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Alice Pasquini Research Paper

In our small region of Scioto County, graffiti is often found everywhere. Usually, it is gang names, and words that are tattooed on walls or on the side of trains, that is if you don’t count the astonishing murals painted up on the flood walls. Other places, however, have graffiti that looks as if it belongs in an art museum. The city of Berlin has hundreds of of there beautiful masterpieces. It began when the wall in Berlin fell during the Cold War, and the creativity and chaos broke out with the Berlin people’s freedom. Since then the art of graffiti has spread, and dominated most of the walls.

Many famous artist have arose from their street art there. One of them being AliCe, or Alice Pasquini. Her work is easily recognizable with pastel colors, girls, and the sense of deep thought. Suspend is a good representation of AliCe’s work. AliCe chose the most interesting sizes to Suspended. It is almost as if she took her drawings from a sketchbook, and enlarged them enough to cover the entire side of a large building in Berlin. There are six girls who are established on the side of the building, all whom are the same girl in the same outfit, but in different positions and sizes that are bigger than life size.

The farthest to the left is a girl, whose entire body has been painted as she sat on the ground, almost leaning up against the edge of the building. Your attention is immediately drawn to her body and shirt, having the brightest color of blue. To the left her is another girl sitting as she faces the viewers. She is the smallest proportion out of them all. To the right this time is a close up of her again and she is only shown from her waist up. You notice her glasses more now as she straightens them, drawing your attention to them.

The space between her and the rest of the girls is non existent. They are all crammed together and overlap. The next three are all roughly the same size and are the biggest. The first one is the one that sticks out the most out of them all. The focus is geared purely to her face, cutting off the top of her hat and right below her chin. You can clearly see more details than before, like her expression, the glare on her glasses, and lines on her face. The second covers everything from her chin to the top of her head, and shows her smirk and inviting expression.

The last is from her collarbone and up, and includes her hand as she rests her fingers on her red lips. AliCe’s art is best know for it’s style and colors. She tends to mainly use pastel blue, orange, black, and hints of red and green, colors that could be associated with daydreams and imagination. She creatively weaves the colors in by adding swift strokes of color to the girls’ black hair. Also, the pastel colors are fixed into the shaded areas on their faces and clothes, making it seem dream like. The colors together give you a sense of enjoyment and relaxation as you watch this girl pose for you.

These colors pop, and bring life to the dry, beige wall they are posted on, making the surrounding area a little more adventurous. Suspended uses the flatter end of her signature colors. Her various other works include the bright neon version of these pastel pigments. Positions is one of the most import things in a drawing or a picture, and AliCe chose her positions for the six girls carefully and ingeniously. She made her dreams in her sketchbook a reality by simply making the world her public sketchbook. All the girls are spaced in the most peculiar way.

The first and second girl are spaced far apart, and the second and third are spaced evenly. The other are all overlapping and on top of each other. The first girl is leaning up against the edge of the building, sitting flat in the ground, her legs staggered, staring out into the distance, making you curious as to what she is thinking about. Her right hand rests on her thigh as she twiddles a flower in her hand. The second girl is also sitting flat on the ground with her knees tucked up to her chest, and her arms laying on the tops of her knees with her hands folded. She is looking at the first girl nervous like.

The third girl is cut off at her waist. She is adjusting the side of her glasses with her left hand, while her right hand hangs to her side. The girl looks pleased, as if she has just accomplished something great. The fourth is positioned just above the third girl’s arm. The side of her left cheek is almost touching the third girl’s arm. She is looking to the right like she is upset or extremely worried about something. Her hair blends into the fifth girl’s hair. Her face is pointed to the right, with her eyes locked on the viewers. She has a playful smile, as if she knows something you don’t.

The sixth, and final girl, is also looking at the viewers. She is positioned behind the fifth girl to where the fifth girl’s hair overlaps on her shoulder. The sixth girl’s face is also pointed to the right. She seems to be caught in the moment, and posing, with the tips of her fingers resting on her closed lips as she looks relaxed. AliCe’s art can be found all over the world, including places like Rome, London, Sydney, New York, and many other famous cities. She has done many collaborations with other street artist. Her work has been included in Museums in Rome and other art galleries.

Her work has become so famous that she has gained international clients. For example, she has worked on projects with Nike, Toyota, and Microsoft. Her work is only expanding as she becomes more involved in big named projects and activities. To know that one of AliCe’s begging art was Suspended in Berlin shows how Berlin is a gateway canvas for the best artist. The more AliCe succeeds in life, the more people will want to go to Berlin to see her beginning, and maybe try to find their start there too. This will only add more astonishing pieces of art to the city, and that will allow Berlin to grow as an attraction for years to come.

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