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Study Guide History Final Exam

Public Health or Behavior 6. Bonus Army – veterans of WWW were given a $1,000 saving bond that matures in 1995 7. Wagner Act – Magna-Cart of labor law, rights for unions to exist protected by the law 8. Repatriation – With Jobs being scarce, In border lands regions, hostilities begin again toward Mexican-Americans Immigrants 9. Bracers Program – from 1942, government recruited Mexican-Americans Labors to come back over the border to help in war time Jobs 10. Rape of Nanking – Over 300,000 Shines men, woman, and children’s were slaughtered.

Beheaded, rape, bloody murder by Japanese 1 1 . Overhaul Patch ? Hitler tries to violently take over Germany government, his supposed to go to Jail for 5 years but got parole after 8 months 12. Battle of Britain – Between July and September 1940, the German Air Force launched a massive offensive In the sky of Great Britain 13. Doolittle Raid – the US, felt It needed to strike back dustpan after Pearl Harbor; Jimmy Doolittle propose a symbolic strike at the heart of Japan to get their population to question their invincibility 14.

IOW Jim – black volcano island 15. John Baseline – Medal of Honor Receipt at Guidance. 3 days without sleep kill 3,000 mans 16. Operation Bodyguard – Fake army that keep German guessing where US was going to attack 17. Lebensraum – living space, It was Hitler plan so the white blue eyes can have property where they could raise their kids 18. Hugging – small army fighting big army by been so close that they couldn’t use their guns 19. Complex – the aggregate of a notions armed forces and the industries that supply their equipment material and armaments 20.

Eisenhower ? also known as EKE, American General and the 34th president; oversaw the final defeat of Germany Essay: Explain how the role of the united States In the World changed after World War II? Prior to WI, the US was one of several Industrialized nations competing with each other? After WI, the US was the only industrialized nation whose manufacturing capacity was virtually untouched by the war. Even the Allied powers in Europe were devastated, as much of the continent had been occupied at one point r another, and Great Britain had been subjected to numerous bombing raids and rocket attacks.

This meant the US was the only country which had the means to rebuild the world after the war. They realized that the Allies who had forced Germany to accept the burden of debt of WWW helped set the stage for Hitter’s rise to power, and they resolved not to repeat the same mistake. They forgave the citizens of the country (hanged the leaders and Instead of demanding payment, provided financing for (west) Germany and Japan, which turned these two countries from bitter.

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