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The history of plastic surgery

The History of Plastic Surgery People normally like beautiful things. They like to see them and to be one of them. Plastic surgery is the one of the ways to make themselves beautiful and recently, more and more people consider or decide to do it. Now, people do plastic surgery that is developed dramatically this fifty years. However, the theories, ideas, and technicians about plastic surgery has been created and improved since ancient era. Also, ancient India, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and two WWW were important terms to talk about the history of lactic surgery.

It is now obvious that the first plastic surgery was in ancient India. One of the evidences that show plastic surgery in ancient India in 600 B. C. Was found. It is a theory of plastic surgery whish had been secret in ancient India. Plastic surgery was used for people whose noses were cut off for punishment or who badly suffered from battles. These cases were more for medical treatments rather than for beauty. People, especially in Europe, were developing technicians of plastic surgery. However, in the Middle Ages, these declined.

The main reason for declining of plastic surgery was Christianity. Plastic surgery was considered to be sinful and pagan because when a plastic surgeon was cutting humans body, it looked like magic. Therefore, in Middle Ages, people avoid it. The one of the terms people developed plastic surgery a lot in short time was the Renaissance. Many people took it such as noses job from donors, which were sometimes pigs. Also, in the history of plastic surgery, there was a man who was one of the most important people in this time.

Gaspers Tacticians (1546-1599) was called father of plastic surgery because of his great works such as writing the first textbook of plastic surgery. Science is usually developed dramatically during a war. Also, plastic surgery was developed by wars too. From the end of 19th to middle of 20th, there were two huge wars known as WWW and WI. A ton of people died and suffered from them, so people needed treatment for their body, particularly, their heads and neck because they were weak points of humans body.

Then horses and technicians of plastic surgery developed in this term were wide spread to hospitals. Therefore, people became interested in plastic surgery as it was spreading out. As a result, the great development of plastic surgery from the wars encouraged people’s demand for it. The history of plastic surgery is the result of people’s effort for beauty and treatment. That shows people have been tried to kick better for over thousand years. Now, thanks to the efforts, people can take plastic surgery. The history of plastic surgery.

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