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Black Knight Satellite Myths

In 1899, a magazine referenced the first wireless transmission of Morse code and voting machines were approved by the U. S. Congress for use in federal elections, but another earth shattering event occurred, or rather a discovery that would later terrify many Americans: an UFO! Specifically, the discovery of Nicola Tesla, a student of science, seemed to corroborate or confirm the existence of an extraterrestrial being. In order to truly understand the Black Knight Satellite, the facts and theories will be displayed in the Background, short-term effects, and the long lasting impact on life as we know it of the Black Knight Satellite.

First, to understand the Black Knight Satellite, the background of the object must be displayed. Surprisingly, the name of the Black Knight Satellite can be considered more mysterious than the object itself. The object was never called or titled “The Black Knight Satellite” until, in 1998, 99 years after the first supposed discovery, the object was captured on camera and referred to as “The Black Knight Satellite” during a mission called STS-88 without any earlier reference to the name.

The STS-88 was a NASA mission meant to reach the ISS, the International Space Station. As a result of this time gap, many conspiracies arose around the topic of extraterrestrial life before the pictures of the Black Knight Satellite were taken. Although, the name of the Black Knight Satellite is confusing, so is its position in our Universe. Though unknown what the Black Knight Satellite truly is, it seems, based on recorded evidence, the Black Knight Satellite is not in our orbit or rather entering and exiting the Earth’s Orbit at random.

Granting that this is true, the Black Knight Satellite is under the influence of another planet or is controlling its own movements in space. As for the discovery, Nicola Tesla, a brilliant inventor and follower of the study of the Universe, thought that when he first discovered the Black Knight Satellite that it was another intelligent life form and longed to communicate back with the signals he received. In 1899, in Colorado Springs, Nicola Tesla observed what seemed to be “intelligent but undecipherable signals” from this receiver in his laboratory.

This led him to believe that the signals were of extraterrestrial origin because he was knowledgeable about the disturbances of the Sun and Earth produce, but these signals, he concluded, were neither of these. Nicola Tesla was not the only witness of these signals believed to be extraterrestrial, in 1928, Jorgen Hals, an amateur radio operator, in Oslo, Norway reported hearing similar signals: long, delayed echoes. In fact, recently due to technological growth in our culture, normal people could, at certain times, hear similar signals to the signals Nicola Tesla observed in his lab in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1899.

Second, to understand the Black Knight Satellite, the short-term effects of the object must be displayed. Because of the discoveries by Nicola Tesla and Jorgen Hals, many personal and nationwide events occurred. As a result of his discovery, Nicola Tesla burned to reply to these signals he had observed, so he tried to build a world radio center that would have interconnected radiotelephone networks, private communications, and radio news service all the services enjoyed today, but on a worldly scale.

Surprisingly, even though the world radio center was a substantial leap ahead of its time, like many of Nicola Tesla’s Ideas, funding seemed low for an idea of innovation hundreds of years ahead of time. Even more surprising, if the world radio center were to have been built, telephones could have existed before the 1930s. Unsurprisingly, though, the signals and the idea of a world radio station attracted public attention. As a result of this public attention, many newspapers were published that referred to this mysterious object.

Furthermore, once made known to the public, the Black Knight satellite was given many explanations in the form of conspiracies. One example of these conspiracies was the Russians had built and launched a satellite into space to spy on other countries and reign down destruction in the form of missiles from space. The problem with this theory was electronics and the science of space navigation was not at a developmental state where a satellite could have been launched due to lack of materials, lack of scientist who specialized in space exploration, and no one had the capability of polar orbit.

Surprisingly, Russia thought the same of America: that America had launched a satellite into space to spy on other countries and reign down destruction in the form of missiles from space, but the same problems arise with this conspiracy. Another and more outlandish claim is aliens! Surprisingly, many believed this conspiracy and may have added true terror into the hearts of many Americans. The Black Knight Satellite was not popularized until years later and caused many beliefs, conspiracies, and received interest from the population, but these short-term effects allowed for later historical investigation.

Third, to understand the Black Knight Satellite, the impact of the object on history as we know it must be displayed if completely understand the Black Knight Satellite. What may have been the Black Knight Satellite has had some Impact on NASA as a trustable source of information. In 1963, Gordon Cooper, an astronaut, reported seeing a greenish unidentified flying object during his 15th orbit aboard the mercury 9. To either not cause mass panic, to just tell the truth, to hide the existence of some object, or for unknown reasons, NASA gave an explanation that would later be questioned.

Their explanation was: the electronics in Cooper’s suit malfunctioned and he breathed in too much Carbon Dioxide causing him to hallucinate. Unsurprisingly, many did now believe this claim. Indeed, the Black Knight Satellite may not be immensely popular today, but the discoveries and information we know about the Black Knight Satellite still have a lasting impact on us as citizens of Earth. The Black Knight Satellite discoveries led to conspiracies, which make many people even today believe in aliens or an extraterrestrial life of some kind.

In the same manner, the Black Knight Satellite presented the idea of aliens and terrified most who heard it. Even today many have not heard of the Black Knight Satellite, but if more know about the Black Knight Satellite, more mystery will surround the object. Specifically, new conspiracies would develop and may even twist the story, clouding the story and legacy of the Black Knight Satellite for generations to come. With this in mind, the Black Knight Satellite is still impacts research around the subject of space exploration and studies.

Signals can still be intercepted from it causing more and more people to be interested in it, this interest has led to a research team taking a picture of what they think is the black knight satellite. This interest could build to a point where enough people are interested in it that we finally try land on it or be in touch with it to find out what it is, or, based on the aforementioned mercury 9, NASA could already know what it is and is keeping it from us.

Either way, the Black Knight Satellite will remain mysterious for an indefinite period of time until it is confirmed what the object truly is. To conclude, the true history and importance of the Black Knight Satellite can be debated, but what is fact of the matter is the Black Knight Satellite is surrounded by many conspiracies and questions about the true meaning of the object. In the end, the controversy around this subject caused many to question their beliefs, what do you believe?

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