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Malcom X The True Hero Of African Americans

Malcom X and his contribution to the world. Malcom X born Malcom Little was a very deviant youth with a criminal out look on life in his young years. Then when he was locked up for robbery in prison some time he had a revelation always knowing that the treatment of black folks back then was just criminal injustice. His father introduced him to Marcus Garvy and his back to Africa philosophies. While in prison he was introduced to a black version of the Muslim religion. It was his sort of say initiation into real manhood and becoming responsible for his actions.

While in prison he wrote out the dictionary by hand for the sole purpose of learning to use the same tools that the same people in power were using to distort things to their will. Malcom X bought things a little further and was far more dangerous to civil rights leaders than he was to the establishment. I think that Malcom X was far more respected than MLK. Malcom X’s basic philosophy was lets clean up our own communities no government help, No welfare, no interference from groups other than the black folks themselves.

He was for black owned schools, black owned businesses, black owned towns, etc. He saw that we were basically not going to go anywhere taking hand outs from the same people who oppressed us for years. He was not a person who was all talk, on a meager salary he set up organizations in the black communities like Muslim school where children learned to speak some of known African languages. He set up an area of black owned businesses. There are some of his predictions, which have come true for the black people in the United States.

Like he knew that the civil right leaders were not going to change a damn thing for black people he says that they can’t possibly do anything with the help of a government that oppressed you in the first place, and that these civil leaders will of course be held in high regard because they are not proposing that black people get off their asses and make something of themselves. They would rather give out money to a select few to show that there is a fairness in the system. In one of his speeches he directly point out the fallusies.

For the past fifteen years the struggle of the Black man in this country was labeled as a civil rights struggle, and as such it remained completely within the jurisdiction of the United States. You and I could get no kind of benefits whatsoever other than that which would be forthcoming from Washington D. C. Which meant, in order for it to be forthcoming from Washington, D. C. , all of the congressmen and the senators would have to agree to it. ” At that time the most powerful congressmen and the most powerful senators were from the south. Most of the Black people were enslaved in the south.

So in other words civil right leaders were asking the same persons who would not let them vote, for privileges, which were never really given. He would constantly refer to the civil right leaders as uncle toms. He never said that directly to a newspaper, but you knew whom he was talking about. Especially when he was in a debate with them. An Uncle Tom is the as the slaves see it. Is the person in the Masters house, he told on the other slaves just to please his master and did nothing that would lead one to believe that he had any self-respect for himself.

I guess that it was a way to deal with the stress of being a slave. Persons like that get publicly killed in Africa for doing the same thing, but my point being that they did every thing to please the master and even lived in the masters own house. He would answer the master by saying, ”how our WE doing today? ” and “is WE sick master? ” Malcom X did not get up and say. “I have a dream where all people black and white can ride on the bus together”. He said, “I want to see my people as being productive citizens contributing real values to this world”.

Malcom was not a racist, but he did stress by any means necessary, to bring about a positive change for his people and for all people oppressed every where. The media portrays Malcom X in a very different light than which he is usually seen from his own people. Typically, MLK receives greater and more sympathetic attention, but in one of their meetings MLK appeared to be helpless against MalcomX’s arguments. You could see that MLK was no match for Malcom. It seemed at times that you could see that King miniscule in Malcom’s presence.

That it almost made him look like that was King’s daddy telling him what to do. Malcom X during that meeting submitted the following premise that it is no wonder that King received the Nobel Peace Prize When MLK’s ideas are easily to be accepted by whites without any sense of moral obligation. I don’t believe he was jealous of MLK. I believe he really had a job to do. Most people think of Malcom X as being a bad evil man. That’s what my own family taught me when I was growing up. Seeing that most of my family was from the south and that the only thing you were allowed to do was pray to their to a Christian god.

Only a few wanted to take action. Fighting against the master was beaten out of them. It did not cross their minds. All of Malcom’s predictions have come true especially the condition of black people in this country. Uneducated high death rates, and no work ethic. He would have nothing to do with MLK now if he were alive today. MLK would not be sitting on his ass collecting a paycheck for doing nothing. Malcom X was a good father and set good examples for his children and others. He did not smoke and he did not cheat on his wife.

I think he was truly focused on his mission of helping his people to over come this tyranny. He was not just thinking of himself. I think that people of today forget that it was only 40years ago that they had white only water fountains and blacks could not ride in the front of busses. Most important is that being black we are still in the same conditions that we are in when we left the plantations. That from Malcom’s point of view we need to do a lot more work on each other, and that we have to get rid of the true oppressors of the black people.

Them so-called civil rights leaders, I would like to say that it is not because of our oppressors that we are still in this bad state. That it was our own people who sold us out. My hero truly being Malcom X. He will one day sit upon that seat of famous people like Albert Einstein, Mozart, Michael Angelo, and so on. Because he was ahead of his time. In this corrupt world all the wrong heroes are put forth to the public. One day after all these evil people disappear. We will see who were the true heroes of this century, the true contributors.

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