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Creative Writing: Jerry’s Worst Job

One night Jerry was sitting on his couch at home watching TV alone with no one around. All of the sudden, he hears banging on his door. Jerry gets up to walk to the door and the pounding gets louder and louder. He opens the door and nobody is there, but all he hears is a smash of his window. Two men, in their mid-twenties are screaming in Spanish. One person is carrying a gun, pointing it at Jerry while the other starts carrying belongings out of the house. Suddenly, Jerry catches the last glimpse of those robbers and comes to the assumption that the people who robbed him were not legal residents of the United States.

The next day, Jerry goes to his job, which is working as a construction worker. He is highly skilled and has built multiple buildings, yet he was called to his office today. His boss was sitting at his desk and beside him was a short Mexican man. Jerry sat down and his boss told him that he was going to get fired, and the man who was right beside him was getting a job, with a much, much lower payment. First the robbery and now this man taking his job… a job he has held for several years. Jerry thought it couldn’t get any worse, but it did.

When he got home that day, he knew he had to pay his bills with the remaining money, but when he went to go pay the bills, he noticed the taxes were higher for some unknown reason. So, Jerry’s day went like this… he has just been robbed, lost his job, and is apparently wasting money for some undiscovered reason. Now, Jerry noticed that all of these conflicts have happened because of one specific problem… illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are seriously affecting and hurting U. S. citizens physically and economically.

It is unfair for Americans to work so hard the things they have, like their life, their money, and their jobs, and then it is taken away by these illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are committing crimes, taking jobs from hard working Americans, and having others pay for their needs in life. To begin with, Americans are paying higher taxes because we have to pay for the these people’s expenses because these illegals do not have enough money. Illegal immigrants are in need of money, but at their jobs do not pay for all of their expenses, which causes the government to pay them.

So, the government starts to raise taxes to pay for everything that they need. New York Times states that we are paying for illegal immigrants’ social programs, like hospitals and schools and many other programs. In other words, this is something else that is added to our massively huge debt problem in the United States. Say you have someone in your school who you have heard his parents are here illegally. Then you think about your parents, paying higher taxes for this person and his/her parents.

Your family is having trouble affording for themselves, but they still have to pay these higher taxes for some people who came here illegally. Why would the government focus more on these people than U. S. citizens? It may be true that illegal immigrants need money to provide for their family. It is so blatant that that these people are in need some economic help because they are having a difficult time finding a job or providing money. So that is where the government comes in to support these illegal immigrants.

A huge handful of illegal immigrants come here with barely any money, so this group of people cannot live on their own without any job by themselves, so the government helps them. Then that is where the government comes in to obviously pay for these illegal immigrants. However, the government is putting too much money into supporting illegal immigrants. According to New York Times, “around 16 trillion dollars are added to the United States debt because of the illegal immigrants. ” This money comes from US paying for them.

Wouldn’t you think that the government would be paying for Americans that are struggling to provide for themselves and their families instead of illegal immigrants? The government should be putting the Americans first and then help the illegal immigrants if that point is reached. Overall, illegal immigrants are hurting Americans because they have to pay extra money to support these immigrants. In addition, illegal immigrants are affecting the jobs of hard-working Americans. There are many hard-working Americans out there earning their pay, but think about the next day.

That hard-working construction worker who is highly skilled gets fired and they hire an undocumented worker [an illegal immigrant (who is not highly skilled)]. This person is going to receive a way lower pay, possibly around 25,000 dollars. According to Adam Davidson, who wrote a New York Times article, “For this, he earns up to $25,000 a year, which is considerably less than the average entry wage for New York City’s 100,000 or so documented construction workers. ” They are talking about an illegal immigrant who works around a construction site with a very, very low annual pay compared to documented workers.

Illegal immigrant workers are taking away highly skilled workers’ jobs, yet they have way lower salaries than that other person. Also from New York Times, “Illegal immigrants are causing the wages for adults without a high school diploma go down (in the United States). ” Adults without a high school diploma are losing their jobs to illegal immigrants, which results in them receiving a lower level job. This type of adult could have been working and received $80,000, but now that person could be working at a worse job receiving an annual salary of $20,000 because of these illegals.

Adults without high school diplomas go for a decent job earning around $100,000 annually, but now he/she has a poor salary. This shows how unfair it is for U. S. citizens with losing their jobs. Illegal immigrants for sure are in need of a job so they can provide for their family or just themselves. These people need a job just like other people, no matter if they are skilled or unskilled for that job. Money is a necessity to live and everyone deserves it. Illegal immigrants need jobs to make money, but it isn’t totally their fault for getting the other person unemployed.

Illegals are searching for a job they really need, but cannot choose who stays at their future workplace. But on the other hand, illegal immigrants are taking jobs from hard-working Americans who are highly skilled in doing their job. Adam Davidson state “Bosses of workers realize that they do not have to pay a highly skilled worker more when a lower skilled worker can be payed much less,” like an illegal immigrant, “to do a basic job. This leads to Americans losing their jobs and illegal immigrants gaining those lost jobs.

These people who have had the job before these people must feel betrayed. The evidence talks about how the bosses of these workers see how simple it is to make more money. Americans have trained or studied how to do their job so they can be the best they can possibly be, but then later on, that seems like it is not needed because an illegal immigrant is taking his or her job right away from them. It is totally unfair for hard-working Americans to get their jobs taken away by illegal immigrants who have no skills that apply to that job (they either have barely any skill or no skill at all).

To end off, illegal immigrants have created a huge handful of crimes in the United States. Not all illegal immigrants have been convicted of crimes, but there is an abundance that have been. The three main crimes that people commit are murder sentences, drug trafficking sentences, and kidnapping crimes.

Also, many immigrants are convicted and around one third of those illegal immigrants are deported. According to an article on Fox News by Malia Zimmerman, “11. 7 million illegal immigrants in 2015 counted for 13. 6 percent of all offenders sentenced for committing crimes in the U. S. ” Eleven million, seven hundred thousand is not even the whole population of the illegal immigrants in the U. S. That is only the amount of immigrants who have committed crimes.

Moreover, illegal immigrants take up more than 10 percent of all the crimes committed in the United States. That is so many people committing crimes. Correspondingly, Malia Zimmerman Fox News states “Between 2008 and 2014, illegal immigrants committed 611,234 harmful crimes and around 3,000 were homicides. ” Think about that total amount. That is about 239 crimes per DAY.

And that is just illegal immigrants. Likewise, 3,000 homicides in that period of time just by illegal immigrants is a massive number. Some people might say that not all illegal immigrants commit crimes. That is 100% true. There is a huge population of illegal immigrants that do not commit crimes. Even some people’s friends might have illegal parents, but do they commit crimes and are part of that huge amount of people who do commit crimes; no. In other words, lots of illegal immigrants are very nice. Not all have bad backgrounds; they just want to start a new life.

They could have been trying to leave their old past and life so they can start a new one. But on the other side of the argument, there are thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants that do bad things. They murder, kidnap, or do drug deals (anything related to that). Malia Zimmerman wrote that “Annually, there are 900,000 illegal immigrants arrested. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) deported 315,943 illegal immigrants, which around 85 percent of those people had been convicted of a criminal offense (in 2014). For 900,000 people to get arrested annually, there must be something that they are all doing really badly, but they deserve it.

Plus, 85 percent out of the 315,943 illegal immigrants deported were people who have committed crimes. A huge amount of illegal immigrants commit crimes all across the United States. To sum up, illegal immigrants are taking away things that matter to U. S. citizens. They are hurting Americans by taking their jobs, injuring/ harming or sometimes killing Americans, and are having U. S. citizens pay for their expenses.

Our country needs to truly stop illegal immigration and deport illegal immigrants who either have or have not committed crimes. If illegal immigration continues, we don’t even know how detrimental it could be. A survey said that 71. 4% of students aged from 13-14 said that they were against illegal immigration, which even kids can see this problem. If illegal immigration doesn’t get stopped, the crime levels can be extremely high with the United States at a booming population. Also, more and more jobs, say as construction workers, will be taken up by illegal immigrants who will receive way lower pay.

According to Carly Fiorina, MS, MBA, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard said “My own view is, if you have come here illegally and stayed here illegally, that you don’t get a path to citizenship. ” Illegal immigrants do not deserve to have citizenship one bit. Even if you think about it, why would illegal immigrants be allowed to have U. S. citizenship after all that the problems which have caused Americans? These people do not deserve any right to be a citizen because they were not born in America. Think about how many unemployed U. S. citizens will be unemployed. Our country’s debt will skyrocket more to possibly in the three digit trillions.

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