Media And Crime Analysis

After choosing a total of four articles this workbook will critically compare and evaluate how the media represents offenders, the Criminal Justice System, victims and the crime. It will then analyse whether film and television cause people to commit crimes and if media news increases people’s’ fear of crime. In terms of finding stories worth … Read more

Rape Culture Essay

Many people think that as a man, or as a person who has not been affected by sexual assault, the problem of rape culture does not apply to them. To change the rape culture throughout the country, we need to make sexual assault a topic that everyone cares about and is willing to work toward … Read more

Victim Blaming Research Paper

Victim Blaming As we all know, crime is everywhere and happens all the time. There are murders, theft, burglary, fraud, forgery, and then there is rape. Rape occurs more often than most think. In fact, every 98 seconds another American is raped (RAINN). Most believe that rape occurs by a stranger coming out of a … Read more

Male Rape Research Paper

There are 525,600 minutes in a year; every 2 minutes a sexual assault occurs. That’s an average of 293,066 victims every year (Langton and Truman 2). Rape cases have made headlines in national newspapers, and have gone viral on social media. Recently, the public’s reactions to these stories have become a problem of its own. … Read more

Causes Of Poverty And Trafficking In Guatemala Essay

Abuse, Poverty and Trafficking in Guatemala Guatemala is primarily a poor country that is struggling in several areas; health and development, malnutrition, literacy, and contraceptive use. Guatemala has the highest population in Central America. It has the highest population growth rate in Latin America and is likely to continue because of its large reproductive-age population … Read more

Faternity And Rape Culture Essay

College fraternities have been an important and ever popular element in American culture. Many male college students participate in fraternities, but the horror of fraternities is not located within the number of students participating, but within what goes on inside frat houses. Fraternities are an epicenter for negative behavior such as misogyny and rape culture. … Read more

Sex Only Rape Script Analysis Essay

Branching off into a different area of rape scripts. Five “Acquaintance” rape scripts were elicited. “The five acquainted rape scripts consist of: the Acquaintance rape script, the For Sex Only rape script, the Party rape script, the Not Ready For Sex rape script, and the Wrong Accusation script”, (Carroll & Chandler, 2008). The Acquaintance rape … Read more

Wanna Have Sex Analysis Essay

The traditional perspective is helpful in analyzing the YouTube video, Wanna Have Sex? (Consent 101), by Laci Green. Explanation and evaluation are key concepts when approaching artifacts using the traditional perspective. The five components within this method are: recreating the context, identifying the audience, describing the source, analyzing the message, and evaluating the discourse. These … Read more

The Grapes of Wrath: Symbols

The Grapes of Wrath is a novel by John Steinbeck that exposes the desperate conditions under which the migratory farm families of America during the 1930’s live under. The novel tells of one families migration west to California through the great economic depression of the 1930’s. The Joad family had to abandon their home and … Read more