to abortion. Abortion does not always have to be your first move. Denying life to a beautiful, innocent child is wrongful and overall disgusting. Sadly,we cannot do much about abortion. The law is more powerful than we are, and at this point we are weak against them. If you are someone who goes to a church that is pro life, they could hold prayer sessions, or rallies such as the March for Life in DC. The most we can do is spread the word. Inform people that abortion is wrong and should be made illegal. We can only hope that it will make a difference.

Life, being one of the simplest things that could ever be provided to you, is being tested. Walls are being broken down, and life is being taken away. Nothing is wrong or right anymore. We need to build the barriers up again, and we need to push our limits. Stand up for what is right! A smile a day keeps the hatred away! We need to learn how to love again, in order to restore World peace. It is one of the hardest struggles this world has ever had to face. But no one said that anything worth it was easy. So what will we choose? The right to live or the choice to die?

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