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Eloise Anderson Case Reaction Paper

The Anderson’s and Jeffers’s families are in a custody battle for seven-year-old Eloise Anderson. The Anderson and Jeffers are not fun of one another and have difficulties communicating with each other. Eloise has been in the custody of her grandparents Elliott and Carol Anderson since birth. Mrs. Carol Anderson, Eloise’s grandmother was killed a month ago, today, in car accident by a drunk driver. Eloise has remained in the custody of her grandfather, Mr. Anderson. Mrs. Rowena Jeffers, the paternal grandmother of Eloise now has worries that Mr. Anderson can properly raise Eloise by himself.

Eloise’s mother Jennifer, died at the age 19 after giving birth to Eloise, caused by postpartum bleeding. Jennifer left her parents’ home at the age 18 to live with Mr. Reggie Jeffers, Eloise’s father. Reggie has been in and out of prison since Eloise birth, therefore, he has had little to no involvement in her life. The Anderson’s were not aware of Jennifer’s location or whom she was living with until 08/2008, the day they were contacted to learn she was in critical conditions in the emergency rooms. The Anderson’s had not seen Jennifer since she left home 11/2007, according to Mr. Anderson.

When the Anderson’s arrived they learned that Jennifer had given birth to a child but passed away. Mr. Anderson is a white 59 year old white male. He and his wife Carol had been married since 1995. Mr. Anderson believes it would be best if his granddaughter Eloise continued living in his custody. He stated that his granddaughter has grown into a well-educated and healthy child under the care of him and his wife’s. He stated, that the tragic loss of his wife has and will not affect the well-being of Eloise. He explained that he is will to take parenting class to help become a better parent for her.

Mr. Anderson is fully against Mrs. Jeffers proposal of have full custody of Eloise. When asked why, he stated that Mrs. Jeffers only wishes to have custody of Eloise for money and self-fulfillment. He stated that she already has a household with a number of people to care for. He believes it is an unhealthy living environment for Eloise. Mr. Anderson begun to explain how well he cared for this daughter Jennifer when she was younger. He stated that she was a happy child but he faults himself for spending too much time at work. His wife blamed him for not spending time with them as Jennifer got older.

Mr. Anderson openly stated that he takes the blame both Jennifer and his wife’s deaths. He admitted that he isn’t perfect and states that no one will be take his grandchild from him. When asked to explain why he takes the blame for their deaths, he expresses that it’s his fault Jennifer left home because he was always working. He believes if he spend time at home his family would’ve stay together. Mr. Anderson admitted that he stopped reaching out to Jennifer when he learned she was using drugs. Carol tried to get Jennifer to come back home but Jennifer held her accountable for their broken family.

Mr. Anderson confessed that he has started to drink more since his wife’s death, before her death he only drank on weeks. He admits to drinking 1-2 full bottles of liquor a day. The night of her death Mr. Anderson was at the bar having drinks and was unable to drive to her work place. Four months ago, Mr. Anderson was charged with a DUI. Mr. Anderson driver licenses were suspended and he received a $1500 fine. Mrs. R. Jeffers considers having full custody of Eloise. She believes that Eloise would be better off with her family. When asked, she stated several explanations as to why, such like Mr. Anderson emotional and physical incapability.

She points out Mr. Anderson drinking habits and that is having problem coping with his wife’s death. She shouts that he is angry and bitter toward everyone, including Eloise. Mrs. Jeffers is very displease with Mr. Anderson behaviors and doesn’t want Eloise to be affected by it. Mrs. Jeffers states that Eloise is being socially isolated living alone with Mr. Anderson. Mrs. Jeffers is certain that Eloise will function better around people like her. Mrs. Jeffers was asked to clarify, she explained that Eloise is young and that she’s having difficult understand why she’s a different color than Mr. Anderson and the children she goes to school with.

She admits that she does have a number of family members living with her but it will not affect Eloise well-being. She believes that Eloise need to be around a big loving family. Mrs. Jeffers also points out that she in the past has held grievances against the courts because she wasn’t notified about Eloise custody concerns after her birth. She feels that she should have been notified since she is Eloise’s paternal grandmother. Mrs. Jeffers’s is living with Type 1 diabetes, she was diagnosed at the age 29.

Mrs. Jeffers also lost her husband, eight months ago in a house fire. Mrs. Jeffers explain the loss of her husband has been extremely difficult because he was the happiness of her life for the last 24years. She explained that she also lost her parents as a child in a house fire. Therefore, the traumatic event has led to many stresses. Mrs. Jeffers explained that she has difficulties sleeping at night due flashbacks and distressing memories of the traumatic event. She also admitted that she sometimes avoid driving past the area where the fire took place.

She explains that she is afraid that she might lose another member family in a house fire. She is still coping with the difficult lost but she is progressing quickly. Reggie is a thirty three year old, black male. He has been in and out of prison since Eloise’s birth. Therefore, he has had little to no involvement in Eloise life. Reggie is in support of his mother in regards to the custody battle. He explained, that he wants to become a part of Eloise’s life. Reggie and Mrs. Jeffers does not have a close relationship. Reggie stated that she disowns him because of his criminal background.

Reggie also explained that she disowns him because he never obey his father as a child. Mr. Jeffers became upset with Reggie after he learned that Reggie was selling drugs at the age 17. Mr. Jeffers put Reggie out of their home many time but Ms. Jeffers would allow him to come back. However, after Reggie received his first drug charge, 3yrs, Mrs. Jeffers did not heard from him until Mr. Jeffers death. Reggie did not attend Mr. Jeffers funeral. Reggie admitted to despising the relationship he had with his parents. In the past, Reggie has been charged with two counts aggravated assault and one count of aggravated robbery.

Currently Reggie has a pending drug charge. He admitted to has a past drug history, but claims he has been clean for 3 months. He stated that he wished he could start over and do the right things. Reggie stated that he is would like to receive guidance from a professional. He stated that he wants to have a loving and supportive relationship with his daughter. Eloise is a seven years old female. She attends Richmond Hill Private School for girls. She stated that she loves living with her granddad because he takes care of her. She misses her grandmother and wishes she was still alive.

She states that she sometimes worries about her granddad when drinks. When asked why, she states that sometimes she’s ate for school because he can’t drive or he forgets to help her with homework afterschool. Eloise has been having issues at school concerning completing class assignment and getting alone with others. Ms. Katie, Eloise teacher reported that her behavior has changed since the death of her grandmother. She explained that Eloise has become aggressive towards other students. She doesn’t like participated in group assignments and she rather play alone during recess.

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