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History of Michigan Test

Ford’s powerful race car. This driver went on to set several speed records in the car. A. Barney Oldie Ransom E. Olds’ chief competitor at the turn of the 20th century. F. David D. Buick A wealthy farmer and community leader who ordered all types of violence against railroads, including burning the new Michigan Central depot in Detroit in 1850. B. Able F. Fitch The man who founded General Motors. His vision was to combine several smaller auto companies into one large conglomerate that could offer “a vehicle for every purse and purpose. C. William C. “Billy” Duran Prominent Saginaw resident ho illegally gained control of 1 5,000 acres of choice pine land which had been reserved for Indian ownership D. Ezra Rust 4. To find the location of the best timber, lumber companies hired men to walk the forests and mark on maps the sites of stands of choice trees. These men were called “pine scouts” or _: A) lumberjacks B) timber cruisers C) shanty boys D) axe men 5. An 1846, the Michigan State Legislature decided to get out of the railroad business.

A protest called the “Great Railroad Conspiracy” resulted when the private companies that took over the state’s rail lines announced that they loud no longer afford to continue what policy? A) offering Michigan farmers discounted rates for shipping their crops to market on the train B) reimbursing farmers for the deaths of any livestock that wandered onto the tracks and were killed by passing trains C) reimbursing farmers for crops growing next to railroad tracks that were accidentally set on fire by sparks flying out of the smokestacks of passing trains D) carrying the U.

S. Mail on the train 6. Who established America’s first automobile company in 1893? A) Ransom E. Olds B) Henry Ford C) Charles and Frank Audrey D) John and Horace Dodge As late as 1883–before the U. S. And Canada established a standard method for telling time–Michigan had at least how many different time zones? A) 4 C) 17 D) 27 8. A significant advance in railroad technology–the automatic lubricating cup– greatly improved railroad efficiency in the late-nineteenth century.

It was developed by an African-American inventor and mechanical engineer from Detroit named: A) Elijah McCoy B) Garrett Morgan C) Frederick Douglass D) Otis smith 9. Henry Ford perfected the assembly line technique to increase automobile production, but Ford did not invent the assembly line. What Michigan is reedited with being the FIRST to come up with the idea of building cars on an assembly line? A) William C. ‘Billy” Duran B) J. L. Hudson C) Ransom E. Olds D) Louis Chevrolet E) Horace Dodge 10. Henry Ford became known as the “workingman’s friend” in 1 914 when he did what?

A) doubled the salaries of his employees from $2. 30 to $5. 00 a day B) reduced the average work week from six days to five days C) reduced the average work day from ten hours to eight hours D) installed guarding and other devices to protect workers from getting their hands, hair or clothing caught in the spinning gears, belts and wheels of his factory’s shines 11 . Len 1 920, Henry Ford published a series of ninety-one anti-Semitic articles entitled, “The International Jew: The World’s Problem” in what publication? A) TIME magazine B) “Social Justice,” a newsletter published by another Detroit anti-Semite, Father Charles E.

Slouching C) Ford’s own newspaper, the DEARBORN INDEPENDENT D) THE JEFFERSONIAN magazine, published by Thomas E. Watson, a George politician and member of the UK Klux Klan 12. Who is credited with driving the first gasoline-powered vehicle through the streets of Detroit in 1896? A) Henry Ford B) Ransom E. Olds C) Goodliest Daimler D) Charles Brady King 13. What was one of the most lasting contributions that Henry Ford made to the automobile industry? A) windshield wipers B) carburetor C) left-hand drive D) electric starter 14.

What Michigan city was the boyhood home for Thomas Alva Edison, one of America’s greatest inventors? A) Battle Creek B) port Huron C) Mount Clemens D) Mount Pleasant 1 5. Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903 and in 1908, introduced the car that not only made him famous (and a multi-millionaire), but literally put the world on wheels. What was Ford’s car called? A) Model A B) Model N C) Model T D) Model K 6. Like European cathedrals in the Middle Ages, what structures in 1 9th- century America became the symbol of community pride and prosperity?

A) railroad depots B) skyscrapers C) court houses D) bank buildings 17. Because of its access to vast quantities of timber, Michigan in the sass led the nation in what industry? A) furniture manufacturing B) ship building C) manufacturing charcoal briquettes D) wooden matches 18. What Michigan city became known as the ‘Vehicle City” in the sass? A) Detroit B) Flint C) Lansing D) Grand Rapids 19. An 1869, the average speed of railroads had reached a speed that seemed o be as fast as man should ever travel, although it was not fast enough to propel a train up steep hills.

How fast were trains able to go in 1869? A) 38 MPH B) 18 MPH C) 28 MPH D) 8 MPH 20. Ten years after Chicago nearly burned to the ground, the Thumb was ravaged by fire. The monetary loss caused by destruction of crops and timber exceeded $2 million. Senator Conger requested assistance from a newly formed organization whose effectiveness during a disaster had never been tested. What was the name of the organization? A) American Red Cross B) Lignite Way C) Salvation Army D) Volunteers of America 1 -What was the primary method for transporting cut trees from the forests to sawmills?

A) loading the logs onto barges being towed by steamboats B) loading them onto horse-drawn wagons C) loading them onto railroad cars D) rolling them into rivers and floating them downstream 22. Although most Of Michigan rail lines Were built in the lower peninsula, a few small ones were constructed in the U. P. These lines typically ran between lumber camps and mines to the nearest harbor. How long was the Lake Superior and Spinning Railroad? A) 10 miles B) 2 miles C) 1/2 mile D) 25 miles E) 5 miles 23. 920 proved to be a pivotal year for John and Horace Dodge, owners of the Dodge Brothers.

What happened? A) John and Horse’s daughters both got married on the same day. B)John and Horace both got married. C) Both men caught pneumonia and died. D) Both men were inducted into the Automobile Hall of Fame. 24. Americans who were lucky enough to avoid being infected during the great Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919 still had to deal with the public health ordinances enacted to prevent the further spread of the disease. Gauze masks were to be worn in public; retail stores could not hold sales; and unreels could last no more than 15 minutes.

Soon there was a shortage of: A) gauze masks, cotton gloves, and Kleenex tissues B) penicillin, aspirin, and sulfa drugs C) adequate supplies of fresh food and uncontaminated drinking water D) coffins, morticians, and grave diggers 25. An the 19-teens, one progressive candidate was elected as Michigan governor. Under his leadership, the legislature passed a number of reform measures, including regulation Of railroads, expansion Of State authority over business, revision of state authority over business, and the passage of the taste’s first workmen’s compensation law.

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