Optimism Essay

What is optimism? Optimism is a mental attitude characterized by hope for the best and confidence in the future. A person who is optimistic typically believes that good things will happen and that bad things will eventually work out. What is pessimism? Pessimism is a mental attitude characterized by doubt, negativity, and despair. A person … Read more

Example Of A Satire Essay

In our studies of literature, we have came across satiric essays. We have read some essays that were written by the artists Swift, and Pope. Through these readings, we were able to gather a better understanding as to how satire is typically used. We understand that satire is saying one thing, but meaning something else. … Read more

Band Leadership Audition

1. As a leader, how will you encourage and motivate other individuals? Motivation is achieved through praise. If students are complimented on their effort, they will often perform higher and have a higher sense of motivation. However, blind praise yields spoiled results. I will expect excellence out of my peers. I will make sure to … Read more

Analysis Of The Happiness Hypothesis By Jonathan Haidt Essay

Many Articles assessed in our class argue that money does make people happier, until they reach a certain income when the benefit levels out. I address three articles that address this concern in different ways: Chapter five in The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt, “A Formula for Happiness” by Arthur C. Brooks, and “High income … Read more