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Who is more fortuante

Are men or women more fortunate?    Physically, men may be more fortunate; for men do not give birth, do not have to deal with periods and menopause, and do not spend a long time getting prepared each morning.  But what is the answer if we just look at the temperament?  In relationships, men are surely less fortunate than women: men often must take risks for the relationship; women can concentrate on more then one activity at a time; and most women are able to express their emotions more freely.

Traditionally men risk more to impress or get a woman that they like but, the risks can be worth it.  Firstly, when a male likes a female he is expected to make the first move.  That move may be to initiate a conversation or to ask for her number.  This is a risk for the male because he may suffer the embarrassment of rejection.  Secondly, men are the ones expected to ask their female companion out on a date and even to pay for the activity,  although, now the latter example is starting to change.  Thirdly, the male is the one who gets on one knee to propose marriage to his woman.  Women nowadays like to hint to the male about getting married but men are still expected to actually do the action.  Men go out on a limb and purchase the ring, in most cases without knowing what result may come.  If he gets rejected, he suffers the pain of rejection as well as some embarrassment when the ring must be returned.  This is quite a risky situation but if the answer is “yes,” then happiness follows, which is worth the risk that is taken.  Men risk much but when the result of the risk turns out positive than all the risks are quite worth while.

Women are constantly sending out signals to men; but we cannot see them, for we can only focus on single tasks while they can concentrate on multi tasks.  Women seem to think that they only need to send out little signals and men will know what they want.  Men may see the signal, but it does not register it because they are doing something else at the time.  Then, when  the male does not do what the female wants he gets into trouble; however, he does not know for what.  For some reason, it seems that women are able to do multiple tasks; this is an advantage they hold.  For example, when a female talks on the phone she is able to do another activity like cooking.  She will be able to concentrate on both activities easily.  In the same situation, the male will drift every once and a while and forget about one activity; this I know from experience.  I have was watching a football game one night with my father;  in this situation my mother should not send any signals.  Not the case though for this is where she sends the most signals just expecting us to see them.  I know that now things are changing and this situation could be reversed but on the average it is as it happened to me.

Women are able to let their emotions out while men are expected to keep them bottled up.  If one sees a girl crying in public, one does not think much of it.  When one sees a man crying in public, right away one may assume he is gay or a wimp.  Socially it is more acceptable for females to let their emotions flow freely.  As well, females most of the time tell you what they are thinking and how they feel about something.  This is quite helpful for the single task male.  While males have similar feelings, it is not, at this time, socially acceptable for a male to talk about them.  By not talking about ones feelings one could be building up stress which is not good.  Metaphorically speaking when one holds in ones emotions and doesn’t let them out, one is “filling a balloon” inside oneself.  Then one day when “the balloon” is too big, something small will make it pop.  When the balloon pops it may create an overreaction in a situation that is quite minor and make one do something that one may regret.  This is recognized by professionals in psychology who now encourage men along with women to express their emotions.  Men are slowly starting to reveal their feelings and in time will be at the same level as women in this area.

Men are less fortunate then women in the relationship when looking at the conversational responsibilities.  This is seen in the risks, the concentration factor, and the expression of feelings.  As time goes forward men and women are becoming more and more alike.  Whether this is a good thing or not depends on your own opinion.  To me it could be not so great because overall competition is a healthy thing; but the battle of the sexes is another topic.

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