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Real Estate is a growing force in our world today and as the world expands, so does real estate opportunities. It is an occupation in which a person has to dedicate all of their time to as well as requires every minute of free time a person has to work with clients and other co workers. Real Estate Agents have to be good at timing. It is all made up from a daily schedule that they must follow to get the appointments finished. This occupation requires a hard working, steady, and patient person. A real estate agent does a little of everything in the business.

They have the responsibility to be a salesperson at one moment, a buyer’s advocate the next; an observer, a consultant, an auctioneer, a negotiator, and a marketer. A lot of the time they also have to perform the services of a clerk, a loan officer, and even an appraiser! Real Estate Agents must work with their clients on nights and weekends, and often works beyond over forty hours per week. It can be a very overwhelming job but many women are able to balance out their lives anyways between a family and work at the same time.

Women and Real Estate are the perfect combination; it is possible for women to balance out a family and work and still find time in between. Some think that Real estate is a “hobby” but in all reality, real estate is a business. It is not something the agents can just mess around with and it is by no means cheap either. It takes a lot of studying and reading to even know a little information these agents have to know. Also you have to know people in the world, a lot of people and a lot of different kinds.

Yes, agents meet people along the way such as home inspectors and brokers, but it is a good thing to have if you know a few people from the start. For example, my sister is a Real Estate Agent and she knows more people than I think I have ever met in my life. I always wondered how and now after shadowing her, I realize that she must know all of them to do her job. Now why do so many people need Real Estate Agents? Whether someone is interested in buying their first apartment, condo, or house, looking to rent or even looking at a beach house for a few weeks in the summer, they will need a real estate agent.

They are extremely useful in the business field in the world today. The real estate agents job is to fit the buyer’s needs while still maintaining the quality of honesty and integrity with them. A real estate agent never wants to lie to their clients, they want to do the best that they can with what ideas they are told in what they are looking for. They must have deep knowledge about the homes and market within the area of the community, that is an essential quality. For most people, a house is the biggest purchase they make in their lifetime.

It is a very important thing to remember that it is in the real estate agents hands to get them the house of their “dreams”. It comes with a lot of responsibility and time to be able to handle an occupation like this one. Also, real estate agents make quotes on what clients should list their own houses at when they are ready to sell them. They are responsible for letting their clients know when is the right time to make the jump into looking at new houses as well, the market has to be at the right spot at the right time for the right price and house.

It fluctuates rapidly all the time, they have to keep up with this ongoing changing thing. This job is ranked as one of the most work life balanced jobs that there is in the business field. It also offers salary along with commission on the sales that you pursue. Depending on how many hours per week they work, the salary of a Real Estate Agent ranges from 60,000$ to 110,000$, not including commission pay. To be a Real Estate Agent you must be at least 18 years old, have good social skills, good judgment and enthusiasm.

These are key features if you want to get the spot at the job. Also, now with changing laws and standards, most must have a college degree in finance and business administration. One must also pass a Real Estate exam, which consists after taking few hours worth of classes for a certain amount of time. This job is known to keep people working well into their 60s, it is a slow stressed job (when the time is right), it really does make life balanced between work and family, and flexibility.

Meaning you can go by your own schedule and make your appointments at times that are best for you along with your client. Most Real estate Agents and Brokers are self employed and make their own schedule. It is up to them when they want to jump the gun on a project or not. Most of the time they work a good amount of irregular hours some weeks more hours some less. If someone is looking to become a Real Estate Agent make sure to look at the area you’re looking to work in because between 2014 and 2024 employment of real estate agents and brokers are supposed to grow only 3%.

It is lower than usually expected employment rate, but real estate is a long term job and can easily last someone until retirement because of the easy scheduling and self employed type of job opportunities in the field. Every state requires people who want to be agents in order to do so to earn their licensure. Then, beginning agents must be able to compete with the older agents who know a lot more than they do. Think about it, the older agents have been in the market for years, they have been through different kinds of clients of all sorts along with new and old houses, houses with work needed and also brand new expensive ones.

It is said to be the ones with their certificate and a bachelor’s degree are the ones with the big chance of getting in on a Real Estate Agent or Broker jobs since the economy is dropping for dependants. People need Real Estate Agents because of the amount of work and the huge process of buying or renting a home. It is not an easy process and everyone needs a little help along the way, sometimes a lot! They are the ones with the knowledge of the economy at the time someone is looking for a home.

They have the understanding of the surrounding neighborhoods and where the buyers may want to look along with their offers, they are the ones that know how to hustle and get people the best offers. Agents are paid commision on the percentage of the amount paid on houses the buyers buy using the agent. It is very important to research your agent first before deciding which one you want to use. You will want one with a good review and one that has their own portfolio along with one that has been in the business awhile so they know what they’re talking about and dealing with.

You won’t want any mistakes made during this process, as there will already most likely be enough stress on your shoulders. These agents spend a lot of time on their clients and a great amount of time searching available homes on the market that may fit their client’s needs. They spend a lot of time making sure their clients are happy in the end. Of course, in the beginning of the whole process the Real Estate Agent will meet with his or her clients to find out the basic needs and wants for them.

Agents will find out what exactly they need in the house and what they could pass up if it was necessary depending on the price ranges. It is very important for the Agent to listen carefully and remember this information. A variety of Agents have found that it is easier to work from home, which also makes home life easier if the agent has children. The irregularity of their hours gets mixed up since they are able to create their own schedule so working from home gives them the opportunity to get more work done and be more on the go when they need to be.

Since the hours they work sometimes get moved onto the weekend this is also another reason why working at home is good thing. Again, my thesis statement being a Real Estate Agent is a great job for maintaining a good pay job and a homelife is the best lifestyle for someone. I strongly agree that this is true especially after all of the new things I learned doing this project! This was a great way to learn a little bit about a type of lifestyle so many people live, including my sister, along with getting my paper done while being able to enjoy it at the same time.

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