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Why Abortion Is An Injustice

An injustice is an unjust act or occurrence that does not seem fair; in other words an example of an injustice is abortion. Abortion is an injustice in many people’s opinions because a person would not even be giving the baby a chance at life, but killing it after they have made their own mistake. Abortion kills helpless babies everyday, and yet it still seems to remain legal. Killing other people is illegal, so isn’t killing an unborn child the same thing? Abortion is an injustice because all life is cared and should be treated as so, but some do not even have a chance to make their own mistakes.

Reason one as to why abortion is an injustice is that abortion kills the most helpless and innocent human beings. In fact, almost one in every four Americans are aborted. Most people explain that the reason why they can not have the baby is that it would interfere with work or school. Others say they can not afford it, and some do not want to have relationship problems with their loved ones. Unborn human beings are the most innocent and helpless because they have done nothing ring and have no say. After 8 weeks, an unborn baby is able to feel real, physical pain during abortion.

This is a proven fact that, after 8 weeks, major development has taken place and is still going on, which the babies begin to feel the pain of being aborted, yet can do nothing about it. A second reason as to why abortion is considered an injustice is because it is unsafe. Not only is it permanently harmful to the baby, but it can be Just as harmful to the mother as well. In fact, abortion is 4 times more dangerous than childbirth. Abortion increases the chance of maternal death in later pregnancies, and increases the mother’s chance by 60 times to die from natural causes.

Abortion can also produce serious medical problems, such as a coma, cervical and liver cancer, infections, depression, mental trauma, and sometimes death. Abortion is even more dangerous than childbirth, yet people can be too selfish to realize. Although abortion is wrong because it is killing an unborn baby and unsafe because it produces many medical problems, there are also times when it is necessary or needed in the long run. Some people may not be ready for he responsibilities of having a child around whether it be because of school, work, or financial difficulties.

However, there is still the option of adoption. There are hundreds of thousands of families all over the world who want to have a child of their own, but can not. By choosing adoption, a person is able to go through life knowing they helped another family, while still having a healthy baby and keeping the mother healthy as well. Yet while some people still think abortion is the right option and that it seems right at the time, in the long run it can be very dangerous to person and their future children too.

In conclusion, abortion is considered an injustice for many reasons. Abortion kills the helpless and innocent human beings, and it can also be unsafe to the mother and future generations. While someone may not be ready at the time and abortion seems like the only option, there is always adoption too, and another family will be helped with it. Making the mistake does not mean someone has to skip right to abortion, but consider the different possibilities and think about the future for a baby and the mother. Why Abortion Is An Injustice By moorings

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