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Gretel’s Diary From Benedikt To The Nazi Party

On March 15, 1942 There is a farmer with an undying loyalty to the Nazi party. When he was a small boy he had a very wealthy family. When the war broke out and it made lots of propaganda for Germany to influence. The propaganda influence them to sell the majority and give it to the Nazi party for support. They had to work on a farm and had radio for news. He was known as Benedikt. They lived in the woods farming for money. “Hey get your clammy hands off me sis! ” Benedikt said. “Why you can’t handle mud from how delicate you think you are,” said Gretel.

“No I just don’t like you touching during im working on the farm,” Benedikt barked . You’re just angry that we lost everything we had before,” Gretel snarled. “No I love the Nazi party; it has my undying love for them,” proudly said Benedikt. “Yeah sure you do”, Gretel sarcastically said. “If you don’t stop i’m going to get schmuel to come kick you in your slimy face,” yelled Benedikt. Benedikt finished his work and went to Schmuel his pet mule. “You’re the only good thing that happened to me after this,” Benedikt stuttered. “ I love the Nazi party but what my family did, and I love you Schmuel but just the other day I saw Nazi police and they killed a freezing Jew and left him.

Benedikt said. I wish they didn’t keep things away from us. Well see you Schmuel. ” He walked over to his house and ate supper. He said goodnight to his parents and went to bed. He took off his overalls and put on his striped pajamas. He woke up on his daily duties and keep on talking to schmuel again and again until 2 weeks passed. One night he saw Nazi kill another person. He was very interested in what is happening so he decided to follow him. He moved silently through the moldy woods following the Nazi. He made sure to not get him alerted. He saw them walk into a camp of some sort.

It made him very curious on what is inside. All he could he could see is that they were there with people in little shacks holding many of them. He thought they were staying per night. He decided to come back the night afterwards. He decided to come the day after to find out what is happening. He went back through the moldy trees and went back to his perfumed home. He went on to his daily duties and did many things for the family. He made sure to not forget to feed his pet mule. He told Schmuel about his plan of going out tonight and figure out what they are doing there.

He didn’t plan his clothes so he still had striped pajamas. He left to the mysterious camps. He saw Nazis go in and followed them in. He sneakily followed them in. He saw where they kept watch of everyone. He saw how horrible those shacks are. He knew they were forced prisoners. He tried to find a way out but took him many hours that it was already morning so he was tired. Everything felt more heavy to him. Grestel came up to him and started nagging him. “Why are you so tired. Why are you doing like that. Wake up you moron,” she kept on nagging. “Why do you keep on nagging just stop and get started on doing your work.

Benedikt stated. He put a shovel behind the house to make the plan he had in process. He had a plan to break in and try to help the people. After dinner he waited 2 hours and make it so that no one will know he is going out. Benedikt left the house with the shovel and went to the camp. He started to dig but then a Nazi came and grabbed him thinking he was a Jew because his pajamas look like the garments of prisoners. He took him in but before he did, he gave him a big beating for doing what he was doing. He was left with a black eye and badly hurt arm.

He was put into concentration camps doing work. He was forced to sleep with them that night. When he woke up by the loud screams he was forced to get up and work for free like a slave. “When did you get here a young boy like you,” a person said “I got here last night to see how it was and I wanted to help you out. ” Benedict exclaimed. “ Why I thought you were trying to make us suffer with deep despair,” the random person stated. “ Why would we do that we were told Jews were bad they never said anything about killing them and making them into slaves,” Benedict puzzled said. Were all tired, the food is cold, it’s not even fresh, and everyone here is oily,” said the person. “

What a terrible place to live like that it must be horrible living in these types of conditions for quite a while,” Benedict replied. “Sorry for not telling you before but my name is Gary nice to meet you and what is your name,” Gary said. “ My name is Benedict nice to meet you, but do you know where we’re going. ” Benedict curiously asked. “ I honestly do not know Benedict but I think it will be better if we didn’t know,” Gary worriedly said. I’m trusting you to not think about this whole situation from how badly shape they left me. ”

Benedict slowly said. They kept on walking around the concentration until they reached a place that none of them have seen or even knew of. They all had to take off their clothes. They were left there for a couple of minutes. They were sent into a cramp room with barely any space. It started getting hotter and hotter until everybody was cremated. There was no one left that was sleeping in the shack. They all died in the furnace even Benedict who his family missed very much.

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