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Language Analysis: Abortion

It is clear in the opinion piece “The anguish of a female choice” by Singer (published in the Herald Sun on the 22nd Of October 2008) that she if for abortion as she argues that if abortion does become illegal it won’t stop women wanting them and looking for somewhere unhygienic to get one “it doesn’t stop women seeking abortion. It just makes a distressing situation worse”, Singer uses attack to logic by stating “the “pro-life” lobby is deluded if it thinks it can stop Victorian women seeking abortion, legal or otherwise”. Upon reading this the reader will feel guilty for being pro-life as they will realism women will stop at nothing to get an abortion so might as well let them get it in a safe and hygienic manner. Singer evokes the readers sense of logic and thinking by stating “But what are the interests of an embryo or fetus? ” using a rhetorical question positions the reader to share Singer’s pinion as a rhetorical question makes the reader feel there is only one answer and that the writer is correct in what he/she is saying. Sing emotive language to conclude the article appeals to the readers sense of sympathy Singer does this by stating “nor would it have people incapable of understanding the pain of others” when she argues the fact that anti- abortionists do not see the women’s side or what is best for them. “Reaping what we have sown- Abortion Decentralized” is an opinion piece written by Pastor Danny Nailing (President of Catch the Fire Ministries) which was published in The Australian Newspaper on the 24th of October 2008.

Nailing is strongly against abortion and it is clear throughout his opinion piece. Nailing focuses on using attack and rhetorical questions to persuade her audience whom will be women and Christians in general Attacking the general public by stating “but sadly when it comes to politics and legislations people seem to be naive or shamefully ignorant in making their choices” Nailing continues attacking the public and Labor voters in an aggressive tone making the reader feel insecure about their logic or their vote.

Nailing only uses praise when addressing the anti-abortionists “hats off to people like Archbishop Denis Hart from the Catholic Church and pastor Dale Stephenson from Crossway Baptist for speaking up publicly against the Abortion Laws”. Singer and Nailing both have different views and the way they try to persuade their readers are totally different too.

Singer who uses a soft and understanding tone even when addressing the anti-abortionists “l have no objection to people who oppose abortion, as long as they don’t insist that there people suffer for their views” whereas Nailing uses a very passive aggressive tone and a tone that suggests he is ‘disgusted’ with the law, he doesn’t show any mercy for the other side “the result is that they have helped to pass this wicked Abortion Bill”.

Nailing and Singer both seem to be using rhetorical questions throughout their pieces which helps to persuade the reader on a more personal level as rhetorical questions appeal to the readers own personal thinking and knowledge, so it may make the reader feel as if hey are wrong and then the reader may then agree with the writer. The photograph of the women holding her stomach and holding her hand out in a ‘stop’ stance shows that women want to be able to make their own decisions and that it should be up to them whether they abort the child or keep it.

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