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Personal Narrative On How To Keep Annie Safe Essay

Claire is a 14 year old girl living in Germany. Her best friend is Annie, a 14 year old Jewish girl that lives two blocks away. It was March 15, 1933. The Nazis have already started their invasion. Annie is being hunted down, she now has the yellow star, and they are waiting for her. Claire won’t let them take her, and neither will her family. Claire hides Annie in a secret part of her room, writing about it each day in her journal. “I feel like they are getting closer, and I’m not sure how long we can keep Annie safe. My parents keep fighting, most of it must do with money, but I feel like it must do with Annie being here too.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier if i just let Annie go. Of course, I would never tell anyone that, Annie is my best friend. I will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Not to mention, what if the camps she must go to hurt her? Her little sister would never forgive me if I let them get caught. I wonder, why are my parents are really fighting, like, I know money is becoming a problem, but that wouldn’t cause this much stress... would it? I’m not sure. I still have to go to school, but it scares me leaving the house not knowing if I will say my last goodbye to Annie.

School is just a long few hours of talking about the war. It’s almost depressing. I asked my mom when the next time we could go shopping was, but she just said maybe later and pushed me away. She’s NEVER done that, or turned down the thought of shopping. Some girls at my school are starting to wear makeup, and I want to try. Mom tells me I don’t need it, beautiful without it. Blah blah. I just want to try! She is being selfish. And she doesn’t know but sometimes I sneak some of hers before leaving for school. Well, I can’t put it on well and I normally make it too light on my skin and she notices… nyways, I’m going to do some more convincing. I wish Annie could go shopping with us.

Oh well. Bye Diary! ” Annie was allowed to move around in the house when we were home, other than that she had to stay in the basement so no one would find her. We all left during the day, me because I still have school, mom and dad because they have to work, and my brother Stone goes pretty much wherever he wants. He proved to mom and dad a long time ago that he was going to what he wanted when he wanted. I don’t think that is right though. ” Claire! Annie! Bayla! Come and eat! ” My mom yelled to us from downstairs.

We were playing with my dolls in the spare room upstairs. I wish Annie and Bayle could stay up here. It’s a lot nicer than my room, and I just want the best for them. Bayla gets cold in my room easy and I’m not sure why. It’s a lot warmer up here. I know they couldn’t, its too easy to find them up here. “Were coming! ” We yelled back to my mom. We were having broiled steak, and cream of potato soup. It was my favorite. Dinner is quiet and happy all simultaneously. We all talked about our day and Dad even stepped in and told us about some new things going on at his job.

Dinner was dark and crowded now that it was in the basement. We did this for safety measures. It was too dangerous for Annie and Bayla because it was too easy for them to be seen. They are both petrified. Bayla worries us all some times, her curious mind and sleep walking leads us to more worries. She has dreams abut her mom and dad. Always wondering where they went. We would have told her, but shes only 7 and we all agreed a long time ago it was best for us to keep her bright smile bright. I can’t help but feel like maybe I’ve been doing this all wrong.

It’s almost as if I blame myself for this situation. My parents, and their nightly arguments, Bayle and Annie having to constantly hide when they could be a possibly great camp with nice cafes. It’s all hard to tell. I feel like every move I make is just another mis– ” Girls, make sure you put the dishes away and get ready for bed. We have to get an early start tomorrow on cleaning the house, your brother is coming home, Claire. “”Okay, we will! What time will he be here? Do you think he’s grown anymore? I really miss him. “I tell her as Annie ad Bayla go to wash their dishes.

I miss my brother, Stone. He left about a year ago to go to college. He was one of the lucky ones and got to go before the war started. He writes us a lot, but it doesn’t help me any. Before my diary, he was my escape to the world. I told him everything. I hope nothing has changed between us. I need him, now especially. ” Claire, honey, your brother has told us he has a special surprise for us when he gets home! ” My mother interrupted my thoughts with a cheerful smile. ” Oh yay! Oh mom, I can’t wait for him to come home. ” I told her as she wrapped me into one of her comfort kind of hugs.

My mom had all kinds of hugs, the” be a good friend” hug, she gave those to her friends that had bad ideas, but good intentions. She had her”lets celebrate hugs” for when the times were cheerful and for holidays. Then she had her” Comfort hugs” for when times were hard and she didn’t want to press the issue. Right now she was giving me that kind of hug, and honestly, I was thankful to feel like a little kid again. ” Alright honey, go get ready for bed. ” My mom told me after a moment of silence and hugging. I was tired, so I nodded with a silent head movement as I walked to my room. Tomorrow should be great.

Hopefully our bond hasn’t broken. I wonder what surprise he has for us? Or how many he has? I hope he didn’t forget about Annie and Bayla… I hope they’re okay. Annie has been kind of down lately, I keep wanting to ask her if she is okay, but then again, would she even answer honestly? These thoughts fill my head as I drift off to sleep. Gunshots and sounds of soldiers down my street fill my house and interrupt my dreams the next morning. The smell of gunpowder worries me as I snap back to reality. I realize they are on the hunt for more Jews and I rush Annie and Bayla out of bed and into my room. “Hurry!

They’re coming, get under my bed now! ” | scream to Annie with fear in my voice. We’ve done this drill a million times it feels like, but it never gets’s any less scary for me. They get closer, and as I look at the small clock we have in our kitchen, I realize it is now only six o’clock. As they reach my house, my mom tells me to go into the living room while they ask her some questions. She as calm as ever. I envy her patience and brave character. It only takes a couple of moments before they step into the living room where I am sprawled out on the couch. My face becomes red as I realize my behavior is un-lady like. Claire, lieutenant Joseph Geobbels is going to do quick search of the house to make sure everything is okay. ”

I nod, and gulp as I study him. He’s tall, handsome, even. He has dirty blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. Nothing magnificent, my eyes are prettier in my opinion. He gives me a look and suddenly I feel nauseous. He starts by checking our main rooms, then proceed to check the upstairs area and our basement. Finally, he starts going through our rooms. When he gets to mine, he seems impressed. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because of how organized it is, or maybe it’s that he has searched out entire house and found nothing.

I’m not sure. He goes through my closet, and droors. Finally, he reaches my bed, covering the secret door where Annie and Bayla are hiding. My breath catches and a million thoughts and worries go across my face in seconds. I try to keep a straight face as best as I can. A noise, almost a scratching type of noise, comes from the walls. The soldier laughs as he goes to lift the bed, and he looks me straight in the eye with a smirk that clearly states, ” I’ve caught you”. My heart drops and I realize I’m no longer breathing. They can’t find Annie and Bayla, they won’t find them. I won’t let them take my best friend or her sister.

Bayla is like my own sister now, and I won’t let them take them. As the soldier lifts the bed to discover what the noise is, a rat comes running out startling everyone but me. I breath again, because in that moment I am thankful. This rat, although he has no idea, has just saved my best friend from death. AnnieI’m glad there are rats down here. Most of them don’t bother us, but we happened to get lucky today, Bayla and I. The soldier was surprised he didn’t find us. They’ve been looking for us Jews a long time now, it’s been nearly two years since the holocaust started. My mom and dad were taken six months ago.

Claire’s parents told Bayla they were fine, they were just on some type of vacation and we would see them soon. But I know the truth. They are dead. While I don’t know this to be true, I can feel it. Lately it feels like a piece of me has died. Like a section of my heart has broken, and that’s how I know. We won’t see them again. My parents were kind people, always doing what’s best for me and Bayla. A part of me hates them for making us separate and live with Claire, but I know deep down we would’ve all gotten separated anyways. I also know we would be in the same position as my parents if we would’ve gone with them.

Annie! Bayla! Are you guys alright? They’re gone now, you can come back up. ” Claires mother yells to Bayla and I as we start to come out from the small tunnel like structure under Claires bed. “Yes, we are fine, ma’am. Thank you. ” I respond as they come into view. “I’ve told you a thousand times if not more you don’t have to call me ma’am! It makes me feel old! Now come on up and Let’s get you guys some warm clothes to change into, I know it must be freezing down there. ” Claires mom tells me with a small chuckle. She really does try to help us and I know I must stop being hard on her.

It just feels so different, being with them. I feel terrible, because here they are, risking their lives for ours, and I haven’t even gotten to know them. I know Claire well enough, but her parents? I couldn’t tell you a thing about them. It makes me feel guilty, but I also don’t want to talk, it feels like I’m just rolling through the motions every day. A part of me is trapped inside this body and I can’t seem to get out. I miss playing with dolls and playing cards. It just isn’t the same anymore. I’m trying not to let the death of my parents get to me, but I can’t help it anymore.

I think Claire is starting to notice. We haven’t talked much these past few days. I miss having our conversations about all our problems. I miss school too. Sometimes I feel like it will be like this forever, and sometimes I think maybe it would be best if I just turned myself in. Claire, and her family, appear better off without me. I feel like a burden on their shoulders that they just can’t wait to remove. “Annie, are you alright? I don’t know, I just fell like somethings changed between us lately and I was just wanting to make sure you were okay. ” Claire whispers to me before we lay down.

Here comes the conversation l’ve been dreading for the past few weeks. “I’m okay, really. I just feel like somethings happened to my parents. I’m scared, like, what if I never see them again? I’m just scared. ” I tell her, feeling some relief pull off my chest. ” Oh, Annie I’m so sorry… I understand you’re scared, and I hope you still feel like you can open up to me, because you can. I’m always here for you, and maybe they’re okay, all we can do is hope. ” She tells me with a slight tone of relief herself. I nod to her and continue to walk down to me and Bayla’s secret room to go to sleep.

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