Common Homebuyer Mistakes Essay

Common Mistakes People Commit When Buying a Home Buying a home is an exhilarating time. More so for the first-time home buyer. But there’s more to buying a home than simply putting money down and signing on the dotted line. There are many homebuyer mistakes that happen that can turn a dream home into a … Read more

Stephanie Keri Case Study

Stephanie Keri has just been elected the new mayor of St. Augustine. The city provides a furnished house for Stephanie Keri and her family to live in. The real estate has a value of $60,000 per year and all the maintenance fees are paid by the city. The tax question Stephanie needs answered is whether … Read more

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate is a growing force in our world today and as the world expands, so does real estate opportunities. It is an occupation in which a person has to dedicate all of their time to as well as requires every minute of free time a person has to work with clients and other co … Read more

Case Study Eminent Domain

Our case study opens painting a picture of a law enforcement officer that has decided to retire after many years of service as a deputy in a small town in North Carolina and a detective in Raleigh. Martin, our law enforcement officer appears to be less than adequate in his occupation, however, he has been … Read more

Essay about Baby Boom Era Pros And Cons

The Baby Boom is a demographic phenomenon that occurred after the Second World War, from 1946 to 1965. In fact, about eight million Canadian people were born in this period, causing economic, social, cultural, and political changes in each stage of their growing process (Statistics Canada, 2013). Currently, Baby Boomers have started to approach the … Read more