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History of Michigan

Eerie in 1959, Delbert L. Hatchet, then president of the Oakland County NAACP, filed suit in Federal Court complaining that Pontiac schools were elaborately segregated. Schools were either _ percent white or _ percent black. A) 60 percent white or 40 percent black. B) 50 percent white or 50 percent black. C) 75 percent white or 75 percent black. D) 90 percent white or 90 percent black. 6. To help ease a manpower shortage in war industries in 1 942, what specific group of people received postcards from the Michigan Director of War Manpower Commission asking them to take jobs in war-related industries?

A) senior citizens B) disabled adults C) women D) persons of color 7. When this bridge was completed in 1957, it was the country’s longest suspension span over water. What bridge was it? A) Mackinac Bridge B) International Bridge C) Blue water Bridge D) Ambassador Bridge 8. What progressive Michigan governor from the sass was best known for his trademark green and white polka dot bow tie? A) George W. Rooney B) “Cowboy Kim” Giggles C) G. Men Williams D) William Milliken 9. To take advantage of the rapid suburban growth that was taking place on the outskirts of Detroit, the J.

L. Hudson Company in 1 954 opened what was then the world ;s largest shopping center. What was it called? A) Oakland Mall B) Northland C) Fairyland Town Center D) Twelve Oaks 10. Michigan Severe labor shortage during World War II began to ease when nearly 5,000 members of what group arrived and were assigned to work in the state’s fields and food processing centers? A) Japanese-Americans who had previously been detained in internment camps in western states like Arizona, Idaho, Utah and Colorado.

B) African-American men and women who were encouraged to relocate from southern states like Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. C) American soldiers who refused to fight for religious reasons (conscientious objectors). D) German and Italian prisoners of war. 1 During World War II, Henry Ford boasted that his Willow Run Assembly Plant in Ypsilanti would be able to produce one _ every hour. By 1944, the plant was indeed producing at this level. A) Eagle anti-submarine boat B) MM Sherman Tank C) 8-24 heavy bomber D) Jeep 12. Please match each term below with the correct definition.

Nickname for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jar. E. “Black Apostle of Nonviolence” Event that resulted in profiteers who took advantage of the needy by charging SSL . 00 for a 25-cent quart of milk. F. July 1967 riot Event that crippled the Michigan billion-dollar-a-year tourist industry in the U. P. ND northern lower Michigan B. October 1 973 Arab oil embargo Nickname for William G. Milliken D. “Ghetto Governor’ Organization established to bring together community leaders to discuss Detroit problems and plan for its future in the wake of the 1 967 riots.

A. “New Detroit Committee” Phrase coined by American Motors president, George Rooney, to attack U. S. Auto industry’s insistence on building bigger and heavier cars. C. “dinosaurs in our driveways” 13. Injure 20, 1943, one of the worst race riots in the U. S. Broke out in Detroit. Over 75% of the city was affected by the rioting. There were 34 deaths, over 700 reported injuries, over 00 fires and more than $2 million in property damage, and at least 1 million man-hours lost in war production. What started the riot?

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