River Plan Too Fishy

The topic that the article, “River Plan Too Fishy for my Taste Buds” by Bill McEwen shows a lot of credibility by proving the plan of going on with the river rights project should not be allowed and I chose this because McEwen convinced me throughout his article. He showed me his credibility and he … Read more

Essay on Rhetorical Analysis Of Ellen Goodman

Although past traditions have installed norms and standards regarding who may be considered as true ‘family,’ Ellen Goodman effectively employs a variety of rhetorical strategies including figurative language, perspective, and Aristotelian appeals to highlight that in choosing to disregard these preestablished conditions and/or labels, individuals have the ability to progress with society in a manner … Read more

Essay on Golden Rice Rhetorical Analysis

On August 8, 2013, a field of rice, called “Golden Rice”, was completely devastated by a group of angry Filipino protestors. However, this was no ordinary rice. It was genetically modified rice that was designed to alleviate some major problems in the world. One farmer passionately said, “we do not want our people, especially our … Read more

Barbara Ehrenreich Serving In Florida Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Considering that there are assortments of books, narratives, and articles written on practically every subject on earth, it is always up to an author to make their work worth reading. This is achievable through the use of literary devices and the clever use of structural elements as depicted by Barbara Ehrenreich in her excerpt “Serving … Read more