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Jerry Mcghoulberry Leadership Style

Once upon a time there were two brothers who lived a wonderful life in the 1110’s in Cedar Kingdom where they were born and raised. Mr Cuddlesworth was a unflustered, humorous, born leader. He was the most humble guy in the kingdom and he was about six feet tall. Jerry McGhoulberry was a born fighter who could take on anyone and everyone. He was the bravest, strongest and most loyal to his wife Tabitha McGhoulberry. In Cedar Kingdom everything was perfect. There was no evil and only good. It was a stress free place with lights shining like christmas lights with trees glooming.

Everybody was friendly and filled with joy until one day the The League of Super Evil otherwise known as L. O. S. E raided our kingdom they killed innocent people took children away for good and took McGhoulberry’s wife who he thought had cheated on him with someone else in the kingdom. When McGhoulberry came back from hunting for food for everyone at the kingdom he entered the gates with a big grin on his face as if he was going to see his wife. The guard yelled out, “We are under attack! ” McGhoulberry runs to his wife and sees that everyone was falling apart and had sad faces.

McGhoulberry had noticed that the place was destroyed. When he found out that the kingdom was raided and that Tabitha was missing, he then got furious. His eyes were red as a fireball and turned into a madman that didn’t take no for an answer. He drunk booze to ease the pain. Everyone was scared to talk to him because he frightened everyone. The League Of Super Evil were known for evilness and terrifying men with horns on their head weighing about four hundred pounds and above seven feet tall.

Next day, McGhoulberry carved Tabitha’s name on his chest to remember her as his lovely wife that he truly loved since he first laid eyes on her. McGhoulberry goes and searches for her hoping that one day he’ll find her. Tabitha was trapped and held prisoner until they got what they wanted in the L. O. S. E. camp where it was freezing cold and everything was covered in snow. All the trees were dead, the grass was black, and the odor was so bad they smelled like rotten eggs. “Five miles north” is what the note said. He left the note under a rock near a bridge.

McGhoulberry then went inside the camp and fights the soldiers of L. O. S. E and took on an entire horde of them with his sword and slashed every single one of their heads off but before he could turn around he gets shot with arrows in his back five times. It’s been five whole months since Mr. Cuddlesworth has heard back from his brother. He started to worry and sent his soldiers to go and find them but then they came back with bad news emotionally saying that he had been found dead with five arrows in his back was dead. Cuddlesworth cried for his brother like never before and started to get on his knees and beg to God that his brother would come back but nothing happened.

Time was passing by. It was already time for McGhoulberry’s birthday he went to the place where his brother died and saw for himself what really happened. Cuddlesworth seeked for help from the kingdom but many were injured and heart broken with deep sorrow from losing their loved ones in the fight. Some agreed to help him and started the long journey to search for his brother. He knew that his brother was never coming back to life again he was only doing it because he wanted revenge for what they did.

Along the way he came across some demons that were disguised as peasants from a village not so far away from home so he then drew his weapon and the black eyed demon had a proposition for him. Mr. Cuddlesworth wasn’t interested in it at first, but he then convinced him by telling him that if he could bring his brother back to life by just making a deal. Cuddlesworth sat there thinking about it. He then agreed to the deal because he was desperate. He was selling his soul to the demon for his brother and only get 5 years to live until the soul is his.

He was on the way to the place when he crossed a bridge village where his brother had stayed at a long time ago. His brother had helped the village fight many battles and succeed. He became the right hand of the king. He was liked by the the people and the king successor. His own son had died and treated Jerry McGhoulberry as one of his own. King Joseph soldiers started fighting with our men and threw us in jail. They then brought me to their king and forced me to talk to him and I told him that my Tabitha had been captured and held prisoner and that my beloved brother had been dead. The king wanted to help us fight them.

We all gathered our equipment and were ready to battle. We were about 20 miles from the place we all combined our alliances to fight their leader King Joseph’s evil, John. Joseph’s brother betrayed his own family to rule his own army of evil soldiers to live in his own castle with his peasants. We began the fight at the cowardly place. Many enemies and good men died as heroes. My men had gone to go rescue Tabitha and McGhoulberry who was alive at last! McGhoulberry woke up with five holes in his back. He was agonizing in pain thinking it was all a dream but was very happy to see his wife again in months.

King Joseph, McGhoulberry and I go and get ready to fight and defeat Lord John. He killed his own brother with his own sword and didn’t flinch or hesitate to back away. McGhoulberry then got angry and killed him with his bare hands! His knuckles were bleeding and he broke his hand but didn’t care. He then went up to me and said “thank you brother”. He will never know that I sold my soul to a demon to get his life back because he’ll then try to do the same for me and I could never live with that to know that he sold his soul to a demon.

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