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Persuasive Essay On Registered Sex Offenders

“terrible person. ” However, he’s or she could have just been 18 while their partner was 16 and then they were convicted. Males go through so much hate and judgment more than women if people found out they are a registered sex offender. People think their mindset is all about messing with kids, and how nasty they are. On the other hand women have a better chance of explaining themselves before the public gets to judging them. They get to explain into further details about the case, and why the verdict came to the decision, also and get to explain convince the people that it was a onetime thing and how it will never happen again.

Everyone makes mistakes, but people believe that males are held to a higher standard and that they should know right from wrong, but women have the window to make as many mistakes as they won’t, and have the ability to learn from them. Let’s not get it confused though, there are most definitely people who should be registered sex offenders and should be serving time behind bars because they have been charged with statutory rape. Teachers, police officers etc. are being charged with statutory rape, people who are supposed to be the leaders of this country.

According to a news report in The Daily Times a 23-year old Jordan Harris was arrested for having sexual relations with one of his 16-year old students at his home. But later released on a 25,000 bond. If someone is employed to be a teacher, then all students should not be looked at as someone they can mess around with. Schools are a place to learn and be protected by the school staff, not to be preyed on. In this particular case Jordan Harris was already once in trouble with another school district for allegations of messing with another minor student.

If he was already on the spotlight for this once before then why was he giving another chance at a different school? The schools should take more precautions before hiring people. This man was in a student teacher program and they weren’t even sure that he was a graduate of the program. According to the victim, he and she went to his apartment where they engaged in sexual activities. They had her go to the New Hope-Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center, where she had to conduct a forensic interview and tell her side of the story.

However, she wasn’t the one getting punished, Harris was the only person punished in this case. This case gained attention because people believe that both of them should have been in trouble, but he needed to be in trouble because he was a teacher. I agree. News 12 in Farmville, Virginia, Justin Dickinson, the 35 year old high schools resource officer was terminated and sent to jail for having consensual sex with a 15 year old student. The relationship started when he was assigned to the school and went on for months before it was reported back to authorities.

This shows that he had different intention on being at the school other than being the resource office, because of the fact that the relationship started when he started working at the school. He was put in jail on a one million dollar bond and they made it to where he can’t work at any school, or police department again. Statutory rape can happen anywhere, as you can see. The main question in this case is why is the resource officer that is in his mid-30’s trying to mess with a high school girl anyways. Also, another question is would his have been taken more lightly if it was a female resource officer?

I believe that it would have not made national news if it was a female. It probably would have just made local news and would have been over with. Former gym teacher, 24-year old Megan Mahoney, was charged with over 30 counts of statutory rape that happened at the Catholic high school she worked at. The incident happened in a three month period from Halloween 2013 ending in January 2014. According to authorities and news reports the teacher had been having sex with the 16 boy inside and outside of school. She became under investigation when she was spotted with the 16-year old boy at a local pizzeria by his ex-girlfriend.

The NYPD did their investigation, and she was facing only 4 years for the felony, and she was also released on bail. This where the male discrimination comes into play. In the other cases involving the male suspect they we’re facing 20 years and being added to the sex offenders list. In the Megan Mahoney case, she wasn’t fired, she decided to resign after the story started to spread. In all the other cases with males above, they were all immediately fired and sent to jail. The law has created these laws to be so harsh against men but they are so easy to avoid for women.

That’s a slap in the face to all the men that have been convicted of statutory rape and are spending the rest of their lives being tortured from it. There should be equal laws to convict people the same way if they are being charged with the same thing. There is no reason why someone should get a lesser sentence because she’s a woman. Statutory rape is statutory rape no matter if the person committing the crime is man or woman. Many people confuse statutory rape with child molestation, but they are two completely two different things. Because they are state laws they may be defined differently by state.

However, they both have some similarities. They both refer to having sex with a person under the age of consent, and both involves a person of age. Both are illegal, and can get a person involved in some deep trouble. The big difference between these two is the consent. Statutory rape is when a person has sex even though they are under the age of consent, and child molestation is where someone has sex with a child without their consent. Basically, kids over who has hit puberty will have sex but it is illegal, and anyone that is younger than that will be considered a child and instead of statutory rape it turns into child molestation.

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