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Homosexual Adoption Essay

Homosexuality is becoming more acceptable in today’s society; however, when it comes to homosexuals establishing a family, issues begin to arise. As of 2015, 27 states are opposed to homosexual adoptions due to the fact that the bible states it is a sin and individuals perceiving themselves as homosexuals will go to Hell. There is also the outlook on being raised in a homosexual family will result in the child growing up to be homosexual themselves. Although homosexual marriage is now legal across the nation, adoption agencies can still discriminate on homosexual adoptions.

Whether the potential parents of an adopted child are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender- the ultimate concern is what is in the child’s best interest. The bible, a holy book, does agree that being a homosexual is a sin. In a section of the bible it states, “Leviticus 18:22: You shall not lie with a man as with a woman. It is an abomination. ” Although the bible states being a homosexual is a sin, it then states, “John 1:9: If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. ” Homosexuality is not a sin because it is not chosen.

A neuroscientist named Simon LaVay conducted a study in 1993 on whether or not homosexuality was choice. LaVay’s findings were quite interesting. For example, LaVay stated “Genes are not the only biological roots for homosexuality. Womb environment is thought to play a significant role too, since part of what determines development of a fetus is the level and mix of hormones to which it is exposed during gestation… clearly, none of us choose our genetics or finger length or birth order or ear structure, and none of us choose our sexuality either. ”

LaVay’s study of homosexuality proves that one cannot help whom they love. Next, there is the thought of children growing up in a homosexual family, will turn homosexual themselves. Pope Francis, the pope of the Catholic Church in Vatican City, believes that is true because seeing two homosexual parents kiss throughout their lifetime will make the child want to experience with the same sex. That statement is not true. The American Psychological Association explains, “Sexual identities develop in the same ways among children of homosexuals as they do among children of homosexuals.

Whether the parents of a child are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, or straight- the ultimate concern is what is in the child’s best interest. Whether a child is raised in a single family, traditional family, or homosexual family, there are no gender roles. Whether there is a mother or father figure children will still learn the same necessities to grow up in life and become independent. Former foster child Cassandra Shafer said “I grew up in a single parent foster family and my foster mom was awesome!

She taught me everything I needed to know from cooking a meal to changing oil… it were not for her, I am not sure how I could manage working full time, going to school part time, and managing to keep my home clean, my car up to par, and eating healthy meals. ” Shafer is now 22 and is a single parent to her 3 year old son. Shafer’s last words before leaving were “I am grateful I learned what I did from my foster mom… when my son is 16, I can teach him how to change oil, split wood, and lay cement. I will be the first person to let anyone know, there are no gender roles. ” Homosexual marriage was legalized in June of 2015 across all 50 states.

If homosexual couples can now legally arry, they should be able to create a loving family. The first amendment of the United States Constitution reveals that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. ” As the first amendment of the United States Constitution, explains religion has no effect on the laws put into place, and no one should be judged due to their choice of religion. If homosexual adoption becomes legalized in all 50 states, the number of children in Foster Care would decline excessively and allow homosexuals families to have a family of their own.

According to the United States Department of Health & Human Services in 2015, there are 510,000 children in Foster Care nationwide. Out of 510,000, there are 104,000 children waiting to be adopted by a family who can love them. Children who are not adopted and live throughout the system until they age out at the age of 18, are unsuccessful in the job force and unprepared for higher education. The best interest of the child, is definitely not living from foster home to foster home until they turn 18.

The best interest for the child would be to live in a home, regardless of the sexual orientation of their parents. As long as the child has a home, a family to love them, and everyday living essentials, the parents should not be discriminated against. If nothing changes by 2020, the amount of children in foster care will triple in numbers. Nearly 10. 5 million children will spend some time of their life in foster care, leaving 300,000 of them to age out of the system with no support. 300,000 children unprepared for higher success in education and no hope for the job force.

Not to mention the 75,000 children who will have no family to turn to and be introduced into homelessness the minute they age out of foster care. The hope for the future of the children to be successful is slim to none. The pool of uncharted homosexual couples wanting to adopt is nearly 3 million. If 3 million homosexuals couples are willing to adopt, there should be no if, and, or, buts involved. That is 3 million less children or more, if the couples decide to adopt more than one child, living off the foster care system. 3 million families being created and love being spread.

The decision to discriminate against homosexuals couples, not only effects them, but the children of the nation. Why are children being withheld the love and family one needs o survive? The children are being withheld the love and family because homosexual adoption has not yet been legalized. In the 23 states that have legalized homosexual adoption, there is still some “discrimination. ” In those states homosexual adoptions are legal, but only one parent may sign the birth certificate. The parent who decides to sign the birth certificate is granted all parental rights, basically excluding the other “parent. For example, the parent who signed the birth certificate is able to make all medical, schooling, and official decisions because they re deemed the “biological parent” of the child. Ultimately, leaving no connection of the other parent to make any decisions regarding the child.

Basically making homosexual adoptions meaningless because only one person may sign the birth certificate. As the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution declares, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex. The 14th amendment is being violated in not only 27 states, but all 50. Individuals should have equal rights no matter what. For example, if homosexual couples can now legally marry n all 50 states, homosexual couples should be able to adopt legally, with both names on the birth certificate in all 50 states. Not only are the homosexuals couples not being treated equally neither are the children. When the parent who signs the birth certificate passes away, who will be deemed the official decision maker? There would not be a process if both parents could legally sign the birth certificate.

The article “Second Parent Adoption: Homosexuals and The Best Interest of The Child” by Mark Maxwell goes in depth on the equal rights and what is the best interest of the child. The article includes basic remarks such as: building a loving family regardless sexual orientation, the United States has no right to say who can love one another, and that the best interest of the child is violated when the United States doesn’t allow the second party to be involved in ranges from medical decisions to benefiting the child financially for college.

Maxwell states, “The challenges faced by lesbian, gay, bi- sexual, and transgender parents and their children included a lack of equitable access to healthcare, income and affirming communities. “(263-264) Maxwell indicates that the challenges omosexual couples and their children have to face are much more different than the traditional-like families. Although a heterosexual family consists of one “biological” parent there is still a second “parent” figure which is better than a single parent family.

Next, the United States also denies children from receiving Social Security from the parent who did not sign the birth certificate. If a child is put into a loving home of homosexuals and one passes away, that family could go from two incomes to one, making the life style of the family harder to meet. The Social Security benefit from the other parent is very mportant. Not only does it need to go somewhere, the child living within the home should be able to receive it. Without the other parent signing the birth certificate the United States is preventing what rightfully belongs to the child.

For example, in a traditional family, when there is a mother and a father, when either one of parents pass away, the child is eligible to receive benefits from the state. When a child is adopted by a pair of homosexual individuals but only one of the parents are allowed to sign the birth certificate, the child is prevented from receiving enefits of the other parent who did not sign the birth certificate. Ultimately, unbinding the homosexual’s family at a legal stand point because the child only belongs to one partner, not both. Insurance is also an outstanding observation.

When homosexuals introduce a child to their family via adoption and only one parent can sign the birth certificate, it makes insurance harder to receive. For example, when one party signs the birth certificate and the other party has insurance, that child cannot be added to their policy because they are not his/her child. The arent who did sign the birth certificate may not work nor have insurance leaving the child uninsured. The best interest of the child is being violated because not having insurance is not what is best for the child.

Next follows the college finance situation. Due to the fact that only one parent could sign the birth certificate, it is leaving out more financial obligations to the other parent involved. For example, when filling out the FAFSA it asks for both parents information, such as income. When the child is filling out the application, they will only use one parent because the other parent has no right to be included. With a child growing up in a homosexual home and only one parent to sign everything, that may confuse the child.

How can two parents be involved but only one of them can legally make any suggestions to that child’s life? The best interest for the child would be to have two parents legally, instead of one. When homosexuals want to adopt, both parents should be involved due to a legal stance. The United States Constitution explains here is to be no discrimination when it comes to the people of the United States; however, when two people wish to adopt a child and their sexual orientation becomes an issue that is discrimination.

It is not about the sexual orientation for this matter it is about the love that binds a family. If two women or two men can provide for a child, they should both be able to have decisions on the child’s life till death do them part. If the marriage between to homosexuals is legal, legalization of homosexuals adopting together should also be legal. Whether the parents of a child are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender, the ultimate concern is the best interest of the child.

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