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Differences among men and women

Since we were little kids our little minds have been fed thoughts by elders that boys are very different from girls. When we were little we never really thought much of it. Now that we are older we see how different or how less different we actually are. Two things are different in male and females. One is the biological aspect such as our brains and body parts. Also the way we play certain sports are different. The difference in sports also ties in with the fact that men and women are biologically different.
Biologically men and women are very different. Men have penises and women have vaginas I believe the kindergarten student said in Kindergarten Cop starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since we were little, taking baths with our cousins, we have known we were different in that aspect. When we start to get older and take health and Sex Ed classes we learn a little more. We learn about what we can do with our “different” parts. For instance, how we can have sex and reproduce. We learn that babies do not come from a stork but from the women. All of this information comes to us in one form or the other and is pretty obvious to most people. It is pretty obvious because most of it is general knowledge whether required over time or though education. The next fact may not be so obvious to many people.
The male and female brain is very different in many aspects and this fact is unknown to many people. When we were younger the boys always thought the girls were smarter and must have bigger brains. In actuality we men have bigger brains with about 100 grams more of brain tissue. We also have 4 percent more brain cells than women. Even though men have more brain cells women have greater dendritic connections between them. Women are able to process information from one side of the brain to the other faster than men. Men tend to use their left side of the brain while women use both sides. Women have a larger and deeper limbic system the males. The limbic system is the part of the brain that allows us to set the emotional tone of the mind. This gives the females several advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that women are able to deal with their emotions better and talk about them but women are also more susceptible to depression.
Another major difference between male and females is the way we play sports. Two sports come to mind when I think of difference. One is softball and the other is basketball. Softball which is considered the female equivalent to baseball is very different. In softball, the fences around the field are usually no more than 200 feet, in baseball the fences range from 300 to 400 feet. The reason for this is because females are not as strong as the males and are not able to hit the ball as far. In softball, the field is smaller. The base paths are 60 feet compared to men’s 90. This allows the female athletes who may not have such a strong are compared to male athletes to complete the play. The pitcher’s mound is 46 feet away from home plate in softball and 60 feet 6 inches in baseball. The pitcher throws underhand in a windmill motion in softball while baseball has a variety of arm angles but mainly over the top. The size of the ball is incredibly different and the softball is yellow compared to a baseball white. The sizes of the bats are different. In softball there are skinny and very light. In baseball they have a skinny handle but have a big barrel. The reason for these differences is that the ball comes quicker in softball but is also a lot bigger in size and neon yellow color which easier to see. This narrows down the advantages and disadvantages between the pitcher and hitter. Some say all of these differences are to make the game easier for girls, I feel it just makes the game unique because they have some girl baseball leagues. In basketball there are many differences in how the game is played and the equipment use. For one the ball is smaller in the girl’s league, granted they usually have smaller hands and it is easier to control. The hoops are the same size but the courts are not as long and not as wide in the women’s league. The key and three point lines are different sizes.
In both sports the game play and strategy are very different. In baseball men always wait for the long ball, never really sacrificing and bunting. In softball, girls are always bunting, trying to find a way to get on base and score a run. There is even a unique technique in softball cal slap hitting where the batter runs up in the box to get to first quicker. This is rarely seen in baseball since it would be very difficult to hit the ball. The games are usually dominated by the pitchers in softball, unlike baseball where most games today are dominated by the hitter. In basketball, the men’s game is much faster paced and offensively minded. In the girls game it is slow, and defensively minded. Scores are not lop-sided and usually low scoring. There are not so many fancy moves and high flying dunks in the female game.  Some people say the reason why male and female athletics are different is because the girls are not able to play the equivalent of a men’s game. I say this is true but not because of skill just because of what was giving to us at birth. That is the main difference between male and females what is giving to us at birth.

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