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Salva’s Death: A Narrative Fiction

But still I must keep pushing on and even if all the members of may group die I will still go on until I die. One man was hallucinating really bad and the members group do not think he is going to make it. He thought he saw a oasis and everyone became happy but he did not, all he saw was sand. The women are not doing so terrible. They are trotting along, tiered like the rest of the group, but they are having no problem giving their water to those in need. For the most part the group is not scared of dying or of dehydration but they have heard of this group called the death bringers.

They hunt down passing refugee groups and kill them. And if Salva ran into them the group will be no more. T main reason is that all of his men are either dead or completely exhausted so there is no one strong enough to fight them. But there is hope because they know that there are oasis out here and hopefully they find one. Salva is always in front, looking for oasis. Once he was on this enormous sand dune and found an oasis. The group got so happy, and they all ran towards it. The water was so fresh and the shade of the palm trees felt like night, but in the middle of the day.

The group stayed there for one whole night, it was the best night Salva have ever had in the desert. But all that now all that is gone and they still have to find another oasis, and have to get to Ethiopia. So they kept on walking and stopped only a few times. But when they stopped it was only to sit and rest their legs because the heat was still hitting them. And then out of nowhere Salva screams from behind a sand dune “I found another oasis!! ” The group ran as fast as bullet to the oasis, and yes this one was real.

They all hugged and thanked Salva for finding this oasis because he found it behind a sand dune so the group would have never seen it. Salva felt like a hero and wished his parents could seen him now. He was the savior of the group and he was the first to drink the water. They made camp there and started a fire with the dead leafs of the palm trees and one man’s fire starting kit. And the best part of finding the oasis that night and starting the fire was, that night was especially cold. So all the members of the group sept close to each other and next to the fire.

The next morning they set off again for Ethiopia. The navigator was leading away and everyone was keeping up. All the strong men were refreshed and ready to protect the group at any cost. Later on in the day the group sat down to rest and Salva came running back from looking for another oasis, but this time he did not find an oasis, he spotted the Death Bringers. The one group of people that Salva did not want to run into has finally arrived. And the worst part is they saw Salva and were coming his way. The group had all ran behind a sand dune, but the men were ready to fight.

Salva heard them closing in, but they had to run so they might be tried and might not see them. The men told the group to not make a sound but this one woman screamed at the top of her lungs because she saw a snake. And now thanks to her the Death Bringers know where they are. They came around the corner and started to attack. They did not have guns but they had big knives, and Salva’s group only had small knives, but they made do. In all the commotion Salva grabbed the snake and threw it all the Death Bringers. They ran in fear, and so did we.

They had had lost 3 men to us and one was bitten by the snake. We lost 2 men and one was badly injured, but the rest of the group was startled, and alive. Night came and they made camp on top of a sand dune. Salva on the other hand could not go to sleep. He was up all night thinking about his parents. He was also thinking about how life would be there in the camp and how would he find his parents. Morning came and Salva’s mind was still cluttered with thoughts but kept going on. In the middle of day Salva was on top of a sand dune and saw the city Itang.

Salva started to scream and startled to group but then they found out why he screamed. The women started to cry and one man fainted for thirty second or so. They still had a long five miles left but still they were losing their minds. Everyone was hugging and thanking the navigator because trying to travel through the desert is not a walk in a park. Salva was still thinking about his parents and how he is going to find them. He was scared because, what happens if they are not there, who will he live with, who will take care of him, who will love him?

As the group was running these questions raced around Salva’s mind but they finally arrived there. Itang was right in front of them and so was the refugee camp. Salva ran inside and started to look for his parents. A woman from Salva’s group named Ayana also helped him. Ayana was 22 years old and was really good at taking care of the sick. The rest of the members of the group had already found their families and friends. Ayana had no family or friends but intended to make new friends. After four hours of searching Salva spotted what looked like his father.

Salva ran as fast as he could to him and surprised his father. They both cried and Ayana cried a little because of how touching this moment was. “Where’s mom? ” questioned Salva Salva’s father sadly replied,“She is not here, she died of a sickness. ” Salva fell to his knees and started to cry. But out of nowhere his mother came and gave him a big hug. Salva was so shocked, he asked what had happened. His mother said,”I saw you and this friendly woman looking for us right before you saw your dad. I told him to say that I was dead and see your reaction, and it was priceless. ”

Then his mother asked Salva who this woman was and he said that she was Ayana and she has no friends or family. Salva’s parents stared at eachother and then asked her if she would like to stay with them, and she said with a big smile,”Yes! ” They stayed in the camp for six months and then moved into a really small house. Another six months passed and Salva’s parents started to work and Ayana took care of the house. Salva was grateful of his luck because they were one of the lucky families, some of the other families have not been able to leave camp, and some groups that entered the desert never came back.

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