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Persuasive Essay On Homeless People

If we don’t instead of having just a couple of states that have a high number of homeless people there will be like a competition of which states can rise the fastest of having the most people that can not have there own place to live and higher death rates. For example right now Los Angeles is the largest homeless population which 55% has grown to 12,536 and that alone has said that california has one-third of the homeless population. Los Angeles times)

The increase of that outpaced the one in new york city with a ratio 3:1 which is what i meant it’s like a competition of who has the most people in need. Instead of that they should have a friendly competition of who can help the most and reduce the number of deaths per year that’s what should be done positive instead of negative. The facts are that there are over half a million people that are homeless and that one quarter of them are children.

For me knowing that there are children homeless and they can’t do nothing about it. t worries me who are they going to be in life and also aren’t the kids supposed to be the future? This thing just makes America look bad in general. The solution is feasible because even though there are a lot of homeless people there is a lot of people with very good income that would love to help. why would they? well let’s ask ourselves if we were in a situation where we couldn’t afford water,food or a place to stay would you like help? i’m pretty sure everyone would. so they would help so they were ever in that situation they would get help.

The solution is financially, legally because every single person if they need help and go to the government, they have the right to get help. If only the people were to help it would be even better and more financially legal because It’s the people’s money they could do whatever they like with their money of course with their priorities taken care of but after that they could help out as much as they want for example with donations or fundraisers and all the money goes to the people in need. t is possible for it being carried out there can be a peaceful protest, but to make sure its enough people so the government can do something about it, but way faster so they can really see that this is a serious problem and it can affect how the rest of the world looks at the unites states of America.

My solution will help solve the problem. or if it doesn’t end it. will greatly reduce it. believe there are a bunch of good people in this world and that they just want to help the less fortunate, but sometimes they don’t know who really is or which organizations are telling the truth and actually donating all the money they are getting the amount of hunger they go through will be gone and with all the help they are receiving it will help them get back on their feet. in winter its such a rough time for them no way they can get shelter so they can stay warm and if there is a shelter house it is super crowded by all the people there. t’s just a good feeling knowing you decreased the number of deaths in America because someone was homeless and without food or water.

The solutions that have been done for this are the homeless shelters, but those only work temporarily because they have to get in line everyday if they want a place to be and the shelters are not in good conditions they are actually in terrible conditions so it’s either get a place to sleep for this cold night and if you do you better watch out for the diseases those shelters have, there are better ways than that (national journey. om) has the other solutions and how they will be more effective in the future. The other solutions have not worked because they haven’t been taken so seriously. There hasn’t been a time where they really aim it as a serious subject that we should all take seriously. Also there is only so much help people can get because it is at a such a large number. MY SOLUTION is the best solution because it is the fastest and easiest way to get it done.

There should be no problems with it and it should be greatly reduced and with a couple years, it should be very rare to see someone that is homeless and if you do that they get the help they deserve to get. Just help everyone out if you are more fortunate than others, it will make you feel and look good as a human being. Help this problem not be a problem anymore or ever be a problem again. Have it be taken very seriously by everyone because it is not like it targets a certain group or ethnicity it’s for everyone.

Even though the families with low income are at higher risk the people that are financially stable right now can lose everything they have in a blink of an eye if they lose their job or their expenses outweigh the income they are receiving right now. The bottom line for this is there is a lot of mixed emotions with this topic. Some are negative and others are positive. There are many counter arguments and arguments of why you should help. It is very well understood that it is not the responsibility of the people to have to fund the homeless people or any of their programs to help them out.

There is arguments though that you don’t need to use cash to help some of them out. since low income families are at very high risk of experiencing it some simple advice or words of encouragement to have them feeling positive for them that they will stay in that house. Or just volunteer your time to programs that do want to help out because there are plenty of programs that do want to help out the people in need. So there is many feasible solutions any of the solutions will help and reduce the number of people not having a home just donate some money or some of your time.

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