Media And Crime Analysis

After choosing a total of four articles this workbook will critically compare and evaluate how the media represents offenders, the Criminal Justice System, victims and the crime. It will then analyse whether film and television cause people to commit crimes and if media news increases people’s’ fear of crime. In terms of finding stories worth … Read more

Dulce Et Decorum Est, Dover Beach, And Patterns

“War is the best thing in the world,” said no sane or knowledgeable person, ever. Whatever reasons there are to go to war, such as benefiting or protecting the way of life, the outcome is inevitably devastating. War affects not only the people intimately involved who are in combat, but also civilians who live near … Read more

Long Way Gone Identity Essay

The environment in childhood is important for forming identity, especially children are more vulnerable to the surrounded environment. People who experienced the war on childhood often carry their grim memories even after they are rehabilitated and have difficulties on finding their identities. We tend to forget our identities when we face a certain memory is … Read more