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Pre-Christian traditions and incorporated zigzags, spirals and fierce animal heads. The typical wall decorations were painted murals. The Romanesque building techniques spread to England at about the time of the Norman conquest. Representative of the period are Abbey auk Homes (the Abbey of the Men) in Cane, France; Worms Cathedral in Germany, the Cathedral of […]

Discus the early development of urban architecture in the ancient Near East, with specific reference to one or two cities in the ‘Fertile Crescent. ‘ The history of civilization has been one of the most significant fields of study for a very long time. After the agriculture revolution the number of population grow rapidly, civilizations […]

Cam McBride History Reflect on your understanding of the concept of ‘history’. Has this changed in the first three weeks of the course? If so, how? If not, how did you come to your present understanding of how history works? Discuss at least two of the following: ‘cultural change’; the ‘Great Men’ theory of history; […]

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