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Expansive Social Contract

‘So, I ask you, which of these systems epitomize life’s natural order? Which of these systems will produce individuals who possess the skills and habits of mind necessary to confront the realities of this nasty, short, and brutish life? Will the greatness of this nation be maintained by individuals who believe that life owes them a living, or by those who believe that anything they are due will be reaped by talent, ability, and, at times, ruthless cunning? ’ ‘Beacon students, I am counting on you. The trajectory of our nation is on a perilous path.

Institutions have sprung up around you that will try to convince you that the expansive social contract offered by government can protect us from the realities of life. Too many Americans believe that the laws of men can insulate us from the laws of nature. Too many Americans are willing to turn over their liberty to the rule of tyrants, tyrants who supplicate us with the promise of cradle to grave care in exchange for indentured servitude. Too many Americans are willing to forego the blessing of liberty that is the birthright of this nation, and, instead, scurry around for the crumbs cast forth by a crumbling welfare state.

Where will this inevitably lead us? Like lambs to the slaughter, this thinking will lead us to economic and social slavery, slavery not found in leg irons and chains, slavery found in the cycle of debt, deficit and dependence that is the core of big government. ’ ‘You Beacon student know better. You know the value of hard work. You understand the importance of self-reliance. When you leave here today, you will quickly discover something: People will be drawn to you in droves. Your strength and rugged individualism are powerful forces.

Like steel to a magnet, the force of your character, your ability, your instinct, and your willingness to put trust in nothing but your own skill and ability; these traits will pull at the heart and inspire the minds of those who have been conditioned to place their faith in the progressive state. Let them come, Beacon students, let them come. Inspire them with the power of your sense of self. Lead them. And, in the process, show them that faith in God, faith in the family, and faith in self is the only true source of strength. Let them not abide the false prophets who offer salvation in the laws of men.

I call on you to lead, Beacon students; I call on you to lead us out of the wilderness. ” The air was electric. Edward’s words swirled in the ether, capturing the mind of everyone in attendance. The crowd erupted with Dionysian fervor. Even the reporters there to cover the address were enraptured by the charisma and draw of Edward Birch. William cheered along with the masses. He looked around the field, staring deeply into the faces of the graduates, faculty, family, friends, and those assembled to capture the moment for posterity.

The features contorted unnaturally, twisting simultaneously with orgasmic pleasure and festering rage. The roar of the crowd echoed over the Long Wharf neighborhood, as though a legion of Spartans was preparing to lay siege the city. *** AFTER the graduates received their diplomas, the security detail hustled Edward to the Beacon Cafe. The graduates and guests were invited to a reception in the main cafeteria. Several dozen dignitaries sipped champagne and talked politics with Edward at a VIP reception in the Beacon Cafe. Tabitha was glued to Edward’s side.

William watched Tabitha moon over Edward, hanging on his every word. The lady with the iPad offered William a flute of champagne. “Thank you,” William said, taking the flute and downing the champagne in a quick gulp. “He really is impressed with your work here,” the lady said, nodding in the direction of Edward. “The Movement is grateful for everything you’ve accomplished. ” “It has been a pleasure,” William said. “Edward would like a private meeting you before he leaves. ” “Really? With me? William asked. “Yes. ” “What does he want? ” “I’ll let him tell you in person.

Just hang around, I’ll let you know when he’s ready to speak with you. ” William downed a few more flutes of champagne. His eyes never left Tabitha and Edward. He watched them exchange a private word and slip quietly out of the Beacon Cafe. William waited a minute, and then followed them. He watched them walk hand-in-hand down a corridor towards Tabitha’s classroom. William tried to follow, but one of the men from the security detail stepped in front of him and put a hand in his chest. “Can’t go down there,” the man said. William looked down at the hand in the center of his chest.

He considered grabbing the man’s wrist and ripping the arm from its socket. He paused when he saw two more men from the security detail eye him suspiciously. “Where are they going? ” William asked. A knowing smile curled at the corners of the man’s lips. “Your guess is as good as mine. ” William returned to the VIP reception. He gulped flute after flute of champagne. He wished for something stronger, but was grateful for the slow buzz that dulled his mind. William stepped back into the hall. Two men from the security detail were stationed at the entrance to the hallway leading to Tabitha’s classroom.

He suspected a set of men would be stationed at the far end of the hallway keeping an eye on the other exit. What the security detail didn’t know was that there was a third way to access the corridor. All William had to do was sneak downstairs into the dojo, and walk up the stairwell leading to the middle of the hallway. William swallowed two more flutes of champagne and made his way down to the dojo. Alcohol surged through William, fueling a jealous anger that burned a white-hot pit in his chest. “Fucking slut,” William hissed to the empty dojo. The armory was locked.

Marc had the only key to access the guns, but William had the combination to a stash of marital arts weapons in a faculty locker. He twisted the combination and opened the locker. He chose a small, 6-inch scroll dagger from the gleaming array of weapons. He’d been practicing with the scroll dagger for the past semester, honing his skills. He placed the sheath against the small of his back, held tightly by his belt. He walked to the center of the dojo and began rehearsing the motions necessary to retrieve the dagger and slice a track neck-high through the air in front of him.

The alcohol slowed his actions, but he was still impressed with his speed and accuracy. William quietly ascended the staircase, and slowly pressed the crash bar on the door at the top of the steps. He cracked the door open a few inches and peered down the corridor. Men from the security detail were visible at one of the hallway. The other end of the corridor was empty. William pressed the door open just wide enough to slide through, and closed the door behind him. He walked on the sides of his feet across the hall, and pressed himself against the wall outside of Tabitha’s classroom.

He waited, keeping a close eye on the men at the end of the hallway. “I’m gonna take a leak,” one of the men said. “You got this? ” “Yeah, go ahead. I’m sure he’ll finish with her soon enough,” the other man said. “I don’t know. That one was pretty fuckin’ hot. He might take his time with her. ” The men laughed. One of the bodyguards walked away. The other guard leaned against the wall and began playing a game on his iPhone. William stepped in front of the door and stared into the classroom through a long, narrow, rectangular window.

He saw Edward leaning back against the teacher’s desk, the palms of hands planted firmly on the desk, his head raised toward the ceiling. His pants were on the floor, bundled around his ankles. Tabitha was on her knees, her head bobbing up and down. William watched Edward reach down with his right hand and grab a handful of Tabitha’s hair. He held her head firmly in place. He steadied himself with his left hand planted on the desk, and stared at the top of Tabitha’s head. His hips pounded violently like a jackhammer, and then settled into a few rhythmic hiccups as he reached climax.

His body shook softly as he fell into the warm afterglow of an orgasm. Tabitha relaxed the back of her throat to forestall the gag reflex. Edward went flaccid in her mouth. She leaned back and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. She felt someone’s eyes on her. She looked at the door and saw William staring in through the window. Mascara smeared her cheekbones and her hair was a frenzied mess. Her blouse was ripped open and bra unsnapped from the front. Tabitha held William’s gaze for a long second.

She smiled and then turned away. “William’s outside,” Tabitha said to Edward. Oh, good, I wanted to have a word with him. William, come on in,” Edward said as he pulled his pants over his hips and began tucking in his shirt. William opened the door and stepped into the classroom. Edward reached out his hand to help Tabitha up. Tabitha accepted Edward’s hand and pulled herself up off her knees. She pulled the bra around her breasts and snapped the front clasp. “Well, aren’t you quite the voyeur,” Tabitha said, buttoning her blouse.

“Now, now, Tabitha, it’s alright. We’re all adults here,” Edward said without the slightest hint of shame or embarrassment in his voice. Why don’t you go the bathroom and get yourself cleaned up. I have some things to talk to William about. ” William stepprf forward until he was six feet from Edward. His eyes never left Tabitha. She looked worn and used, but, at the same time, unbelievably sexy. The image of her on her knees seared into William’s mind. He shook his head, trying desperately to displace the image of her bobbing head, and the euphoric expression on Edward’s face. He reached his hand around the small of his back and gently caressed the handle of the scroll dagger.

He turned his head and stared at Edward, estimating the distance between them. In two, quick, coordinated movements, he could draw the dragger and slice Edward’s throat. Tabitha would undoubtedly try to stop him. If she knew the attack was coming, she could slow him down or possibly disarm him completely. Tabitha had sparred with William in the dojo several times over the past semester; using Krav Maga under the close tutelage of Marc to practice repelling a knife-wielding assailant. But with surprise on his side, there was no chance for her to reach him before the blade sliced a course through Edward’s jugular.

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