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Throughout the history of humankind, dreams were deemed as something mysterious and full of ambiguity. They were a source of numerous religious, philosophical and scientific debates and frankly speaking still remains an enigma.

But when dreams took a new turn during the 20th century, people found it easy to believe that dreams are not merely psychological impressions, but a real, physical phenomenon, as seen through a microscope.

During modern science, however, dreams are not merely a source of confusion and fascination – they are real. People have not only experienced them with a microscope and a special lens, but even with the naked eye and in the presence of someone who truly understood them.

During the past 50 years, many people have believed a lot of strange theories about dreams: “Why do dreams come to people so vividly?” “Does sleep make dreams real?” “How do dreams work?”

In this article, we are going to examine dreams in detail using a more modern tool – EEG, a brain scanner that can record electrical activity as it happens. These experiments in reality tell the story of lucid dreams in a more rational way, without the confusion and uncertainty of a “dreamy” experience.

Preliminary research indicates that people sometimes have dreams when they sleep (the first ever). So you can believe us if we tell you these events are not merely “dreamlike”, but actually very realistic!

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I wish I could reach their? God, please help to pass my exams? I know I am going to achieve this? What are all this, these are your dreams. Every human no matter who so ever it is, whether he is a farmer or a business men, they have a dream which they want to […]

We all have dreams. They are our hopes and aspirations. We all dream of something, whether it be growing up to be rich and famous, marrying that one person of our dreams, or anything else we wish to accomplish. Dreams are the pleasant images that pass through our mind during slumber. The bottom line is […]

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is the story of black family living in the south side of Chicago. Each member of the family has a dream, a dream that has been put off for some reason. The storyline revolves around an insurance check for $10,000. The check belongs to Mama but each […]

Dreams, a nightly gift and a part of the natural process of being alive, are being rediscovered by our publisher. The meaning and value of your dreams will vary according to what you and your society decide. Our society is changing. We used to only value dreams in the context of psychotherapy. There are also […]

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