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“There is only one rule, never fall in love, what you cant have you cant resist, in the game of suduction”Sassy and not to mention Sexy Cruel Intentions is a movie by director Roger Kumble starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair. The movie is a remake of “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” (dangerous liasions) a novel by Pierre Laclos, first published in 1782. This is the fourth remake of the Laclos novel. This is a movie about a high school girl named Kathyrn played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sebastian played by Ryan Phillippe, Annette played by Reese Witherspoon and Cecile played by Selma Blair.

Kathryn is really popular, everyone thinks she is miss perfect but they don’t know the real Kathryn. Sebastian is her cunning step brother who has slept with almost every girl in New York. Annette is a girl who wrote vows to wait until marriage to have sex, and Cecile just moved to their school and Kathryn is taking her under her wing. Little does Cecile know that Kathryn has an alterior motive. Kathryn was dating a guy named Court Reynolds and Court dumped her to go out with Cecile. Cecile didn’t know about Kathryn so she didn’t have any idea what as about to happen.

Kathryn talked Sebastian into seducing Cecile so she could spread around to everyone that Cecile was a slut. Sebastian felt this wasn’t a challenge but he knew what was. Her name was Annette Hargrove (Witherspoon). Annette wrote an article for a magazine entitled “Why I Will Wait”, it was about why she will wait until marriage to have sex. Sebastian decides this will be his greatest victory. Kathryn bets him that he can’t get her.

The terms of the bet are: If Kathryn wins she gets Sebastians 1943 Jaguar Roadster, and if Sebastian ins he gets whats hes been obsessing about every since there parents got married… ex. Annette’s father has recently got the job as Headmaster at Sebastians high school. Annette is staying with Sebastians Aunt Helen while her parents sell their house. During this time Cecile is falling in love with her music teacher Ronald Clifford. Kathryn sees this happening and lets Cecile’s mother know about it. She forbids Cecile from seeing Ronald. But in this time she goes to Sebastians room and he is helping her write a letter to Ronald to get him back. Sebastian seduces her and they have sex.

Sebastian goes to stay with his aunt so he can seduce Annette, when he gets there he tries to hit on her but someone has told her all about him and she won’t tell him who. He can’t think who it might be but he does know one guy that she knows, his name is Greg McConnell. He can’t figure out how to get back at him so he contacts his homosexual friend Blaine. Blaine tells him that Greg is a closet homosexual and they have messed around before, so they set it up to where Blaine will invite Greg over and then Sebastian will bust in and take a picture of them in bed together and ruin him cause e told Annette.

But it turns out that he didn’t tell Annette but he says he will find out who did so Sebastian won’t ruin him. He finds out it was Ceciles mom. Finally he gets past what Annette thinks of him and she starts to fall for him. They fall in love and Kathryn hates it. So she sleeps with Ronald and Sebastian busts in on them and Ronald runs away. Kathryn tells Sebastian that it will never work with Annette cause he will just ruin her life. She says, “People can’t just change overnight”. This crushes Sebastian cause he loves Annette so much, and he doesn’t want o hurt her.

So he goes and tells her she was just a bet and he doesn’t love her even though this is a lie. After he does this he is devestated. Finally he decides screw Kathryn and goes to tell Annette that he really does love her. He can’t decide how so he sends her his journal that he keeps everything about everything he does in. It tells all about the Kathryn that only he knows, all about the bet, and how much he really loves Annette. He waits outside her house but she doesn’t come out for a while so he leaves. Kathryn sees that Sebastian is going to get back with Annette nd calls Ronald.

She tells him that Sebastian hit her, which is a lie, and she also tells him that Sebastian has slept with Cecile. This really pisses off Ronald. He goes and meets Sebastian walking down the street and confronts him. He puches him and they get into this big fight, and then along comes Annette. She was following Sebastian trying to catch him. When she comes up they are fighting and she tries to break them up, when she does she gets knocked into the street. A cab is about to hit her when Sebastian throws her out of the way and takes the hit of the car.

She runs to him and with his last breath he tells her that he loves her and he dies. At the funeral little miss perfect, Kathryn is going to speak. She gives a speech about finding the silver lining in everything when all the sudden everyone is whispering going outside. She finally runs out and what do you know… Cecile and Annette have made copies of Sebastians journal and are passing them out to everyone. Now Kathryn is exposed, everyone knows about her coeveryone knows about her coke problem and her dark secrets. Her life is ruined just as she ruined Sebastians.

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