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Stereotypes And Stereotypes Essay

A stereotype often affects a way a group of people are seen as a whole. Misconceptions and stereotypes can sometimes be misunderstood or overused, and be used in an invalid manner. Many people are being stereotyped because of a small portion of the larger group of people. A misconception occurs when an untrue stereotype is brought upon them. From teachers to rappers, every group of people have their own stereotypes. Stereotypes do not necessarily portray a group of people negatively, such as all teachers enjoy apples, however in most situations they do, such as all rappers use illegal drugs.

Many models have been criticized and looked down on because of many misconceptions and stereotypes. A stereotype can come about because of a little group formed within a greater group of people. A stereotype can be defined as a way of how a person looks, acts, or even speaks. Although some stereotypes can be proven true, some are also lead to become a misconception. A misconception occurs when a stereotype is made about a group of people, which is untrue. A misconception is always untrue, while a stereotype may have some truth behind it.

For example, cowboys as maco, but as we conclude in the reading About Men, by Gretel Ehrlich, she states “ In our hellbent earnestness to romanticize the cowboy we’ve ironically disesteemed his true character, ” (Ehrlich). Many models are seen as anorexic and unhealthy, however many Victoria’s secret models have to participate in a 10- minute fat blasting circuit created by Andrea Orbeck which is made to work your entire body. Most models are very experienced and go through intense training.

Models gain their slim, toned bodies through training that can occur everyday. According to the online article, in France “ [ a potential. Model] needs to bring a doctor’s note ensuring [the] employer they are healthy. ” Although some models may feel pressured into becoming too thin, many doctors and personal trainers support the models to encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. Also, if a model does become anorexic, many supporters encourage them to become healthier to promote a better image of models.

Many doctors and personal trainers create special daily planners and meal plans for all models, to create a safe way to stay slim & toned. Many people in the model industry promote and reinforce a healthy lifestyle for the models so they can create a better lifestyle for young children interesting in the path way. Models are also perceived as narcissistic because they tend to care for themselves and treat themselves highly. Models are known to wear high class clothes and well known brands such as Gucci, Ugg, Coach, and Michael Kors.

Models need to wear top brands and are sponsored by the brand to have businesses contact them for more business. Also, when a model is seen as caring for their body and the way they look, the model can be perceived as healthy, and can also promote the model industry with a better reputation. Being seen as narcissistic as a model is a misconception because promoting their health and popularity is a necessity to strive in the world of modeling. Models strive in the modeling industry by being perceived as the best and having the most popularity around the world.

If a model does not care about how they look, the person who hired them can easily find someone else to hire and then the model loses the money they could have made. Also, if the person gets a bad review, they can ruin the reputation of the model, and can affect how much they get hired, if they do get hired again. Growing up watching America’s Next Top Model gave me an understanding of the life the models live and what the need to do in order to strive in the modeling world.

Tyra Banks, a model, and the host of the popular show stated that when she created the show she would console and help many models when they would stress about their weight because they would not fit in the sample sizes that would be given. The popular show allows young girls and teens to view the model world, and understand the life and struggles a model goes through in their everyday life. Modeling through the show is shown to be very stressful and a “cut-throat” industry. Models can have one “ bad” shooting day and have their career ended because of it.

Not many people understand how stressful the modeling industry actually is, however all models have to make sure they are near perfect each photo shoot, because if they are not, or they can be easily replaced by another person. Models can also be plus models, not every model is a “Victoria’s secret angel” many stores also promote women who aren’t as slim. People who aren’t slim but still model and are very successful in the business are known as plus models. Not all models are slim, some models also work for many maternity lines, such as Destination Maternity.

Many models enjoy their not so “slim” body figure and also strive in the modeling industry. Models do not necessarily need to be for or even toned to be a model. Models can be any ethnicity, weight and height. Ashley Graham, is a well known plus size model, who was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and went from being insecure about her weight to having her dream come true, and becoming a popular model. Tess Henstra, who is also a plus size model, who is well known for working in the Dominique Modeling Agency, has green eyes, and blonde hair, she also has a waist size of 92.

Tess Holliday is a plus size model, size 22, is the first of her size and height of 5’5 to be signed to a major modeling agency, MiLk Model Management. She was signed after being seen on a social network, Instagram. Many people believe that if you are a model, you will not last long, or that modeling cannot be a long term job. Many also say that modeling is a hobby, not a job. However, modeling contracts can last up Thirteen to Fourteen years. Adriana Lima has modeled for Fourteen years, but is on the way to finish her Fifteenth year as a model for Victoria’s’ Secret.

Heidi Klum, who is also known as “The Body” is a model who is Forty years old worked with Victoria’s Secret for Thirteen years. Tyra Banks, who is widely known in the model world, also has had a career of eight years, and also hosts a popular show, which allows young women to strive and try to become the top and create their own career in the modeling world. Gisele Bundchen, has been a Brazilian model, actress, and producer has been in the modeling industry for eight years.

Models who have participated in America’s next top model and have succeeded in the model industry are endless, and many are multitalented as well, not every model, photoshoots for underwear and bras. Some include Cassandra Whitehead who after taking 11th place on Cycle 7 of America’s Next Top Model made appearances in Tv shows such as One Tree Hill, and Hannah Montana, and also appeared in the movie Fast and Furios. Brittany Scullark took 3rd place in cycle 5 and models for Old Navy, Pantene, Dark & Lovely, and also participates in commercials, such as those for Garnier Fructis.

Scullark also played roles in Law & Order SVU, Valentino, and Nicole Miller. Lastly, Adrianne Curry, winner of cycle 1, has modeled for Von Dutch, and Macy’s, she has also made appearances on multiple reality tv shows such as Celebrity Family Feud, Surreal Life, and My Fair Brady. In an interview with Georgia May Jagger,by Rebecca Cox, Cox asked “ aside from modeling, what are your ambitions.. ” in reply Jagger states “ I would love to do my own line of clothes, something small.

Also, Cox goes on to ask Jagger what was the greatest advice any family member has given her, and Jagger in reply stated that her mother always told her to remember to have fun, because fashion was always about having fun. Photoshoots may be perceived as, work, and not a lot of play, however any models try to enjoy the opportunities they have, and not depend so much on the stress that comes with the job. Many models go on to represent many different companies, and different paths. Models do not necessarily need to be a “Victoria’s Secret Angel” to be successful in the Model Industry, they can also strive in different areas of media.

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