Difference Between Delirium And Dementia

Neurocognitive disorders begin with delirium, followed by the syndromes of Major and Mild Neurocognitive disorders and their etiological subtypes. These subtypes include Alzheimer’s disease, vascular, Lewy bodies, frontotemporal, Huntington’s disease, as well as neurocognitive disorders due to Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, HIV infection, multiple etiologies, and/or another medical condition. Although cognitive deficits are present … Read more

Dangers Of Concussions Research Paper

Imagine waking up day by day and feeling weaker everyday and not being able to do usual tasks. Difficulty swallowing, breathing, and walking are the symptoms to ALS which are caused by muscle weakness. Forgetting where things are placed, confusion, depression ,anxiety and suicidal thoughts links with CTE. Rules should be extended to a certain … Read more