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Abortion: The Right Choice

Due to unwanted pregnancies and financial distress, many children are often mistreated and neglected which leads to the Idea of abortion as the right decision. Mistreatment and neglect to the child may occur from the mother because the child resembles his or her father, which will be a continuous reminder of what happened (Mean, Mary 1). It is also not right for a woman to have to go through full-term pregnancy with a child that has been conceived through rape (Mayhem, Mary 3).

Abortion is necessary for women who have fallen victim to rape or for women who are not financially able to support a family. While there are many benefits to abortion, there are also disadvantages. Health problems may easily arise shortly after or later In life. It is not natural for a woman to have forceful things done to her body such as taking medications to trick the uterus into contracting. Contraction is when the uterine muscle tightens or squeezes; normally this will happen on its own as part of a stage of labor in normal delivery.

Despite doing unnatural things to the body, risks of Infections occur as well. Depending on what method of abortion is used, a woman can get PAID. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Is an Infection of a woman’s reproductive system. This disease causes Infertility and miscarriage(s). Psychological problems Like Depression and sexual dysfunction are also disadvantages of an abortion. Depression is a result of a chemical imbalance. Younger women, who already have anxiety and mental disorders, are at a much higher risk of having depression after an abortion (Wilma, Mayfly 541-544).

The formerly pregnant female may feel some sense of regret or guilt of whether or not her choice was the right choice. She may have “what If’ or “should have” feelings. A mother that has aborted her fetus may experience sexual dysfunction. This is when pain can be felt, or sex is not enjoyable during sexual intercourse. The choice of abortion puts both a woman’s personal health and life in jeopardy. At the same time, there are several reasons why a woman may want to abort a baby. One reason would be because of an unwanted pregnancy. An unwanted regency may be in cases of rape or molestation.

A victim of rape may not want to raise a baby In this situation. Just think, who would want to raise a child as a single parent and have to explain how he or she were conceived? No mother should have to carry this burden with her throughout the baby’s childhood. When pregnancy is a result of molestation, one may want to abort the baby to keep this a secret from family and friends. The woman will have fear of giving natural birth fearing that it will cause severe pain as It did when molestation happened. Similarly, medical tees may be so severe that it cannot survive outside the womb.

In situations like this, abortion is key to keep the mother from suffering throughout pregnancy and the unborn from suffering as well. Sometimes emergencies arise and cause threat to the mother’s life. Octopi pregnancies are when the fetus grows in the fallopian tubes. This could cause the mother to die if the tube cracks or ruptures. “In this case immediate surgery to remove the fetus must take place” (Mortar Umbrage 99). The decision to abort is Justified to keep the mother alive. Such problems will result in a moan’s desire for abortion. Additionally, finances and overpopulation are strong choices for termination.

Finances have a major impact on life. Child expenses may be very overwhelming when a woman is not financially stable. A newborn tremendously changes everything. Diapers, formula, clothes, and childcare are Just the start of expenses. In some situations, the mother already has a child or children and Just cannot afford to have more. With the father absent and the mother receiving little or no income, it is very difficult to provide for a family (Calhoun, Dada 14). There will also be future expenses if the kid chooses to go to college in the future.

Some parents cannot afford to take a maternity leave. Not every Job offers paid maternity leave. Therefore, the mother will lose income while out for delivery and recovery. Poverty and malnutrition are results of overpopulation. Extremely poor families cannot afford almost anything at all. This includes a place for shelter, needed medical expenses, clothing, and most importantly food. Malnutrition is a result of food deprivation or starvation. Malnutrition is when the body is deprived of the important vitamins and nutrients added to be healthy.

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