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Christmas Tree Research Paper

Do you like having a fresh Christmas Tree every year? There are several lots for fresh cut trees, and some where you can go and cut your own tree. Tim Mitchells Christmas Trees Tim Mitchell originally started this business in 1950 and it has become a family tradition for many, including those who run the business.

They also offer tree setup and removal services for their large trees. You can also find a variety of other decorations for your home at their locations. They have a location in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Gilbert Arizona. They are opening December 1st, so come back and check the site for times at www. immitchellschristmastrees. et. Tolmachoff Farms They have precut Christmas trees and also do Santa appearances.

They are located at 6726 N 75th Ave in Glendale Arizona. Please call 623-386-1301 for more information. Vertuccio Farms They also offer precut Christmas trees and other various decorations. They are located at 4011 S Power Road in Mesa Arizona. Please call 480-650-6611 or email conoandangela@myway. com for more information. Mast-Roth Farms They have various lot locations in Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Tolleson, Yuma, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Peoria, Tucson, Goodyear, Chandler, and Queen Creek Arizona. Please call 503-577-6297 or email mastrothfarms@mac. om. Now, if picking up a fresh cut tree isn’t your idea of a fresh tree, and you would rather cut one yourself, there is a way to do that as well.

You will have to purchase a tree-cutting tag from Big Sporting Goods stores. Once you purchase your tag, then you wait for the cutting season which generally starts at the end of November. While the season has not yet been announced for 2009, please call 602-225-5258 for more information. This number is for the forest service line. Arizona Christmas Tree Farm You have to be willing to drive to Flagstaff for these trees since they are located t 3801 Country Club Dr in Flagstaff Arizona.

However, at this farm you pick your tree, and they cut it down for you. You can pick your tree in any size from 4ft to 12ft. Please call 928-606-2943 or email christmastreecraig@yahoo. com for more information. As you can see, there are various options to obtain a fresh tree for Christmas. Have fun while picking one out, weather it is pre-cut or you go and cut it yourself. Have a safe and fun Christmas! Best After Christmas Sales in New York City – The time between the after Christmas and before New Year’s is a shopper’s holiday. A massive influx of cut-downs and bargains weep our stores, and the whole nation becomes in frenzy.

Most people, like myself, love to shop but hate the frenzy, and for this matter a shopping strategy is definitely needed. First off, know what you want to buy. Many people shop without even a clue on what they want to buy, and quite often end up wasting their and other customers’ time, and spending a ton of money on things that they would probably never use. Second, know in advance where the sales are going to be. Now this can be a pretty tricky task. Living in New York, there are endless sales going on at the same time within millions of stores.

Definitely go to the store that has the most discounts first, it will usually be the most crowded and the emptiest by the end of the day. Here are some places that have great discounts: 1. For every day bits and pieces, Target or Super Target is a great place to shop. Target usually has discount from 60-70% on everything from clothing, Christmas decorations, and groceries. 139 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217 2. For tools and home improvement, Lowes seems to have the best deals. Lowes’ discount can range anywhere between 60-70% off on most of the store. LOWE’S OF BROOKLYN, NY, #1674, 118 2ND AVENUE, BROOKLYN, NY 11215 .

The best place to shop for clothing is Macy’s. Macy’s is very good with sales and discounts all year round, but during after Christmas is where the real mark-downs come into action. You could save up to 60-80% on things for the home, and of course clothing. It is also a great time to buy designer and name brand clothing at a discount price. 151 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001 4. Other places to shop for clothing are Old Navy and Victoria Secret. Old Navy has mark-downs for shirts at sometimes $3-5 dollars, pants at $10, and outerwear at sometimes even a jaw dropping $10. Victoria Secret has their emiannual sale around this time also.

After Christmas is a great time to snag their holiday special lingerie. Most of Victoria Secret’s merchandise an easily go for a nice 50-60% off. Old Navy: BROADWAY/SPRING-SOHO, 503 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, NY 10012-4401. Victoria Secret: 115 5TH AVE, NEW YORK, NY 10003 Since Christmas gift giving puts a hurt on many families’ finances, the Christmas tree tends to take a backseat. But there is no need to eliminate the Christmas tree entirely to save money. You can just cut back on the decorations! It’s easy and fun to decorate a Christmas tree with a low budget since there are so many fun options.

Store bought tree decorations: Spray paint- If you have an artificial Christmas tree that you use each year but want a different look you should try using spray paint to change the color of the Christmas tree. Spray paint is cheap and quick to use to decorate your Christmas tree. Dollar store toys – If you are looking for cheap options, check out the dollar store’s toy and party sections. You can use small toys and Christmas party favors as Christmas tree decorations by just adding ribbon to hand them. Natural tree decorations: Natural elements – You can turn elements in your own back yard into cheap Christmas tree decorations.

You can use pine cones, leaves, and small twigs from your yard. Just gather them up and use spray paint and glitter to transform them into stunning decorations for your tree. Food tree decorations: Popcorn garland – This is a classic budget decoration for Christmas trees. Using a needle string thread through popcorn to create the garland. To get creative you can dye or paint the popcorn with food coloring or spray paint for a different and more sophisticated look. Gingerbread cookies – These gingerbread cookies with icing are cheap and easy to make.

You can hang them from ribbon or fishing line at various places on your Christmas tree for cute and edible decorations. Paper tree decorations: Origami – An easy and chip option is to fold paper to make decorations. You can google directions for Christmas related origami and you can use paper you already have by cutting it to size. Christmas card images- if you have saved old christmas cards or have a stash of unused ones, you can cut the images out from the card and use them as Christmas tree decorations.

Tips for finding Christmas tree decorations on a budget: 1. Buy ornaments when they are on sale. This means buying your ornaments year round at garage sales and markets. You can find great sales during the summer. 2. Throw a Christmas party and ask guest to bring an ornament to put on the tree. You give people a food and fun times and they decorate your tree. 3. Unify your decorations. Basing your tree decorations around one theme, element or color will save you money and give you a classy looking Christmas tree. 4. Think outside the box. You don’t have to buy a single thing to decorate a beautiful tree. Just look around the house and get creative! Source: Previous experience. We have never paid much for our Christmas tree decorations and our trees always look amazing.

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