Osteitis Fibrosa Cystica Research Paper

Osteitis Fibrosa Cystica defined by Medcinenet is “a condition that is associated with excessive parathyroid production (hyperparathyroidism), in which bone tissue becomes soft and deformed. ” Several articles will be reviewed in order to form an in-depth understanding of the disease and specific cases studied. Osteitis Fibrosa Cystica(OFC), has existed centuries before it was first … Read more

The Soda Situation Analysis

Adolescence, a time characterized by euphoria, independence, and a desire for instant gratification, can often be fueled by poor-decision making and a lack of proper judgement. In these habit-forming years, the simplest of choices, such as selecting a beverage, can have a life-long impact. Constantly driven by their appetite for instant pleasure, along with the … Read more

What Is Obesity In America Essay

Obesity is growing vast in America because almost three quarters of Americans are obese. The numbers have continually grown when the start of “fast food” became faster and less expensive. Our food has evolved so much over the years by using generally modified organisms (GMO), Tran’s fat, lard, and fake ingredients. Obesity has become a … Read more

Type 1 Diabetes Research Papers

Nearly, 1. 25 million Americans do have type 1 diabetes, and the number is more likely to increase in the future. In fact, the majority of the patients are mostly children as well as young adults and that is why it was known as juvenile diabetes. Only about 5% of people that have diabetes will … Read more

Undiagnosed Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association is committed to educating the public about how to stop diabetes and support those living with the disease. It is estimated that 300,000 people in Western Pennsylvania have diabetes. This number does not include the number of individuals that are undiagnosed; it is estimated that an additional 100,000 or more people … Read more