River Plan Too Fishy

The topic that the article, “River Plan Too Fishy for my Taste Buds” by Bill McEwen shows a lot of credibility by proving the plan of going on with the river rights project should not be allowed and I chose this because McEwen convinced me throughout his article. He showed me his credibility and he … Read more

Political Ideology Essay

Everyone knows: California is burning. From the Inland Empire to Cascadia, wild fires litter the Golden State. So far, more than 175,000 acres have been scorched and 40 homes destroyed. Fifty miles north of San Francisco, over 7,000 homes are threatened by wild fires. One fire, the Rocky Fire, is blazing its way through Northern … Read more

Nordstrom Case Study Essay

The famous Nordstrom Inc. started in 1901 from humble beginnings of John W. Nordstrom who invested his stakes previously acquired from the Alaska gold rush into a small shoe store in Seattle, Washington, and the rest is history. In present time, Nordstrom is one of the nation’s leading fashion retailers; build by a family of … Read more