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The Industrial Revolution: Too much corporate influence in politics; the specter of socialist policies undermining capitalism and individual freedoms; a middle class in apparent decline; waves of immigration which threatened to alter the character of American society; new technologies which introduced new social problems as well as offering new opportunities; and a general sense that the common people had lost control of their government: To a sometimes surprising agree, the issues which troubled Americans in the last quarter of the nineteenth century resembled our own.

The past often loses much of its vigor and tumult as it becomes codified as history, and it can be difficult at times to understand how truly revolutionary-?transformation, disruptive, unprecedented, and divisive-?an event such as the Industrial Revolution was for the people who lived through it. WEEK 2 COMPLETE WORK HIS 204 Week 2 Quiz HIS 204 Week 2 Paper The Progressive Presidents: progressive party The Progressive Party was created as a result of President Theodore Roosevelt.

They were mostly focused on getting America’s financial system back to usual and making essential modifications. Progressive Party of 191 2 had been called a political party in the United Eastland it was created by a split in the Republican party. This was created by Theodore Roosevelt when he lost the Republican nomination to the in office President William Howard Taft and drew his delegates out of the conference (Mower, 1946-1960).

After that party is become popular as the Bull Moose party, later than the party’s symbol and later than Roosevelt show off that he was just “as strong as a bull moose”. HIS 204 Week 2 SQ 1 The Progressive Movement 1 . What, in your estimation, were the key principles of the Progressive Movement? 2. What were Progressivism most significant successes and failings? 3. Can the First World War be regarded as a particularly Progressive conflict, or did it derail the Progressive Movement-?or are both of these statements true? 4.

HIS 204 Week 2 SQ 2 America’s Age of Imperialism America’s Age of Imperialism was relatively short-lived, and somewhat anomalous in terms of overall US history. For a few brief years in the 1 sass, the US aggressively pursued overseas colonies, holding on to those colonies even in the face of indigenous resistance and, unlike its handling of continental territories, offering the new colonies no pathway toward equal statehood and citizenship. The Filipino Insurrection of 1899 to 1 902 provides a particularly unsettling episode in terms of how Americans generally like to remember their past.

Having driven the Spanish out of the Philippines, the US ignored the Filipinos’ demand for independence, for which they had been fighting against the Spanish for several years, and instead took possession Of the islands, treating the Filipinos as colonial subjects. For several years, Americans and Filipinos fought over the destiny of the Philippines in a brutal conflict which cost the lives of hundreds of thousands-?perhaps even more than a million-?Filipino civilians.

WEEK 3 COMPLETE WORK HIS 204 Week 3 Quiz HIS 204 Week 3 Final Paper Preparation (Native American history) Introduction It has been seen that Native American history extents thousands of thousands of years and two continents. This is a personalization of full of life cultures that in turn generatedcomplicatedfinancialassociations and multifaceted political unions. In the course of it all, an association of First Peoples to the earth has stay behind a fundamentalists. HIS 204 Week 3 SQ 1 Normalcy and the New Deal Normalcy and the New Deal When the First World War ended, Americans welcomed what they hoped would be a “return to normalcy. The decades that followed, however, are ones which would rarely be described as normal, in comparison to what came before or after. During these decades, a struggle ensued within the American nation regarding how best to define the nation’s essential character, as groups like the revived UK Klux Klan fought a rearguard action to define sainthood solely in terms of white skin and Protestant religion against secularists, Catholics, flappers, “New Negroes,” and others who challenged the traditional order.

Immediately thereafter, the New Deal implemented in response to the Great Depression threatened to revolutionize the role of the federal government in lives of the American people, in ways which many Americans believed violated the basic tenets of the Constitution-?and others believed were not radical enough. Taken together, the decades from 1 920 to 1940 may have transformed the American nation more than any Other memorable time period.

HIS 204 Week 3 SQ 2 The End of Isolation WEEK 4 COMPLETE WORK HIS 204 week 4 HIS 204 Week 4 SQ 1 A Single American Nation When the First World War began, African-American leaders pressed the government to provide black men the right to go to combat to prove their devotion to their country. Hoping that their service would lay a stake on citizenship which the nation would have no choice but to honor, the “New Negro” of the 1 sass adopted a more militant stance toward civil rights. The civil rights struggle envisioned at the time, however, made few concrete gains.

Discrimination and disenfranchisement persisted. HIS 204 Week 4 SQ 2 Cold War After the Second World War, the US embarked on what came to be known as the Cold War against the Soviet Union. Although the two sides never fought against each other directly, the Cold War nonetheless erupted into violence at times in places like Vietnam, Korea, and Afghanistan. As the US grew more activist and interventionist in its foreign policy, the domestic government also grew in power and in its role in the peoples lives. WEEK 5 COMPLETE WORK HIS 204 Week 5 SQ 1 The Age of Reagan;

Most of us have lived much of our lives in the “Age of Reagan,” a period which dates from 1 980 and which may still be ongoing today. Historians increasingly agree that the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 represented a “revolution” in American society and, particularly, its politics. Review Reggae’s presidential career to explain what about it precisely was so “revolutionary. ” Compare his approach to politics and foreign affairs with those of his predecessors, and assess the ways that his successors either built upon or attempted to reverse his legacy. Explain why so many Americans opposed Reggae’s policies and hose of his successors.

Consider also the social and cultural changes which took place during the Age of Reagan. Finally, assess the success of the “Reagan Revolution” by identifying which problems it ameliorated and which it exacerbated. In your response, consider THREE of the following topics, with regard to how both Reagan and his successors handled or contributed to them: HIS 204 Week 5 SQ 2 The Lived Experience of Ordinary People Especially since the sass, historians have sought to understand history not just as a series of major events presided over by generals and statesmen, but also as the lived experience of ordinary people.

For this last discussion, begin by reflecting on your own past with an eye toward how American society has changed over the course of your life. In your response, focus less on major political or international events than on the ways day-to-day life in America is different today from what it was when you were younger. You might consider such factors as the cost of goods and services, the forms of entertainment, means of communication, and so forth. HIS 204 Week 5 Final paper Native American history Thesis statement: Native American history Peoples to the earth has stay behind a fundamentalists.

Despite the fact that Native Americans of the areanowadaysrecognizedlike New England share identical languages and civilizations, recognizable Eastern Algonquian, we can say that they are not one political or structuralize.

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