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World history personal narrative

On the first days of the meeting, they brought cashiers, the King and his delegates announced the principles of the meeting ND the Third Estate discovered that the double representation was in fact a sham. It was decided that the votes will be hold by orders, 1 vote for each estate and not by head. The double representation was a fallacy. Louis XVI and his advisors focused on a complete overhaul of the French tax system. They exposed their view while the only preoccupation of the Third Estate was to talk about their representation.

The only solution to the financial crisis was to make all us people of France pay the taxes because of the deficit spending, no matter what estate they were from. At the time, only us the third estate was subject to the taxes. The Nobility was taking care of the lands and the Clergy was responsible of the people’s education. Their argument was that their action was a huge benefit to society and should therefore be exempt from paying taxes. But obviously, the King’s decision was heavily rejected by the Nobility. Louis XVI faced a huge resistance from his own group who wouldn’t accept any loss of wealth or power.

He was heavily criticized by the Nobility who pictured him as a stupid, nerdy man with a way of governing the country that was full of nonsense. A couple of me and my rebel friends Joined the national assembly. I gave them warning that the town was talking about how the king was getting suspicious about their meetings and discussions of the constitution. So we moved are meetings into a tennis court. We stayed there until we finished writing the constitution of 1791. I felt that this was the first step to the French revolution.

Today on the 14th of July 1789 we visited the pastille which is a prison for bad people in Paris who don’t agree with the king. The revolution began when a large group of people stormed to the pastille to rebel against the king. It lasted for 10 years. Now there is a holiday for storming the pastille, it is called pastille day. It’s sort of like the American’s Independence Day. We shoot gun powder in the air to celebrate. Today the Paris communes government was created. There was a fight in the in the French countryside. There were rumors that the lord hired robbers to kill peasants.

Although it wasn’t true it scared the people, this lead to the peasants uprising against the local lords. The poor broke until many houses, killed nobles and stole from them. This violence was called the great fear. Today the fighting continued throughout the countryside. We the third estate wanted to be equal to all people of France. The motto we went by was “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity’. The greedy first and second estate didn’t want to give up what they had for so long. We forced the first and second estate to give up some land because of violent acts. National assembly created a bill of rights.

We copied some of it from America. This was the declaration of rights which is in the constitution. The march on Versailles on October 5 thousands of women streamed down the road creaming “bread “they shouted demanding to see the king. Much of the crowd was against the queen because in early revolution, the press spread the answer the cries on hungry people for bread to “let them eat cake. ” it helping inflame feelings against the queen. The women refused to leave Versailles until the king met their most important demand-?to return to Paris. Not too happily, the king agreed. They told people they were bring them back to Paris.

In Paris, the royal family moved into the Utilities palace. For the next three years, Louis was a virtual prisoner. Louse’s failed Marie Antoinette and others had been urging the king to escape their humiliating situation. Louis finally gave in. One night in June 1791, a coach rolled north from Paris toward the border. Inside sat the king disguised as a servant, the queen dressed as a governess, and the royal children. The attempted escape failed. In a town along the with the king’s face on it. A company of soldiers escorted the royal family back to Paris, as on looking crowd’s hurled insults at the king.

To many, Louse’s dash to the border showed that he was a traitor to the revolution. The new constitution set up a limited monarchy. They created Legislative assembly who decided how to run France. We got a part in there where farmers can protect their land. So the monarchy wouldn’t have too much power. Debates started happening over Europe. Supporters of the enlightenment appealed the reform. The coward magis, who left France, were punished by the republic. A new book called Reflections on the revolution was written by Edmund Burke it was about the revolutions and working class Sans Culottes and how they were treated different.

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