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A Moment in Boston History

Boston Is a documentary that depicts actual events that happened In the year 1765. The history of when and whom the key players leading up to the Revolutionary War in Boston is the focus on this mini-series. As historians can focus on the true story of what happen in Boston, there is often times some misconceptions of what we can perceive as truth. Many documents and photographs were all truth telling to make this documentary as true as possible.

Interviewing historians of both past and present, make this series a more accurate historical find. Growing up with a family that lived In Boston, I was able to understand history of my ancestors In the period. Boston, Bloody, Boston Is a documentary that will depict the time, historian findings and present the history in the way to be understood more easily. As historians tell us the side of a story that is not often heard, Boston, Bloody, Boston is able to guide us into a piece of history that is most of the time not told in the average history book.

The director wants us to know why the British thought this was an easy fight against the Rebels. The theme throughout the documentary Is to let the viewer know the Important parts of American history, as It needs to be told. The events that took place is how our county was founded. The actions of the people in 1875, tell us that we fought a good fight to keep from the British and wanted nothing more than to be free. The Boston Massacre, the true deception of the taxation and the famous Paul ride, are parts that Is the focus in this documentary.

The true essence of being In 1765 fighting with the Rebels and the British, gives the exact accounts of hat people were feeling and actions that were being taking, all while fighting for their life. Another example that is given in this film was the Stamp Act Famous words from this rebellion was “No taxation without representation”, was also represented well in this documentary. Those events are key factors on how our country was shaped and represented to the King; the documentary made great strides to make sure that the most influential people were not miss-represented.

Famous names of US History Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, John Adams and Patrick Henry. These men were all Influential In to building our country and are some of the first founding fathers. These men throughout the documentary are represented with the utmost respect and honest representation of what can be given to a person from history. The documentary covers their lives as it pertains to what the New World is going to become. Benjamin Franklin takes on the British King. Paul Revere warns the people of the Impending Invasion of the British on our own land.

These characters become pivotal pieces of history; that even the average high school student knows hat happen in Boston 1765. As the historians throughout the film are able to use what is written and photographed documentation from this time, they were able to create costumes and assume accents that will be the represent some of the for the film. This was a key factor, as many people cannot understand history without a visual stimulation to relate. Boston, Bloody, Boston was a true to form representation of what It would have been Like to be In Boston 1765. To feel, documentary.

This film also gives historical information of the important key people f the time. For a person wanting to become an American citizen, this is a documentary to watch for historical purposes. For a student that has only taken high school history classes that wants more detail on what happen in Boston, this is a film for them. This documentary can give more details on the events that occurred in Boston if seeking more details or more evidence then Just minor internet research. Going to Boston and living the history is priceless. This documentary helps in the transition from being there to knowing what happen in 1765.

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