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Could it be a case of mental in stability caused from life’s struggles, or was this truly the work of an evil mastermind? Hitter’s rise to power is one that endured many struggles and life altering eve fits. Although Hitler did become dictator of Germany, he was not born there. Hitler r was born in Austria on April 20, 1889. 1 From Hitless first breath, his life was a struggle. Du ring his youth Hitler had five siblings but only one survived childhood, her name was Paula ( 18961960). 2 The struggles to come along with that in themselves affect a child dramatically, buy that was only the start of young Hitter’s struggle.

In 1 903 when Hitler was only thirteen years old, his father went for a walk into one of his favorite inn’s and requested a glass of wine, but before it arrived he collapsed and died of a lung hemorrhage. The loss of a father has a major impact on anyone, but this may not have been true for Hitler. Allis (Hitter’s father) was well known for being very short tempered and for commonly striking young Hitler. This is said to be done because Allis had an elder son from a 2 Doll Hitler; James Goblin (page 4) http://historicity’s. About. Com/odd/withholders/a/Hitlerism. Tm (point 3) previous marriage who ended up in jail for theft, he was not going to allow Hi teller to follow in his footsteps. 3 Following the death of his father, he applied twice to the Vienna Academy of A art to fulfill his dream of being an artist(1907 and 1908), but was denied both times. 4 Shortly after, to add to his troubles his mother passed away as well in 1908 forcing Hitler to live e on the streets of Vienna, only having small postcard samples of his artwork to sell to make who tavern money he could. Hitler continued this for about four years until in May Of 1913 he moved to GE Raman and volunteered to join the German military in WWW.

He served for four years and was awarded two Iron Crosses for bravery. Throughout WWW Hitler sustained two major injuries, in 1916 he was hit with grenade shrapnel and in 1918 he got caught in a gas attack and lost hi S VISIOn temporarily. During his recovery, Hitler was notified of Germany’s surrendering g and was furious, he felt as though Germany’s leaders had, “stabbed him in the back”. 5 This ignited Hitter’s determination for power and in 1919 he got involved in G Raman politics by becoming the 55th member of a small Anti Semitic party called the German Workers Party.

Hitler worked his way up the ladder with his abilities to speak and main palate and was soon the leader of the party. Once he achieved leadership he introduced a who ole new platform for the party, he created the parties symbol as a deep red background with a white circle and a swastika in the center. In 1 920 Hitler changed the Party name to the National Society of German 3 http://www. Historiographers. Co. UK/Titleholder. HTML (paragraph 1) http://historicity’s. Bout. Com/odd/withholders/a/Hitlerism. HTML (paragraph 2, point 1) 5 http://history sass. About. Com/odd/withholders/a/Hitlerism. Tm (paragraph 3, point 4) 4 Workers Party (i. E the Nazi Party). Over the Next several years Hitler gave ma NY public speeches, gaining him a great amount of attention and financial support, the party rapidly grew. Eager for dictatorship, Hitler and the party began developing a “coup” called t he Bear Hall Putsch to overthrow the government and get Hitler into power and in 192 3 when they attempted to follow through with it, they failed. Hitler was later sentenced to five years in prison. Just nine months later Hitler was released, as if he hadn’t missed a beat, but o only gained a great amount of determination.

As soon as he was released Hitler began speaking more publicly, building his party rapidly reaching extreme depth. A revolution was clearly on the route for Germany. In 1 932 Hitler received his German citizenship, just in time for the Federal ILEC actions. The elections took place with six parties, and the final result was a victory for Idol f Hitler and the Nazi party, winning 37. 3% of the vote. This, making them the most controlling political party in Germany. Two years following, Germany’s President, Paul Von Hindering did deed in office.

This now granted Doll Hitler presidency, which he shorts changed to Dictatorship Now with absolute power over Germany, Hitler could finally fulfill his mission and Antiseptic beliefs. Hitless first move was to expand, so on September 1, 1939 Hitler attacked Poland. This meant breaking the Versailles Treaty which ended WWW which star Ted that Germany would stand idle. Many nations reacted hence, WWW had begun. For the next five years, the orals most renowned war world take place and over six million Jews, minority ices and other groups would be brutally mistreated massacred.

The Holocaust was not the result of an evil mastermind, because aside from his anti Semitic views, to do what Doll Hitler did, mental instability was positively the case. Everybody has their own beliefs and a man can not be judged for them, but this occurred once was nothing more than a man who lived a very powerless and negative life, getting his Han DSL on a small amount of power in a small antiseptic party and going on a power trip results g in being the worlds most infamous leader. To live the childhood that Heeler lived wouldn’t be easy for anyone.

Neglect, en activity and powerlessness surrounded him everyday of his life until he moved to Egger many in 1913. When he moved he noticed opportunities opening up. A chance for him to gag n power, to show that he could do something in this world instead of living on the streets, he w as going to live big. Hitler was determined to live with his self depicted Aryan race, along side pop err and wealth. Through investigation of Hitless psychiatric history its also clear to see that Hit err had not one, but many mental issues. Dry.

Ian Shakers, a history professor at the University of Sheffield in England, wrote a biography that goes into great depth and investigation of Hitter’s mental health. Also, Dry. Frizz Redline, a neurologist and psychiatrist, concluded that Hitler exhibited many psychiatric symptoms, including extreme paranoia and defenses that “could fill a psychiatry textbook. ” Hitler is also reported of having extreme O. C. D, washing his hands obsessively. Hitler is also said to have an extreme addiction to nicotine, doing anything in his power to have it t all times and becoming very angry and short tempered when he did not have It.

Doll Hitler is without a doubt the most infamous ruler of the twentieth century. He rose from obscurity to become the leader of Germany in the sass’s and sass’s and igniting the second world war due to his anti-Semitic views and expansionist foreign policies. Hitler overcame many obstacles in life. He had the opportunity to learn from his struggles, but instead he allowed them to negatively impact his life, resulting in multiple mental instabilities and a power trip. As the war went on, Hitter’s men began to see what was going on, and what they had done.

They realized that there was no turning back. Germany and the Nazi party was not going to win this war, but Hitler refused to let up. The red army had moved through Berlin in 1 945 and the Nazi Soldiers were outnumbered 15 to 1 . On April 28, 1945 one of Hitter’s closest men came to him and began discussing of surrendering. It is said that at that moment Hitler exploded with rage and stormed out. That night around midnight, in Hitless private underground bunker, him and his long time mistress, Eva Braun had a small wedding ceremony.

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