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The Negative Effects Of Immigration Essay

Immigration, something that has always been natural even from prehistoric times is now being jeopardized by our recent presidential election in which the known and controversial issue of immigration has come up once again with threats to deport all foreigners. Immigration has always had large effects on the United States; however, by deporting all the immigrants in the twenty-sixth century the effects would be nothing but negative burden and gaffe to the American people.

When it comes to immigration a large percentage of Americans believe that immigration is nothing but a flaw which holds America from eing great. Where this argument usually ends is on the question of whether the negative effects are outweighed by the positive and if Americans should deport these immigrants. By deporting all immigrants America would have major crash just like in October 1929 and even sign up for their ruin. In discussion of immigration, the controversial topic is that are justified because of their positive effects.

On one end The Republican Party believes that immigrants are nothing but burden; their negative effects are greater and more detrimental than beneficial. On the other hand a lot of other parties of overnment which includes the democrats firmly acknowledge that immigration is an will always be the essential backbone of the country. Other even believe that immigration is so common now that it is almost impossible to actually observe what is the true effect of it.

However in any united country we observe that immigration always had had the good hand effect on them, we need to stop the division caused by this issue and understand that we back walk without immigration being our backbone. Although immigration which is considered illegal has a negative connotation it is a crucial part of our society and the ountry’s stability. Historically, in the 1990’s when there was a high percentage of immigration the unemployment rate fell below four percent and additionally the minimum wage maintained stable (Griswold).

Immigration supporters are not saying that the country’s borders should go unattended; however what they are implying is that immigrants are the living representation of the human capital and people should not just overlook the constructive effects and just focus on the destructive (Griswold). Currently, the hispanic market is growing so high that if it were to be to become its own country it would irst the fifth most populated and in the top ten counties economically (Aguilar).

However, it is intriguing how the top one percent of radicals blame immigrants for taking their jobs when in reality foreigners businesses make up more than a quarter of the small businesses; businesses that create jobs of a vast amount of Americans (Aguilar). America should legalize immigrants now instead of deporting them because this is the right time to legalize the millions of immigrants in order to strengthen the economy and secure the creation of jobs(Costa).

All these findings support the statement that immigrants should ot be deported because doing this would damage the economy and lower the value of the country. It is often said that immigrants are the country’s burden however it is been proved repeatedly that foreigners are the base of our economy and without it a lot of the factors that they contribute would come to failure and affect one of the top economies (America’s) nationwide. According to Patrick Gillespie a reporter at CNN, introduces evidence that has demonstrated “immigrants pay[ing] nearly twelve billion a year in state and local taxes” (Gillespie).

Although evidence like this illustrates and roves the great amount of taxes undocumented people pay, it is estimated that half of these immigrants are not even filing for their tax returns which lead to no effect what so ever on the economy because most of these people are working low minimum jobs and don’t make enough to pay taxes and not receive. This points out how immigrants are not even getting their money back for the hard work they put in within the year. With immigrants paying a significantly amount of taxes we are able to have better schools, higher and cheaper education, and even more public services.

Like mentioned before foreigners not iling for taxes is nothing but benefitting the country is various aspects. Even today it is acknowledged that without foreign immigration today’s social structure would collapse and have a tremendous effect on future generations as well. In addition to the amount of taxes immigrants pay for their income tax, they pay taxes everyday with the local consumer goods(Gray). When a lot of people live in a certain area the area demands increase which leads to more businesses and money coming into that community.

When people demand more good more people become employed in order to create or provided these goods ecause the need of people to work for those companies industrializing in the area. While demands increase more areas have an opportunity to get on the map because with new places to visit more people are coming into the city and spending money here which eventually leads to a better society and city. Immigrants have had a great effect for more than one hundred years one of the prolonged legacy’s of all time with nothing but great outcomes.

It is ironic to think that immigrants pay a higher percentage of taxes than some of the richest people that live within the country. Many times before it had been rumored that all the mmigrants in the US have been paying more tax money than all the wealthy part of the nation combined. As senior Policy Analyst Lisa Gee points out, that illegal foreigners pay almost ten percent of their taxes locally while the one percent on top only pays about half of that. It is insane that illegal immigrants have less rights however, pay more.

The top one percent that pays very little to nothing is not helping communities while foreigners are providing and helping the country. If all these immigrants were to be deported there would be less money for schools, public services, or public help. The US needs immigrants in order to help stabilize the economy which the high one percent is not doing. Immigrants have always been important however when it is learned that they pay more taxes than the top one percent it is critical to respect them, and to be grateful for their contribution to the economy and their help in the diversity.

It is often said that immigrants are the problem and the cause for social and cultural problems however, immigrants do nothing more than enrich both fields. For hundreds of years legal and illegal foreigners have came to the US for school, work, r simple tourism; with these the US has came together and embraced different cultures and even languages. As director Griswold informs, immigration legal and illegal, has always helped the tourist industry and universities by applying harsh immigration rules.

The already reeling industry could lose more than a million of foreigners employees and guest. In addition to that universities could possibly become a thing of the privileged again because without immigrants there is no money for financial aid or even money for college to those in need. By universities losing exchange students colleges will have the eed to increase tuition. We have to keep in mind we are talking about legal and illegal foreigners in which the range includes from people running across the border to the people who come as exchange students.

Furthermore not only would we be losing opportunity for an education but we could be losing one of America’s most popular characteristic which is that of diversity. By possibly making the tourist industry unfavorable it would cause great damage to the whole economy of America because the large amount of lost income from other countries. When tourist come to America not only to they bring potential but they ring their culture and understanding towards their point of view.

This is critically important because it creates unification of worldwide alliances. By the US deporting immigrants and being tougher on immigration it could bring the economy down of many industries and cause retrogression for the country’s acceptance of cultures. Nevertheless, both followers and supporters of the campaign of president Trump have disputes toward my claim that deporting immigrants would come with catastrophic effects because they believe that immigrants are a burden to the economy, social structure, and they take mericans jobs away.

Professors like Michael McDonald insist that immigration has nothing but destroyed the country because of them keeping the wages down and their massive families exploiting our government resources. Proponents of Donald Trump are right to argue that immigrants keep the minimum wage low, which in fact is true, but they fail to promote that fact that low minimum wages have actually aided the country and future generations. According to CATO Institute by immigrants keeping minimum wages low the economy avoids inflation and unemployment, deportation would either ither make America depressed again or leave them on the streets.

These effects would be immense and groundbreaking like never before millions of American Citizens would end up on the streets due to an issue like racism towards immigrants. In addition to according to The Popular Research Institute large hispanic families are becoming part of the past; followers of Trump’s campaign are foolishly ignoring the fact that in Mexico, one of the countries that most immigrants come from, the birth rate has decreased to 2. 1 children per family. In states such as California and Florida there is statistics demonstrating how most immigrants are following this trend.

As this trend spread it is clear how doltish this argument becomes because present americas are holding this argument that in this era is no longer genuine. American always has been based on change however the people refuse to change and learn from real life. The contentious issue of immigration will always be around and circulate to the same answers the negative effects are just not enough to diminish the fact that the positive effects are great, there is no way to prove they are a burden.

While Republicans will sit on their saddle and countie to fight for deportation other parties will continue to push an immigration reform because they acknowledge the fact that immigrants is one of our central powers and is the backbone of America. Although of all these uncertainty America should not deport immigrants of America for the future of the American Dream. Although immigration may seem of concern to a small percentage it should concern anyone that not necessarily loves America but values their life in America and their wallet.

Just because people believe that immigration consequences don’t affect their community does not mean that it won’t affect them because after all is this not the UNITED States of America isn’t this country not based on unification. It can take just the ignorance of some to cause another national depression. Ultimately it comes down to look for the right resolution that will help the immigration problem and have significant applications for the future of the US.

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