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Australians Against Further Immigration

Australia’s immigration policy is disastrous, proceeding as if there is no balance of payment problem, no foreign debt and no geographical or environmental constraints to population growth. Continued immigration will finally and irreversibly alter the natural and urban environment, economic viability and attitudes and culture of our nation. The people have been consulted on, or given their consent to, the interwoven policies of immigration and multiculturalism. It is now time for Australians to demand their democratic rights, reclaim their sovereignty and demand a say in the future of their nation.

Australians Against Further Immigration want immigration drastically reduced to zero net. That is, out immigration numbers should merely replace those permanently leaving Australia each year – historically running between 20,000 and 30,000. At this policy of institutionalised, publicly funded multiculturalism should be scrapped. We are a non-racist organisation and attempts to convert the debate to one of race and emotion is a deliberate ploy to silence critics and avoid the real issues. We believe in freedom of speech.

The philosopher Spinoza said, In a free state every man can think what he wants and say what he thinks. This hould apply here to debates on immigration. We care about Australia and want to pass our heritage to our children and their children. We want to preserve our Australian identity. We stress that migrants already in Australia are welcome, what we are against is further immigration and the effect this in now having on social harmony. Our opposition is the pro-immigration lobby comprised of big business including the media, the ethnic lobby, churches, misguided humanitarians and both sides of politics.

It is our own successive governments inflicting these policies on us and they, not the individual migrant, should bear the blame. We are concerned about the effect of immigration and multiculturalism on this country where as the pro-immigration lobby is only concerned for the migrant or their own interests. ENVIRONMENT Australia, the world’s oldest and driest continent, with severe soil degradation and climatic uncertainty – a land of, droughts and flooding rains’ already faces declining agricultural productivity.

Only 10% of our huge land mass is arable and this land produces less grain than two small states in the USA. The reality is that we always will be a small food producer by international standards. Australia has a responsibility to protect its bio-diversity and not allow its flora and fauna to be pushed form their habits to extinction because of population or economic pressures. In comparison, the pro-immigration lobby feel that we have no moral right to this land unless we push development to the limit. Our population must be stabilised as elsewhere in the world.

The use of water for irrigation, urban demand and sewage disposal, is already straining supply to the limits. Our main cities have grown beyond their optimum size. Pollution, traffic, urban sprawl, failing community service, crime and ower quality of life are occurring. Crowed, sprawling, smog covered cities, with all of the dysfunctional problems of Los Angles, are the inevitable consequences of further mass immigration. Yet the government plans to double the size of our major cities over the next 30 years by immigration.

Is this what Australians, new and old, or of and ethnic group wants? The Premier of NSW, Bob Carr was right when he said, the nation can’t handle more people…. Sydney is bursting at the seams…. the debate ought to be about carrying capacity of the continent – a continent that has lousy soils, fragile egetation and depleted and degraded river systems. ECONOMICS To cope with our massive immigration problem which has produced the fastest population growth in the OECD, we are spending $15 billion per annum.

Each year Australia must build the equivalent of a city the size of Geelong, with all its infrastructure and social services just to cope with one years immigration intake. Every migrant in Australia, must be provided with accommodation, food, transport, a job, schools, pensions, hospitals, water, electricity, roads, sewerage, universities and all the basic necessities of life. This has been a ajor factor in bankrupting Australia and has given us a foreign debt currently standing at $170 billion with a current account deficit of about $2 billion per month, half of which is due to immigration.

It is no surprise that we have the highest per capita foreign debit in the world. Paul Keating was right, when he said in his maiden speech to parliament in 1970, It is time we considered the enormous cost of bringing migrants to this country . Even the pro-immigration, Bureau of Immigration and Population Research, could not find any economic benefits from our immigration program – and their onclusion came from a study which was biased by omitting the enormous infrastructure costs mentioned above.

Too few people recognise or question the corrosive influence internationalisation of our economy has had on our society and the part that immigration is playing in that process – the breakdown of unionism and consequent deterioration of awards/working conditions, the predatory nature of foreign investment/ownership, the destruction of manufacturing/dropping of tariffs and consequent unemployment/increased imports with associated increased foreign debt, the privatisation of publicly own schemes and dual citizenship.

All of these contribute to our diminishing capacity to shape our national destiny as we are re-colonised by deregulated global capacity. Bipartisanship ensures these policies will further foreign take over towards a point of no return. If we can not stop immigration we will never stop the rest. UNEMPLOYMENT A country in debt must decrease all spending. This means less jobs and higher unemployment. We now have 1 million unemployed and to add 100,000 migrants each year is insanity. These people can only take jobs from the existing pool or join the dole queue. 0% of all migrants over the last 5 years have joined the ong term unemployment queues! A similar percentage of our own youth are also unable to get a job. To create a new job in Australia requires a capital outlay of $150,000 per job. With a foreign debt of $170 billion we are in no position to create these new jobs. We have spent our scarce funds on immigration induced growth, rather than on plant, equipment, training and jobs in export and import replacing industries. It is morally indefensible to import skilled labour into Australia whilst not training our own youth and our skilled labour remains unemployed.

Yet both Liberal and Labour regard importing skilled migrants as the way to increase the labour market! DEFENCE The 1987 government policy paper on the defence of Australia stated, no population increase is necessary for defence. Today’s defence needs require a strong economy and sophisticated, expensive military infrastructure. We need a professional well trained mobile technically advanced force with access to sophisticated weapon systems. A cohesive and united society, not a divided multicultural society, is what is needed for our defence.

HUMANITARIANISM In a world with 95 million extra people per annum and with 35 million refugees, ur immigration program can only help 1/10th of 1% of these people and then only at the expensive of our quality of life and environment. Foreign aid, not immigration is the logical way for humanitarian relief. Only genuine refugees in fear for their lives, should be granted temporary entry into Australia and then returned to their country of origin when the danger is passed. Economic illegal migrants, whether arriving in leaky boats or through our airports and falsely claiming refugee status, should be immediately deported.

HEALTH Our hospital waiting lists are evidence of the fact we are already not coping. Many new diseases are mow being introduced into Australia. TB and Hepatitis B from Asia will become a greater and greater problem. We are already seeing 1,000 deaths per annum from Hepatitis B and rates of TB contact in inner Sydney schools of 25%. The government admits it does not have the resources to immunise those as risk of Hepatitis B or to provide the necessary TB screening procedures. EDUCATION Is the choice school or the dole?

There is a shortage of real education producing real skills for real jobs. The preferential admission of children of migrants to universities under the unfair LOTE (Language Other Than English) onus ensures Australian children will be disadvantaged and the government will create an educated ethnic elite to take over positions of power and control in Australia. MEDIA Media communication on immigration and multiculturalism is severely censored, the media presenting what they want you to know and think.

Be your own judge and do not rely on the flawed views of journalists whose job opportunities rely on editors and media owners who are part of the pro-immigration lobby. CULTURE We understand the desire for migrants to maintain there culture in Australia for Australians have exactly the same desire to maintain our culture, history and traditions, and we see no reason why migrant cultures should be maintained when it is at the expensive of ours. The Australian culture is unique and we shall fight to defend it. Our culture emphasises a balanced life, free of excessive striving and materialism and has created an attractive society.

As in the USA, Canada and New Zealand, Australia has incorporated the best features of British culture – the balance of law, freedom and order, separation of public services and politics, conflict solving by debate and not by force, violence and nsurrection, tolerance of minorities, economic opportunity, fortitude in war without militarism and provision of social services. We have our distinctive art, music, theatre, literature, sport and film with achievements in science, medicine, social welfare and a unique quality of life. Our culture developed from our history, our common memories, stories and traditions.

Australia led the way with the secret ballot, the 8 hour day votes for women, invalid, widow and old age pensions, strong trade unions the arbitration system and the basic wage. Our culture embodies the values of egalitarianism and mateship. It rejects excessive authority and believes in a fair go, admiration for the battler and a belief in the individual. Currently we are seeing our culture replaced by a new culture for Australia, called multiculturalism – a philosophy that has failed wherever in the world it has been tried such as in Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Bosnia, Chechnya, Rwanda, Tibet, Isreal, Briton, Timor ect.

Multiculturalism always produces conflict between group rights and individual rights. The small l’ liberal establishment, who so strongly support multicultururalism, seem blind to the fact that their hilosophy of individual rights will disappear under the pressure of group, ethnic and racial rights in a multicultural society. Now we are being told that Australia is a part of Asia and that we must adopt Asian cultural values. Values that are often totally alien to our civilisation values and background.

COUNTRY AUSTRALIA Country Australia is paying a high price for immigration. At the same time as the government cries, poor, and removes country services such as hospitals, post offices, schools, police and railways ect. , they bring into Australia 120,000 migrants per year and provides them with all the services in the cities. You lose your post office and railways and migrants get jobs in post offices and on railways! Immigration costs Australia $15 billion annually. Just imagine the services which could be provided if this $15 billion were spent in rural areas.

Electorally, one year’s migrant intake is now more important to our politicians than rural Australia which has provided most of Australia’s export income for 200 years. Most countries look after their export earners, but our government ignores, denigrates and exploits ours! ASIANISATION The government’s justification for continuing mass immigration into Australia an be summarised in one word – Asianisation. Our politicians plan an Asian future for Australia. As Immigration Minister, Senator Bolkus, said on the 6/12/94, we cannot cut and should not cut immigration because of our integration with Asia.

Do we need to change the ethnic/racial make up of Australia for trade? Trade comes and goes, but the soul of our nation should not be traded for money, international approval or to fulfil a bizarre social experiment. 70% of our program is from Asian countries and ANU demographer, Charles Price, concluded that Australia will be 27% Asian within 25 years and of course it does ot stop there. In a democracy, how dare our government force such changes on the Australian people without their consent, but also against their often polled opinion.

IN SUMMARY:- We have a clear choice of accepting increasing immigration with the consequent exploitation of this land and a falling standard of living and quality of life, living in crowded, polluted, high density cities, with over-taxed recreational areas and intercommunal tensions and feeling like strangers in our own country. The economic consequences of an increasing foreign debt, foreign ownership and ndesirable, unsustainable economic expansion, will destroy any chance of maintaining the best features of Australian life as we know it.

And, as migrant numbers increase, there will be an escalating push for higher migrant intake which eventually will be unstoppable. OR Stoping mass immigration and attempting to live in harmony with our fragile environment, creating an economically and environmental sound, self reliant and self sustaining community, maintaining our quality of life and handing to the next generation a country to be cherished, and free from problems of over population.

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