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Band Leadership Audition

1. As a leader, how will you encourage and motivate other individuals? Motivation is achieved through praise. If students are complimented on their effort, they will often perform higher and have a higher sense of motivation. However, blind praise yields spoiled results. I will expect excellence out of my peers. I will make sure to voice those expectations, and help my peers set reasonable short-term goals to accomplish the exellence we strive for as a band.

Enthusiasm is another important factor in leadership. I have noticed that our leadership this past year was very enthusiastic and excited about upcoming events and competitions. This roused the other students in a way that motivated them, causing them to perform at a higher level. All in all, motivation is best achieved through confidence, high expectations, and enthusiasm, and am confident that I possess all of these qualities.

2. Who inspired you to try out for leadership? Why? Justin Rubey is the inspiring figure whom you can thank for these responses. I’ve only known him for about a year now, but Justin was an amazing and inspiring leader, and we were very blessed to have had him lead our band this year. Justin had something about him that made students want to work to the fullest of their capabilities. He was extremely dedicated to band, and his enthusiasm for our activities lightened up the burdens of marching camp for us Freshmen. Justin had the most 212 spirit out of all of us, and that spirit is what is pushing me now to achieve as high as I can and apply for this leadership position.

3. What leadership qualities do you possess that separates you from other candidates? I believe that I hold a level of transparency that many others fail to express. When I am leading a team, I make my concerns and expectations voiced, and this has allowed me the freedom to be fully present and consistent. They know what they’re getting at all times. No surprises. Another quality that I see in myself is passion. Many people go through band solely for the credit, or in attempt to secure a leadership position for NHS or the like. However, I believe that my passion for our band separates me from the rest.

I enjoy practicing my instrument, I crave the competition of region band and marching contests, but above all, I have a desire to be musically fluent and proficient, and this has driven me to lengths to improve, despite a few bumps along the way. Finally, I have a drive to innovate in situations which are not in optimal condition. I enjoy thinking my way around problems, because a solution in the face of adversity revitalizes my energy. My process of this problem solving includes a great deal of planning, collaborating with others to yield the most diverse results, and asking a ton of “what-if” questions to get my gears turning.

4. Describe the goals you have for yourself, your section, and the band program for the 2017-18 school year. For myself: I am going to work as hard as possible – plus a little more – to place at Region Band this year. I’m going to work hard enough to earn my Letterman’s Jacket. I’m going to keep my grades up, finish my Tesla Coil, and place at UIL in Computer Science. And, despite the realization of the thickness of brass horns, I’m going to work on my tone-fixing “sponge” idea. For my section: Our section isn’t very unified as of now: I know this is mostly because of the great extracurricular and interest-wise diversity of our group, but I’d like for us to get to know each other better, have everyone come out to eat with us every once in a while.

Over Spring Break this year, 7 or 8 of us went to see a movie, which spawned some hilarious jokes and phone wallpapers. We all enjoyed that, but it’s rare for anyone to bring up an idea like. I hope to reverse this, and improve relationships between my section members. For the Band program: The whole Band should strive for excellence in every form, on and off the marching field or stage.

Students should have high standards of excellence and responsibility for their attendance, their peers’ performance, and their own. I hope to see students with high levels of self-discipline in their practice to produce higher results during Marching and Concert seasons. Leading by example is the best way to accomplish these goals, and I know that I can lead my fellow Band members in confidence throughout the season. These goals for my section and the entire Band are not just goals for others, they are my goals as well. It will be an accomplishment for all of us, and will bring me immense pride to see these characteristics in our students.

5. List your individual accomplishment(s) in Band. This past year, I placed at Freshman Region Band, and made a one on my solo at UIL in February. Unfortunately, I was awarded a 2 on my ensemble, so I will not be recieving my Letterman’s Jacket this year. That won’t stop me from trying even harder and earning my Jacket next year, though.

6. What Band volunteer opportunities have you participated in this year? I volunteer quite often through my Boy Scout troop (I try to volunteer at least once a month), however I was more busy than I ususally am this past year, and did not get the opportunity to volunteer significantly through Band. I did volunteer on this past May 5th at the Wonder of the Woods, arranging chairs and stands. I plan on volunteering much more next year, and will take as many opportunities as possible.

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