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Type 1 Diabetes Research Papers

Nearly, 1. 25 million Americans do have type 1 diabetes, and the number is more likely to increase in the future. In fact, the majority of the patients are mostly children as well as young adults and that is why it was known as juvenile diabetes. Only about 5% of people that have diabetes will exhibit the presence of this form (Chiang et al. , 2014). More important, the US government, the American Diabetes Association, and other non-profit organizations have set aside huge amounts of funds that are placed in research, advocacy as well as sensitization that help in curbing the disease.

Education assists younger individuals in identifying the symptoms and seeking medical intervention before the disease reaches an uncontrollable extent. The response also provides the required medical support that improves the lives of the individuals affected by the illness. For instance, the patients can rely on insulin therapy and other suggested medications to live healthily. This essay will look at the symptoms as well as the cause of type 1 diabetes, treatment offered, and the approaches that individuals can use in controlling the symptoms.

Analysis In most cases, an individual can identify type 1 diabetes through the symptoms that are often common in such scenarios. In particular, the patient can feel intense thirst and can even have the urge to urinate, especially during the night (Atkinson et al. , 2014). Besides that, one can also feel exhausted and will ignore the need to engage in any productive activities. Furthermore, a person can also experience extreme weight loss, and he or she can lack appetite (Atkinson et al. , 2014).

The presence of such symptoms will show that a person has type 1 diabetes, and one will need to undergo a proper medical test that will determine the particular illness. At times, multiple diseases can have the same symptoms, and that shows the need to consult a doctor that will diagnose the specific problem. The symptoms are also known to develop at a faster rate among young people while adults can take a considerable time before they can observe any questionable signs (Atkinson et al. , 2014).

In fact, one will experience the symptoms since the body lacks the insulin that will assist the blood in producing enough fuel that will be used as energy in the long-run. Hence, the body survives by reducing the glucose level in urine, and that is the reason one will have the urge to urinate during the night. Based on the symptoms, it is advisable that one gets medical intervention quite early before it reaches some advanced stages. More important, treating the disease during the early phases also helps the medical officers in dealing with the illness and ensuring that they have everything under control.

Medical specialists have determined that type 1 diabetes is caused when the immune system ends up attacking the body tissues unknowingly. In the process, the part affected struggles to work efficiently since it does not have the abilities to do so. In particular, it ends up attacking the pancreas and it destroys its cells, which reduces its chances of functioning normally (Chiang et al. , 2014). The scenario also means that the pancreas cannot produce insulin and it cannot move into the bloodstream thereby creating a problem in the system.

At times, the disease can be inherited from one family generation to another. As a result, it might reveal that the autoimmune condition has turned out to be genetic, which causes more challenges for the victims that are affected (Chiang et al. , 2014). Some scholars have claimed that the attack can be triggered by a viral infection, but, it has not been proved. The doctors are often expected to treat the illness quite early before it escalates to some uncontrolled stages. However, it cannot be cured; the doctors only aim at ensuring that the blood glucose remains the way that they are supposed to be.

For instance, they should increase the glucose when it is low and reduce it when it has escalated (Patterson et al. , 2012). At the same time, the doctors aim at controlling the symptoms and making sure that they do not reach an advanced stage later. The measures will be critical in minimizing the chances of the individual experiencing any health problems. In most cases, the doctor will refer the patient to specialists that understand the treatment process and know the proper way of monitoring the progress of the infection.

More important, an individual will require the occasional insulin injections that will produce the normal glucose level. In the process, the patient will not be expected to miss the injections since they help in controlling the symptoms and stop them from reaching any advanced stages as well. When a patient fails to seek treatment, it is more likely that he or she might get some serious complications that will undermine the chances of recovering. For instance, the patient can experience vision loss and blindness in the long-term (Cafazzo et al. , 2012).

The scenario can be detrimental to a person that has reached a working age since one will be forced to rely on others for financial and physical support. In fact, diabetic retinopathy is suggested for the patients that are 12 years and above. The test should be conducted once in a year to make sure that the vision does not deteriorate in the long-run. In some cases, diabetes also causes kidney failure and the limb amputation (Cafazzo et al. , 2012). Clearly, the consequences are severe, and they reveal the need for early intervention to prevent the individual from experiencing such issues.

At times, they might even have cardiovascular diseases such as stroke that will undermine their abilities to undertake their regular duties. Individuals that are living with the disease should live healthy to control the severity of the complications. In this case, a balanced diet tends to be instrumental in ensuring that the body has the nutrients that it might need to meet certain duties. It is advisable that a person who is overweight seek a way to lose any extra weight. The patients should also stop smoking since it is inappropriate and it might undermine their chances of healing quite early (Battelino et al. 2012).

They should also quite alcohol or drink moderately since it ensures that the body does not struggle to deal with any impurities. Regular exercises can be instrumental in addressing the symptoms that will make sure one is fit (Battelino et al. , 2012). More important, the body needs to be calm and relaxed to avoid any further consequences. The parents that have diabetic kids need to consult the specialists and have a simplified treatment plan that will facilitate their chances of recovery. At the same time, the parents will be expected to be strong and confident to motivate the child.

In the process, they will not be afraid of the complications, and they will handle the therapy and medication quite easily without any complaints. Conclusion In conclusion, type 1 diabetes often that affects the small children and the scenario shows the need for the parents to monitor their health. In most cases, the symptoms include being tired, the urge to urinate and severe weight loss. Hence, a parent should identify such signs in their children and consult a medical officer to determine the nature of the disease.

More important, the intervention often gives the doctors a chance to offer the insulin injections that make sure the blood glucose level is at the normal point expected. The scenario also helps in managing the symptoms and ensuring that they do not reach advanced stages. In fact, the disease is associated with long-term complications such as vision loss, stroke, and kidney failure. The patients should also engage in activities that prioritize healthy living in the long-run. For instance, a balanced diet, as well as the regular exercises, should be considered since they ensure that the body functions efficiently.

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