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Essay on Hero Humility

A hero is someone who did something ordinary in an extraordinary way; through thousands of years of reading about heroes in Greek mythology or, seeing Oprah donate five hundred million dollars to a school in Africa. Heroes have helped and inspired people to do unbelievable things. Heroes are usually very selfless and always have a lot of humility; however some heroes not till an eye opening event or, even death, Other heroes show humility through their entire life.

Humility is what makes a hero truly extraordinary for, a person to be humble when they have done something truly remarkable, or Phenomenal is incredible. Ancient heroes were known as epics and were usually on vast travels in search for gold, monsters, or even a damsel in distress. There are many known epic heroes such as Hercules, Achilles, and Beowulf. Epic hero’s usually had certain qualities to them such as traveling vast distances, Being born of a noble birth and having humility. Stories involving epics there was not humility with heroes including Odysseus and Beowulf.

Examples of hubris with Beowulf is fighting Grendel with his bare hands, and speaking very highly of himself; however Odysseus exhibits a great deal of hubris through the odyssey: an example would nclude after defeating troy him celebrating. Heroes executed great deeds examples of heroic acts would include Beowulf defeating the demon Grendel, and Grendel’s mother;Odysseus when he beat the cyclops Polyphemus by telling the cyclops his name was “nobody”. When heroes returned to their societies they were usually given enormous ceremonies for their triumphant victories over the obstacle they had overcome.

Many things have changed since ancient times and the way the culture views heroes have changed, heroes were once seen as great warriors has changed into what accomplishments and ow they helped the society around them. Heroes seen in modern society are people that have changed the world for the better, modern heroes would include Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and MLK. Nelson Mandela and MLK both had fought for years against the oppression of blacks. Whether it was Nelson Mandela sitting in jail for 27 years in prison and later becoming the first black president of South Africa to change the dynamic of his country.

MLK marching down the streets of Washington D. C. ; MLK gave his live to give African Americans rights in the USA he wanted equality to all; ven though in recent affairs that has not shined the best light on Dr. King’s dream. (MOTHER TERESA). Modern heroes give their entire life to their dream whether spending 27 years in prison or, die for the cause, and sometimes just being a sweet lady that cared for others. More modern heroes are idolized, and immortalized to people for what they have done. Heroes have been placed through time it takes stopping and seeing all the great things one does in their live.

Whether it is Hercules defeating the Hydra, or Nelson Mandela giving blacks rights in South Africa, and even Abraham Lincoln abolishing slavery. Heroes have always been from the Greeks to present day. Cultures should not look at heroes as immortals but as something to strive for to make the world a better place. That is why Nelson Mandela sat in prison for nineteen years, or Abraham Lincoln being assassinated heroes have always been around. Personal heroes are always changing whether from right activist to professional sports players and even everyday people.

Abraham Lincoln was an American icon and true hero he spent countless hours figuring out how to beat the South; Lincoln also passed the 13th Amendment which ban slavery, all of Lincoln’s ccomplishments were based off of the belief that all men are created equal. Lincoln knew that it was not right to treat someone different because of their skin color Lincoln’s actions have lived on for more than one hundred fifty years, that is why Lincoln is known to so many people as a personal hero. Lincoln. , MLK, and Beowulf all gave their lives for the best of their people.

Some people do not have personal heroes because they want the best for themselves and do not want to idolised people. “Hero” is a term used very loosely to describe and idolised being, heroes are people that are idolised by culture; though ome will wait hours just to say “hi” or shake hands with their “hero”. Some do not have heroes because they do not believe to strive to be as great as someone else should be but, strive to be the best person they can be. My belief is that we should look up to civil rights activist, firefighters, soldiers as people that are willing to lay down there live for their cause.

Do not idolise them though they have done amazing things Life will bring you challenges and adversity it is then that person’s job to overcome those obstacles. Heroes are only admired because they overcame the adversity that was in front f them whether it was coming from a bad household or by how the look or skin color. Others will argue that privileged do not have as many obstacles as someone from the projects or from an abusive household. Most likely no they do not have as many challenges before them but everybody has their own demons.

Whether that demon is money, parents, weight, or even skin color these are all things that most do not control. Nobody was ever made a hero because they failed the challenges life put in front of them. People were made heroes. Heroes were made because they overcame everything live put in front of them. MLK did not become so many African Americans hero because he was a preacher. MLK became a hero because he led a march in D. C protesting segregation. He overcame the obstacles in front of him. All most all heroes over came everything to be immortalised.

The way to become a heroes is to overcome all obstacles that have been put in front of you. That statement is not an easy one to overcome but it can be done. When most humans face a challenge or adversity they quit they give because that is the easy route. That is why heroes are not common among people they are usually not known as heroes ill they have died. Today’s culture is known when things get rough it is time to run or leave it alone. I look at life that if I do not have any issues or challenges in front of me. know that the storm is coming.

Dealing with adversity can be very difficult at times but, having strong faith is key. Early my freshman year I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. I have struggled a lot with it I have contemplated taking my life a couple times. My grades have slipped, I have pushed people away and lost many friends. I am still here and everyday I persevere through everything put n front of me. I will strive to be the best I can be I hate doing less than my best because. I need to better for too long I have waited on an opportunity but it will never come the only way for an opportunity to show itself is if you make it.

If you look around you will see hundreds upon thousands of people who are just waiting for something to show. It never will Life is something that is very delicate and living life to the best of your ability everyday is the goal because. Living life with zero regrets is almost short of impossible but, if you live doing what you love and what you believe is right. Then you have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing is impossible just because an obstacle, challenge or dilemma is in front of you. It is not the end it is just the beginning of climbing the mountain.

Heroes are just idolized by people who want to live up to how great they were. There will never be another Jordan, Newton, or even Hercules. You should want to be you and be the best you can be. Heroes are legends, and immortalized sports players do not believe what everybody else say live up to what you can be Most heroes die a tragic death very few have ever lived a full live. So is it that ambitious to be a hero? Heroes were monumental to societies they brought hope, faith and sometimes life to others around them.

Heroes exhibit amazing qualities but, what exactly makes a hero an epic hero. Many heroes exhibit larger than life characteristics, supernatural aid, and tragic a flaw. Achilles exhibits most of these epic hero qualities through “The Iliad” where he fights a ten year war against the Trojans. “Larger than life” is a very loosely used term to describe and epic hero. Epics have all showed great accomplishments and out of this world task. Achilles only has one flaw and that is is his heel “It will make you owerful. But it will also make you weak.

Your prowess in combat will be beyond any mortal’s, but your weaknesses, your failings will increase as well. “( Rick Riordan, The Last Olympian). Talking about how Achilles his very strong in almost every sense with strength, courage, and honor but, he will have a weakness that is again his Achilles tendon. It also talks about how Achilles will be better in battle than any mortal ever would be and it is shown when he defeats Hector in battle. Achilles had other qualities about him that make him larger than life for example is birth. “We are all there, goddess and mortal and the boy who was both. (Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles).

Achilles had a noble birth but was half mortal, half god which gives him one of his larger than life qualities. Achilles also had a prophecy about him that said: he would overthrow his father that his why he is half mortal because no god in Olympus would marry his mother. Achilles has done tremendous things in mythology that proves that he was larger than life he proved it on the battlefield and definitely in his own word of mouth. Tragic flaws are very ommon in epic heroes; Achilles tragic flaw was his hubris.

One instance that would prove Achilles would have hubris is when him and hector fought and when hector told Achilles that he would return his body or a proper burial and hector would wish the same or him when he died Achilles laughed in his face. “The dogs and kites will/ rip your body”. (Homer, The Iliad). Achilles say this right after he had just slain Hector and avenging patroclus death. He was so arrogant when he spoke to Hector through their entire battle not just the death of Hector. A tragic flaw usually lead to the heroes utter demise.

When a man will take my life in battle too/flinging a spear perhaps Or whipping a deadly arrow off his bow. ” (Homer, The Iliad). This quote is predicting his death with a shot of an arrow to Achilles heel which does happen and kills him. Achilles also knew his death was coming because he thought that he was good enough to defeat Hector that he would be good enough to defeat Parris. That was Achilles tragic flaw his own arrogance and hubris caused his untimely death. Supernatural aid is seen through most of Achilles life. Whether it was being dipped in the Styx river, or his mother just being a god.

There were a lot of cases where Achilles had supernatural aid. From Child Achilles was born to Thetis Goddess of Water. Achilles was half mortal half god because nobody would marry Thetis because of the prophecy an oracle told her how her son would be more powerful than the father. When Thetis dipped him in the water she also granted Achilles immortality. Achilles also had help with defeating Hector by having Athena disguises as Hector’s brother and having him fight Achilles (insert quote here). With that quote demonstrating supernatural aid by there one being gods and those gods being able to shapeshift into the brother of an opponent.

Achilles is one of the best heroes to use as an epic hero because. Achilles has many larger than life qualities such as his strength, speed, and immortality. He also has a tragic flaw which his Hubris or arrogance that lead Parris to shoot an arrow through his heel that he would eventually die from. Achilles also has supernatural being half god: having the goddess Athena on his side and shape-shifting or him to fight Hector and also being dipped in the Styx river that made him immortal. Achilles exhibits many epic hero qualities that is what makes him the best epic hero to study.

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