Is Deception Ever Justified

Immanuel Kant is one of the most famous philosophers in history. His work on ethics has influenced many people, and his ideas are still studied today. One of the most famous concepts from Kant’s work is the idea that lying is always wrong. In other words, Kant believed that deception is never justified, no matter … Read more

Deceptive Marketing Ethics Paper

Julep, a popular beauty subscription company, has been accused and ultimately fined for taking part in deceptive marketing practices. As a company, one should take their customers into account and make sure that they are aware of what they are signing up for. They did the wrong thing by misleading their customers into enrolling in … Read more

Super Powereds Research Paper

The Super Powereds series by Drew Hayes is about a world with Supers, and Powereds, and humans. Supers are people with superhuman abilities and can control these abilities. Powereds also have superpowers except they cannot control these powers. Powereds are considered second class citizens and a burden to everyone else. Heroes are Supers that are … Read more

Fair Trading Act Examples Essay

My assignment is on The Fair Trading Act. What the Fair Trading Act does The Fair Trading Act makes it illegal for businesses to mislead consumers, give them false information, or use unfair trading practices. It also promotes product safety and ensures consumers receive information they need when they buy goods and services. It also … Read more


We all have dreams. They are our hopes and aspirations. We all dream of something, whether it be growing up to be rich and famous, marrying that one person of our dreams, or anything else we wish to accomplish. Dreams are the pleasant images that pass through our mind during slumber. The bottom line is … Read more