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Dangers Of Concussions Research Paper

Imagine waking up day by day and feeling weaker everyday and not being able to do usual tasks. Difficulty swallowing, breathing, and walking are the symptoms to ALS which are caused by muscle weakness. Forgetting where things are placed, confusion, depression ,anxiety and suicidal thoughts links with CTE. Rules should be extended to a certain amount for it to be safe and enjoyable at the same time but, both cannot happen. Many sports are dangerous and cannot be be adjusted. Sports should warn their athletes about the dangers that come with that sport.

Athletes should be tested before playing any type of port. Head traumas can be prevented as well as concussions by avoiding head to head contact or hard hits to the head. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as ALS is degenerate disease which causes the body muscles to involuntarily stop functioning. The motor neurons are a nervous system which gradually degenerates and after some time causes it to die off. A motor neuron is a type of nerve cell that can be found in the spinal cord.

The brain stem provides connection for the voluntary muscles or the body and the nervous system which indicates it which movement it wants to ake and process it. When you have ALS the brainstem and the spinal cord cannot function properly and the connections cannot be transferred to the muscles. This means movement will not be supported in the muscles which leads to muscle weakness. It cannot be detected right away it takes months as the muscles get weaker as more muscles become deteriorated it can eventually lead to paralysis .

Failor in the diaphragm and the chest wall means the person’s muscles are not able to function properly which will cause his death due to not being able to breath voluntarily. However the person still has the bility to control the movements of their bladder, bowels and eyes at some degree. Background, ethnicity nor race matters, anyone can fall victim to this condition, many people get it at young age due to many head injuries in their past history. On the other hand it can be inherited the percentages are 5% to 10% . There is no cure for ALS, but there is treatment to slow down the muscle deterioration.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is also known as CTE is a progressive, degenerative disease of the brain found mostly in athletes and others with a history of repetitive brain trauma, ncluding symptomatic concussions as well as asymptomatic sub consecutive hits in the head. There are In recent years, it has been found in athletes which include boxing, football, people in the military and hockey. This trauma triggers progressive degeneration in the brain tissue, including the build up of an abnormal protein called tau .

These changes in the brain can begin months, years or even decades after the last brain trauma or or end of an active activity which involved getting hit in the head. The brain degeneration is associated with memory loss, confusion, impaired judgement, aggression, and eventually rogressive dementia Even possible of suicide . At this time the number of or types of hits to the head needed to trigger degenerative changes of the brain are unknown. Some players take many hits, but do not develop it ,it just depends on the person and how many hits he\she can take. CTE can not be detected till the person is dead.

There are four types of CTE’s which include Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, Dementia, and Huntington’s. Athletes are being diagnosed with ALS and CTE at a young age due to repetitive hits to head in the past medical history. They ay have been hit, but do not rest or take care of themselves and continue to play which makes it worse for them. They keep playing like nothing seemed to happen to them but later it affects them more as time goes by it accumulates. Lou Gehrig’s first symptoms were muscle weakness, his muscles would clog up and did not have the same strength as they once had before due to ALS.

He started to notice and feel weaker, but wasn’t sure why, he went to get checked and he was diagnosed with ALS. The findings have also led to reconsider whether Lou Gehrig was accurately diagnosed with ALS in 1939. The famous baseball player had multiple head concussions. He was knocked out unconscious after being hit in the head by a pitched baseball while not wearing a helmet which just accumulated too many the he previously had and just added to it. He died in 1941 from ALS. Jovan Belch he was a football player who played for the Kansas city he murdered his girlfriend, he shot her 9 times later killing himself.

He was detected with CTE later when his brain was examined. He showed symptoms but his coaches still kept putting him in games which just kept adding more concussions which later it would affect him. Concussions are brain injuries which come from the Latin word concutere which means to violently shake. You don’t have to pass out to have a concussion. It is important to rest when hit in the head or it can lead to long lasting problems with movement, learning or speaking. Common ways to get a concussion are falling, fights, sports such as football, soccer, hockey, and boxing.

Physical contact toward the head causes brain trauma. Soccer players have been detected to have concussions due to physical head contact with the ball that comes with force toward the head. Players also bang each others heads against each other on the field which also causes concussions leading to head trauma. Concussions are direct head contact that causes the brain to move back and forth. Women are more fragile to men which is at more risk to get a concussion, Concussions are higher for women to get it than men because they have small head and less developed neck muscle also men can absorb more impact.

The sports world has added more cushions to the football helmets only in California. Players are no longer to have head to head contact if they do have head to head contact they will be ined. They have been applying new rules to football instead of headbutts they are encouraged to go for the legs, but now football players’ legs have been hurt. Football players are paying the opposite team they play with to heatbutt them instead of going for their legs, which can cause them a whole season or perhaps forever their career. Sports have been around for a long time and so have these diseases that can end your life or complicate them.

Rules are being more enforced as of now due to a serious brain disease that cause death to those who suffer concussions on the field. The sports Industry tried changing the rules to the games to prevent certain disease such as ALS and CTE but changing the rules can come out with worse results as in fracturing other body parts that can cause the player to stop playing for some time or even forever which can cause an end to their careers. Changing certain rules may prevent certain conflicts, but can start other conflicts which can be more risky for the athlete. The sport will not be playing the same or be as exciting as it once was.

All athletes should be aware of the dangers they are being exposed to while playing in the field, hey should be taught all the types of diseases they are being exposed to, how to prevent them and what will be the results if not treated in time the consequence that will follow with it. Athletes should be informed about the dangers of ALS and CTE at an earlier age, they start with sports so they can know what they are in it for. If they are informed they can have more precaution and prevent it. They can also understand that they need rest and be comprehensive when coaches tell them to rest instead of just going back to play right away.

Both genders need to rest after been hit. Young and older people are both exposed to ALS and CTE if not treated. Athletes need to take care of themselves when playing a dangerous sports or they will later suffer the consequences. Family members will suffer more than the player depending on the disease the disease. Many do not understand the dangers of sports can cause the body when not being cared of. Making sure the body rests and gets time to fully heal is necessary to every athlete out there. Most diseases can be preventable if athletes take care of themselves and it should be encouraged by everyone.

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